The Assassins’ Fury

By Daniel, Edidiong

The story revolves around a girl whose  parents were brutally murdered by group of corrupt politicians on refusal to comply with them. Unknowingly this same girl was still alive and was trained outside the continent at Nefary clan in Russia. A Killing machine without feelings and emotion was what they trained her to become. This same notable politicians that were once good associates had to part ways when they opted to join different political parties and contest for political offices..Chief Gab was among but was betrayed by his former illegal business associate, in the process of carrying out his intended last deal as planned. The former team later decides to put an end to the illegal trade and eradicate all the traces because of their different opposition party and political position they way elected to. The group implicated Chief Gab and he was caught and imprisoned, having serving the long term jail, he returned only to discover that all his bloodline has been killed. A good friend of his chief Nonso emerged and give him all the care and attention he needed until he recovered.
With the verge for revenge, after his recovery, he re-connected with their foreign business partner, who was their formal supply agent at Russia as at then, by name Vladislav, he requested for an avenger who can take down all his enemies….Tarasha was her name, a full time bloody assassin who arrive from Russia to work for chief Gabriel.
Chief Gab decides to use her to bring down all his former group, that are now his prior enemies. revenge was all chief Gab needed, so he shortlisted all the names of his enemies in his diary, show it to his friend chief Nonso and they agreed to take them down one after the other. they contacted their agent Tarasha. Tarasha asked for provision of assistance, which chief Gab did by providing her with three people, for her to work with. Cole, Benny and Aisha was their respective names, former gangstars from Don’s group . Tarasha was out with her co-members to execute the task as instructed by her client. Nnamdi Okafor, the NAFDAC president, currently holding the position of the minister of health, was the first, and he was taken down as instructed. the announcement of his demise and how he was assassinated left the whole country in a shock.
She always killed her given target leaving no trace behind. While Tarasha was still on this mission, she met a renowned hacker and well known Nigeria ICT Guru Henry E.G…things started getting complicated after meeting with each other, Henry got into problems with the police just because of the love he nurture for her. Henry was being kept under interrogation by Agent Dakolo, thought the agent didn’t really accept the idea of henry working or involving with the assassins group led by tarasha. Jeffery who was also one of the survivor of the Danjuma’s family happened to meet with her only survive sister again through Henry’s help after years of expectations and hope. after the reuniting, he started living with her brother and her love for his brother continue to grow day after day. Jeffery keeps on persuading her sister Omotara which was Tarasha’s real name to make up with henry cos he really loves her.  tarasha always had this unknown feelings towards henry, but she fail to admit it, as a polished and well trained assassin. according to their belief any assassin must not have any emotion cos the day he or she give in to emotional feelings, that’s the day the assassins death warrant is signed, and anything that try to bring back an assassins emotions must be killed as quoted by the Nefary clan where she was train. She was determine to get rid of Henry who always instilled in her emotional feelings.
Henry tried using his hacking skills to help the police nab this group of assassins, but Tarasha was way smarter in the technological field. Several attempt was made by tarasha popularly known as Samantha Osman to killed henry while he was still under the police custody, but all effort was futile. several cases were being trace to Henry and this made the police sent him to the prison with the tag that his one of the assassins secret acquaintance. thought Henry knew very well that Tarasha was the deadly assassin which the whole country is trailing after. but he refuse to confess about knowing them
 After the senate president’s death, the vice president knew he was the next in line so he decided to request for another another assassin from russia to help him bring down tarasha.
There in the prison, tarasha went to meet henry and all henry could say was for her to stop the wild and cruel assassins life she’s living  and start living a good life which will make others happy that he’s gonna sacrifice himself just for her and will not give any information to the police concerning her….Tarasha was deeply touched by Henry’s word that she decided to change. unknowingly to her the same man who led the coup that destroy her family, Rikau who is now the present IG, has went along with the newly employed assassin and two others to finished up the only remain survivor of Tara’s family. Tarasha return home to meet her wildest nightmare ever, her only brother was lying down just before her with his pull of blood. a note which stated the IG as the ONE behind and also a treat to come after her was placed on Jeffery’s dead body. just when she was about to let go of the assassination job and start a better life, the wicked people bite her from behind, by taking down his only happiness. her mother’s diary reveal those behind the evil act that befall her family years back to her, and she swore to ki*ll all those behind it…. IS SHE GOING TO SUCCEED? WITH HENRY TRYING TO PERSUADE HER TO BECOMING A GOOD PERSON AND THE POLICE FORCE AFTER HER TRAIL, AND THE NEW ASSASSIN REX WHICH IS JUST HER MATCH, AS TRAIN AS SHE IS COMING AFTER HER. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE TOUGHEST BATTLE OF HER LIFE. WATCH OUT FOR THIS THRILLING


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