The Lady Of Cold Death

By Josiah Winifred
The story talks about a young lady, Omotola who at a tender age watched her family members slaughtered, battered and abused by renown politicians in the country. She was captured and trained to ki*ll in a foreign country by trained assassins.
Few years later, she was hired to work for a top business man in Nigeria. Through a local assassin, she employed 3 other assassins to assist her in the missions. She killed without mercy and always did a perfect job leaving no trace behind hence she was named Osamantha Osman, a National terrorist. She later discovered the people that killed her parents before her eyes and everyone associated with it.
Filled with the seed of vengeance, one after the other she slowly shattered whatever happy life they had including the man that hired her.
Tarasha as she was popularly known fell in love with a man who was supposed to suppress her activities, Henry. She eventually found one of her long lost brother and she took him in. Henry’s love for her caused her to have a failed mission that landed him in prison, in the process of wanting to get the love of her life out of Prison, her only surviving brother she knew was murdered in cold blood when Henry had just been able to convince her to let go of him and assassination and start a new life. But then it was already too late, she vowed to make them pay in their own coin.
The politicians having discovered Omotola was the popular Osamanthan Osman hired another assassin, someone who would be a match for Tarasha and that became another start of life for the lady of cold death in the season 2  of Tarasha.



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