The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 2 Part 5

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**Kanturai, Asia**

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Akhil slammed at Ajeet as they entered into the living room.

Ajeet ignored him and sank into the leather sofa tiredly, all the while they drove home in silence, he could tell from Akhil’s composure that he was bottling in some rants and was going to let it out when they got home.

“Won’t you talk to me?” Akhil barked again when Ajeet rested his back without saying anything.

“Don’t get yourself worked up, we’re just coming from somewhere far and I think you should take some rest,” Ajeet replied, unperturbed.

Akhil stood transfixed, staring at Ajeet with unbelief of what he just heard and his mouth left slightly agape. “What do you mean by rest? How can I rest when you’ve agreed to pay two billion dollars for some seedlings?”

“We are going to pay the money,” Ajeet said calmly.

Akhil placed his hands on his waist and kept staring at Ajeet with a more confused look on his face.


“Do you think those guys have truly got the money?” Don Pedro asked his friend in low tones.

Both were seated in a restaurant a little distance away from the hotel they were lodged. They had Asian food served on their table but the food was of little interest to them, the main reason they had left the hotel was to have enough privacy to talk to each other.

“I don’t know what to think?” Lord Frederick replied. “Ajeet was confident they were going to bring the money while Akhil was staring at him in surprise.”

“Yes but I don’t know if that should mean they have the money or they don’t have,” Don Pedro asked.

“They could have it but we know of course that no one would willingly release two billion dollars for seedlings, I smell something fishy.”

“Same here,” Lord Frederick said and took a sip from the wine glass on the table, he squeezed his face in disappointment as he swallowed the not too sweet liquid. “I think we should just keep our fingers crossed…”

“No, we can’t do that…” Don Pedro interrupted.

“Come on, I don’t mean it that way. I don’t mean we should just sit and watch, we should get prepared for them. What I’m only saying is that we shouldn’t change the terms yet, let’s get prepared for them in case they tried to play us, then we’ll fire back.”

“Better…” Don Pedro hummed and gulped down the contents of his wine glass.

“And we can’t also receive the payment by check or wire, it would attract too much attention from the international community,” Lord Frederick said after some minutes of silence.

“I’ve been thinking of that too, we could use a bullion van.”

“I don’t think using that’ll be advisable too,” Lord Frederick said.

“But that’s the best option we have if they are really ready to pay us,” Don Pedro put in. “Remember we charged them a fee, we shouldn’t be the ones to give excuses on how to receive the money.”

Both of them remained in silence, staring blankly. Things have become more twisted than they expected it could ever be.




“No, no, no… Nooooo!” Laura screamed out of sleep, throwing off the duvet from her body as she sat up suddenly.

Her forehead was sweaty and the nightwear was wet with perspiration. The nightmare she had made her sweat even though the room was cool enough.

She had seen herself being chased by two gunmen, the gunmen looked very familiar but she couldn’t tell where she knew them from. They gave her a hot chase across the forest and continued shooting at her from behind but to her surprise, she was able to dodge the bullet and keep running for long until she started tiring out and her speed reduced, the distance between her and the gunmen began to close in but they had still not caught up with her until she woke up.

She turned on the light and wiped up the sweat on her forehead with her palm. She rolled to the edge of the bed and got up slowly, she felt her throat dry and bitter. She trudged towards the door and proceeded to the kitchen for a cup of water to calm her nerves.

She took almost five minutes to get to the kitchen, she could have gotten water from somewhere else but she was just fond of going to the kitchen because of old John. Soon, she had gulped down half a cup of water. She felt a little bit calm and relaxed. Then she recalled the faces of the gunmen she had seen chasing her in the dream. One of them was Rex, the antagonizing assassin in the action thriller, Tarasha, who was the biggest threat to the main character, Tarasha, in the second season of the movie. And then the second man was Cole, one of Tarasha’s men. She smiled sheepishly to herself as she felt stupid, she had gotten herself into the movie so much that she began to dream of the characters pursuing her. Maybe she had admired Tarasha so much that she began to see herself in the same position as the character. But the funniest part of the dream was Cole and Rex working together to get her, she knew that was very impossible as Cole was so loyal to Tarasha and everyone that was her enemy automatically became his.

She poured in some more water from the bottle and gulped them down. She threw the empty bottle into the dustbin and turned to the refrigerator again, she opened it to check the if there was anything else she could take. Her eyes met variety of drinks and snacks but she felt interested in none. She closed back the refrigerator and was beginning to walk out of the kitchen when she began to hear a voice from the living room direction. She paused to listen carefully, it sounded like Old John’s voice. She got out of the kitchen and quietly walked towards the living room, taking care not to make any noise that would alert him that someone was up.

‘… I can’t just hold myself in anymore, I feel like talking to you every hour of the day.” She could clearly hear Old John speak as she entered into the living room. She hid behind one on the walls comfortably and continued to listen to Old John. “I have to just refund…” Old John said and paused to listen. “Yes, I know that there’s enough airtime but I can’t just take advantage of my boss’ generosity…” He paused again, this time for almost one minute. “I just love when I hear your voice, I feel like I’m in heaven… Would you sing for me?”

Laura continued to watch the man with smiles on her face, she came out of her hiding place and rested her back on the wall and folded her arms. Old John had his back turned to her, so he wouldn’t be informed of her presence until she makes a sound.

“Wow honey! Your voice sounds like that of the Angels in heaven…”Old John said after taking some time to dance to rhythm sang by his lover from the other end. There was another long silence from him.

Laura began to walk away slowly as Old John began to talk again, but she stopped as she heard something.

“…leave this house soon because we might just be partakers of the evil deeds of Don Pedro and Lord Frederick…” Laura froze and made a noisy turn, Old John quickly turned back in shock and the landline dropped off his hand.

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