The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 3 Part 7

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She decided to search for the word “nicotiana tabacum”. She typed it into the search engine and in few seconds, the search results displayed. The browser displayed the page from the bottom instead of the top. Her heart skipped a beat as her eyes met with options displayed under the related searches. 
Cocaine, Coca, Hard Drugs, Coca plantation were some of the options.
She clicked on the first link that had nicotiana tabacum in its headline, read comprehensively the content and repeated the same with every link on the search page. She read a lot about nicotiana tabacum, it’s seedlings, it’s plantations and how it’s being distribute before finally being processed into a finished product and consumed as drugs. She went on further to type drug lords in to the search box and she clicked on the Wikipedia of drug lords. She also read a lot about them, their lifestyles, the range of their net worths. To her, none of those attributes or qualities was synonymous to that of her Uncle Lord Frederick and his friend Don Pedro. She went on further until she saw a list of Countries and their most infamous drug cartels
Ronali Cartel – Italy
Colombian Mafia – Columbia
Sinaloa Cartel – Mexico
Cuban Mafia – Cuba
Russian Mafias  operating in Russia and neighbouring Countries
Those were the ones she saw listed on the Wikipedia but as she was about to exit the page, she saw an asterisked statement at the end of the page. 
**We only base our informations on confirmed theories but if we were to base it on assertions then more countries should make the list of Countries with notorious Hard drugs organization and drug lords. Such as
– France
– Airegin 
– India
– Kanturai
Laura quickly opened a new tab and typed “Drug Cartels in Airegin” into the search engine box. It opened in a matter of seconds and she clicked on the Wikipedia article, “The Airegin Mafias”.
Airegin Mafias – There has been confirmed theories that there are some drug cartels in Airegin, though it’s not certain if it’s just one Mafia or many of them but their past dealings with known drug cartels outside the country had been traced but none could decipher who the Mafias are. As soon as we get our details on them, we will surely update it on this page but if by any means, you can provide us some informations about them, Click this link……
Laura quickly closed her browser page as she saw Mabel approaching her just in time.  
“Aren’t you going to grab something to eat?” Mabel asked as she stood right beside seating Laura. 
“Aunty I don’t know if you can allow me but I need to quickly see someone right now” Laura stood up
“Hnmm, that doctor guy huh” Mabel tickled Laura as she joked with her while Laura just chuckled “Alright, you have the rest of the day but get home on time”
“Thank you very much Aunty” Laura replied cheerfully, picked up her stuffs and exited the shop fully aware of Mabel’s gaze on her. Mabel had thought she was going in search of the guy that had caught her fancy but Laura knew deep inside of her that she was embarking on a deadly mission. 
After Don Pedro had called Lord Frederick earlier about his suspicions of Laura knowing about them, they had agreed to meet at the hideout. Don Pedro decided to go with only Eric together in the same SUV as it was an impromptu meeting, Laura who had been hiding around the neighbourhood quickly followed the SUV but kept a very large distant apart so as to ensure not being seen by them. They rode through the part that leads to the hideout while Laura trailed behind them. So many things was running through Laura’s mind, she was scared of the revelation that might hit her, she wanted to stop but she couldn’t. The drive to get to the core of the matter kept on pushing her. She further increased the space between them after they had navigated into a lonely bush part. 
Don Pedro kept on thinking about the worst case scenarios, what if she had really found out who they really are and what they are involved in. He was sure Lord Frederick would never agree to them killing her to shut her up and the longer she lives with the knowledge of their secret, the more dangerous it becomes for them, He was lost in thought and was oblivious of the things going on around him. Eric who was driving couldn’t take his eyes of the rear mirror, though he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary but his instinct kept on telling him they were being followed. After driving for a while on the lonely bush part, they got to the gate of the hideout and drove in while the gate was shut after them. 
Laura parked her car at a reasonable distance from the building before dropping from the car to walk by the bush to get a clearer view of the building. Don Pedro had walked inside after asking for Lord Frederick and was told that he was not there yet, he sat in their personal relaxation room as he waited for his friend’s arrival, even at a time like this, Lord Frederick couldn’t resist being late. Laura held still behind a bunch of leaves as she lingered around to see if she could catch a glimpse of what was happening in the enclosed building. Few minutes later, the gate was opened and one of the securities in the building came out to dispose a large carton in his hands, they had intentionally been dumping stuffs right beside the hideout so as to make it look like a dumping ground in order to waver off all suspicions of any activities in the building. The security dumped the carton and was about to enter back into the building when he heard some creeping sound behind him, he was going to go check what made the sound but decided against it, that instead he will go check it through the hidden cameras that they is placed around the building. Laura had a feeling that the security had noticed her, thereby moved further away from the building to where her car was parked. 
The security checked the surveillance camera but all he could see was just the shadow of someone standing far away from where he heard the creeping sound, he then decided to go check for himself, as soon as he opened the gate again, Laura took to her heels, quickly entered into the car and drove off. The security man ran back inside to alert everyone including Eric who also swiftly went to brief Don Pedro about the situation. They all gathered in the camera room to see if they could see a footage of whoever it was that was spying on them. After replaying the saved footages for a while, they finally got to the part where Don Pedro arrived, then few moments later they saw someone creeping behind the bush. 
“Pause it there” Eric had screamed at the operator when he saw that the person’s face was almost visible “Zoom into the face” He ordered again and the operator harkened. The camera was zoomed little by little and alas the face of the intruder showed up glaringly. 
“Laura” Don Pedro called out slowly, he picked up the keyboard to the operating computer and slammed it on the ground “Who was the security that noticed her movements outside” He shouted  
“It was I, Boss” the guy replied. 
Don Pedro angrily reached for a gun from one of the other security standing by and took five straight shots at the security man that responded. 
“What are you still waiting for” He screamed at Eric “Go after that b****** girl and grab her back” 
Eric quickly mobilised most of the security men and off they went to trail Laura. As soon as the gates were opened and Eric drove out with the security men, Lord Frederick and his Boys drove in. Lord Frederick quickly dropped down after noticing the pandemonium in the building, he quickly went to meet Don Pedro who was standing right at the parking spot. 
“Pedro what’s happening?” Lord Frederick asked
“Laura” was all Don Pedro could say as he held on to the gun in which he used to kill the security man. 
“What happened with Laura” Frederick asked again. 
“She has seen it all, She followed me here, She has seen it all” Don Pedro replied without taking away his gaze from the gate.
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