The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 3 Part 9

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Laura immediately began to proceed into her room when she got to the house. She was halfway into the house when she heard some funny sounds from one of the maids’ room whose door was slightly opened. She peeped in through the opened space and saw two naked bodies on the bed, a man on top of a woman , vibrating and the woman moaning in pleasure. It was Angela’s room and the man could be one of the male domestic staffs. Laura hissed in displeasure and quickly walked away. She had not taken more than five steps when she heard a baby’s cry from another room. That was Mabel’s kid. He sounded like he had been crying for long without anybody to attend to him as Angela who was supposed to be in charge was carelessly making love with a man. Laura thought of walking past but she could not take more than two steps further, she wanted to go into Angela’s room and scream at her in anger but she thought it would be wiser to enter the room where the baby was first in case the baby was in danger.  She turned back and turned the knob at the door of the room.

She moved closer to the baby’s cot, picked him up and carried him in her hands, she also saw the baby’s already made food right beside his cot. She picked it up and placed the feeding bottle in the baby’s mouth and watch him smile as he sucked the content of the bottle. His smile almost made Laura forget the kind of trouble she was in until she heard some movements right outside the front gate, thankfully she had parked her car at the small gate. She was about to drop the baby for her to start escaping and that was when a thought struck her mind, if truly Don Pedro was involved in dangerous activities then it’s poses a threat to this little kid of his, she also thought about how Don Pedro might also lead the baby to grow up to be like him. Laura quickly reached for the baby’s carrier, placed the baby in it with a feeding bottle to his mouth, she sneaked through the back door through to the back gate. The guard manning the small gate saw her carry the baby on her way out but didn’t bother to scrutinise her as that wasn’t the first time Laura was going out with either Anne or the little baby, she quickly got into her car, belted the baby’s carrier with the seat belt, ignited the engine and drove off.

Eric and few of his boys had been searching for Laura all around the house but in a very hushed way so as not to cause unwanted attentions, they had lost her earlier while on her trail but they were sure she was headed to the home direction. Though they didn’t see her car parked outside the main gate or inside the compound but they still believed she came home, after searching the whole house without success, Eric decided to check the compound too, he walked round the compound couple of times but there was still no sign of Laura, they didn’t want to start asking about her because of tensions and suspicions but they had no choice against. Eric asked some of the maids if they had seen, he asked the guy that was supposed to be the one guarding the main house but he was the one having sexual intercourse with Angela earlier on so he had no clue of what and what not that happened in the house but nevertheless he still lied that he was on guard and no one came in or go out. Eric continued asking around and the unwanted attention he was trying to avoid was now what he was getting, the maids had begun to whisper, the movements of Eric’s boys had become rampant. Eric went to the main gate to ask if they saw her but their answer was negative too, that was when he went to the small gate to inquire about Laura, the guard told him about how he saw Laura leave with the Baby carrier. Eric rushed back inside the house to check the baby’s room only to find it empty.

“Shiit” Eric cussed and brought out his phone, dialled Don Pedro’s number.

“Hello Eric, have you apprehended her?” Don Pedro asked

“We lost her” Eric replied in a disappointing tone.

“Dammmn you Eric, damn you” Don Pedro sweared at him

“That’s not all sir” Eric interrupted and waited for Don Pedro’s silence before he continued “She escaped together with the baby”

“Which baby” Don Pedro asked quickly

“Your baby” Eric replied and there was a dead silence on the other end of the line.


As soon as Laura drove into Ellex street, she had called Lucas to come out right away which he had hearkened. He stood right in front of his house, perplexed and ignorant of everything going, a car was in sight and he believed it was definitely Laura’s. He signalled and the car came to an halt right in front of him, as soon as she turned off the ignition, she rushed out of the car and ran into Lucas’s open harms with her heart pounding heavily that even Lucas felt the irregular heartbeat while they held each other closely.

“Everything will be alright Laura, just calm down will you”

“I can’t, I am in a very big trouble, I have to leave this city right away”

“And go to where?”

“Anywhere, a suburb, another city or even another country, anywhere but here” Laura.


Don Pedro’s car was yet to be parked when he stormed out of it, he ran inside his little baby’s room to confirm if what Eric said was true, all the maids were standing in twos and threes obviously gossiping about what was going on, Don Pedro saw them but didn’t pay no attention to them has he would have if not for the given circumstance. He got to the room and found it empty as he was told. Eric who had learnt about Don Pedro’s arrival quickly went to meet him in the baby’s room, he saw him staring blankly at the baby cot, his anger could be felt radiating around the house, his eyes were filled with rage and he was visibly trembling, not with fear but with anger. Eric who had never seen his boss in this state wanted to leave immediately he saw him but Don Pedro’s voice drew him back.

“What are you doing about this?” He asked.

Eric knew very well that his immediate reply might be his own last word if he doesn’t choose the reply carefully,  in order to avoid being shot, he thoughtfully schemed up a lie that he could keep upto.

“We have contacted the Insurance company that the car had just been stolen so they are trying to use their tracker to locate it for us but it seem it’s taken longer because it wasn’t you that called them yourself” Eric lied an almost perfect one just to save his own head.

“Dial the number again” Don Pedro said and Eric did so, he dialled the number and then gave the phone to Don Pedro to talk to the insurance company customer care.


Nobody knew how Mabel got to know about everything that was going on in the house but out of no where she just drove into the compound only to meet the maids, the guards and some strange faces outside her compound, she wasn’t bothered by the bystanders, all she did was ask of her husband and she was told that he was in the baby’s room. She rushed there and entered some minutes Don Pedro had ended his call with the insurance company. Eric had already left the room and Don Pedro was trying to make another call with his phone

“Pedro where is my baby” Was all she could ask before falling down unconsciously.

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