The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 3 Part 8

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Laura sped as fast as she could, she kept glancing at the side mirrors from time to time to see if she was being followed. She got to a busy roundabout and unluckily for her, her traffic light showed to her direction was red. Her mind wandered away while her hands remained on the wheels frantically. She had not seen any drug or hard substances to ascertain that they dealt with drugs but the activities of the men working around the place already proved that something criminal was going on inside the building. Or how could you explain the dumping of dirt infront of a compound where so many people were working in?

“Hey! Come on, get out of the road!” Someone barked at her, jerking her off from reverie of thoughts. That was when she realised that the light had already turned green and other cars were already speeding off. She pulled the gear and fastened her hands on the wheels. She continued to think as she drove off. She wondered where she was running to, was it back to Don Pedro’s house or to her brother’s house? Both wouldn’t be safe for her if the men at the building had seen her. Or should she just agree with herself that she wasn’t seen and return quietly to the house, maybe she should just return and go straight into her room, she could be lucky to get home before Mabel and she would just pretend to have been sleeping since she returned. But then, she shook off the thought. She remembered that her eyes had met with one of the  men and she was hundred percent sure that he would have reported her to the others inside the main building. She finally decided that she would get to the Pedro’s house to pick up some few things and then run to Lucas and wait with him until she could ascertain that they were not coming after her. She took out her phone and opened the dialpad, her left hand with the phone while her right on the wheels. She dialed Lucas’ number.

“Hey pretty patient, it’s so thoughtful of you to remember your doctor,” Lucas sang out joyfully.

“Lucas, I think I’m in trouble.” She blurted out immediately.

“Trouble?” Lucas sounded alarmed as he sensed the fright and urgency in her voice.

“Yes, please where are you?” She quickly asked.

“I’m at home,” Lucas replied. “Tell me where you are and I’ll come get you.” He quickly added.

“Just tell me where your house is, I’ll drive there after picking something from the house.”

“I stay at House 54, Ellex street just behind the teaching hospital.”

“Okay, I should get there in the next forty five minutes.” She said and hung up.


“Follow the damn girl carefully, I don’t want us to cause a scene on the road.” Eric said to the man driving the car. They were just few metres behind Laura and had been following her for ten minutes, waiting for the right time to intercept and pull her out of the car.

“Are we dropping her?” One of the men asked.

“Drop who?” Eric turned back and widened his eyes at the guy in surprise. “Don’t you know who she is? Drop her and you’ll have your entire generation wiped out.”

“Sorry Boss,” he quickly apologized.


“How in the world could you have allowed her follow you here?” Lord Frederick slammed at his friend.

“She was supposed to be with Mabel, I don’t know how she got here.” Don Pedro replied.

“Where’s she now?” Lord Frederick asked, looking worried.

“She tried to leave already, I asked Eric to get her back.”

“What?” He exclaimed, his eyelids vibrating in panic. “I hope they won’t maltreat her?” Lord Frederick asked sounding so concerned.

“No Eric won’t allow that,” Don Pedro answered, giving his Friend an assuring look

Lord Frederick stood still for some few seconds, he wished he could rush out and follow after Laura himself, to bring her to safety, but that will attract too much attention. He managed to sit on a chair, touching his lips with his fingers as he thought. After some few seconds, he took a quick glance at Don Pedro’s face. “But why were you so careless to have allowed her view your mail?” Lord Frederick asked.

“I don’t know what she was doing at home that time, she claimed that Mabel sent her home to get her debit card and cheque book.”

“But are you sure she read anything?”

“Yes, I’m not sure to what extent she read but I know she touched the lap…” Don Pedro stopped abruptly as a thought popped up i his mind. “Wait, ” he said, narrowing his gaze at Lord Frederick. “Are you sure Laura is not working for an external organization? She could be an undercover.”

“What the hell do you mean?” Lord Frederick strongly disagreed. “Laura isn’t working as any undercover, you messed up with your carelessness.”

“Come on, don’t tell me about carelessness anymore,” Don Pedro argued. “I didn’t keep my laptop anywhere, it was in my room and no other person apart from the maids and cooks were supposed to be in the house at that time.”

“Then how did she enter into your room?”

“Did you hear all I’ve explaining? She claimed that Mabel sent her home to get something.” Don Pedro said and there was a brief silence. “I think Laura is working with an enemy.”

“Pedro, stop saying that.” Lord Frederick barked. “My sister studied Biochemistry in school, how does that relate to what you’re accusing her of?”

“I think that’s the more reason I should suspect her,” Don Pedro said. “She studied Biochemistry for four years and woke up one day to the reality of wanting to be a fashion designer, come on, think of it. Your sister must be working for some people.”

“No, she’s not.” Lord Frederick shouted in a defensive tone.

“You won’t just think well because it’s Laura,” Don Pedro said in a thoughtful tone as he got up from the seat. “If I confirm that she really is what I think, I’ll make sure she serves the punishment any other person would serve.” Don Pedro added threateningly.

“You dare not touch her,” Lord Frederick barked as he sprang up to his feet at once. He stood only few centimetres close to Don Pedro and both of them stared into each other’s eyes with great fury. Don Pedro sniffed in air and turned to leave.

“And where are you going to?” Lord Frederick asked him.

He turned back briefly, “I’m going home, she could also have touched some things in the house.”

“Do not tear touch my sister, If you do…”

“What would you do?” Don Pedro stopped at the exit and shot a quick furious stare at Lord Frederick.


Laura immediately began to proceed into her room when she got to the house. She was halfway into the house when she heard some funny sounds from one of the maids’ room whose door was slightly opened. She peeped in through the opened space and saw two naked bodies on the bed, a man on top of a woman , vibrating and the woman moaning in pleasure. It was Angela’s room and the man could be one of the male domestic staffs. Laura hissed in displeasure and quickly walked away. She had not taken more than five steps when she heard a baby’s cry from another room. That was Mabel’s kid. He sounded like he had been crying for long without anybody to attend to him as Angela who was supposed to be in charge was carelessly making love with a man. Laura thought of walking past but she could not take more than two steps further, she wanted to go into Angela’s room and scream at her in anger but she thought it would be wiser to enter the room where the baby was first in case the baby was in danger.  She turned back and turned the knob at the door of the room.

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