The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 3 Part 5

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Laura headed straight to the room immediately she entered, she was in a hurry, hoping she could still meet up with Lucas for lunch.

She paused in surprise as she met the door ajar, she then opened slowly and peeped in. She could see no one inside but the laptop and the ruffled bed showed signs of Don Pedro’s presence, she took a quick look inside the room before closing the door. The laptop had caught her attention. Her heart was beating heavily as she proceeded to check what Don Pedro was doing on the laptop.

Her hand were visibly shivering as she placed it on the mouse to control the computer, she read the heading but didn’t understand it, she was about to read the whole content when she heard Don Pedro’s voice from afar greeting one of the maids, she quickly scrolled back to the page that she met the laptop and immediately reached for drawer that Mabel talked about, and took out the cheque book and debit card. That was when Don Pedro entered the room, at first he held back at the sudden realisation of someone in his room but comported when he saw that it was Laura, Laura also feigned being shock as she saw Don Pedro come in, maybe she was actually shocked for the fact that she would have been caught by him if not for the greetings he exchanged with the maid.

“Laura” Pedro called.

“Yes sir” She replied with a fake smile on her face.

“What are you doing here though?”

“Aunty forgot her Cheque book and debit card so I had to quickly come fetch it for her” Laura replied smoothly.

“Ohh, Mabel and forgetting things always” Don Pedro dropped the cup of Juice in his hand on the table and sat back on the chair “Did you drive yourself here?”

“Yeah, I came with Aunty’s car”

“Okay then, have a nice day will you” Pedro said and Laura bided him farewell too. Immediately she left, Pedro took some more sips from the cup of juice before finally placing his focus on the laptop, as he was about to start reading, he noticed something.


Katherine kept on prancing around, waiting for an opportunity to quickly sneak into General’s room but her luck was yet to shine as Frederick and Silvia remained in the living room, cuddling themselves. They had both decided to stay home all day to have enough time for themselves. Lord Frederick sat at the edge of a three seater sofa while Silvia laid right beside him, laying her head on his laps. They stayed like that for hours, watching different movie series on the Tv, at a point, Silvia quickly jumped up from Frederick’s laps as she stared at him like he had just done something bad. Frederick tried to feign ignorance at first but he knew Silvia had felt the bulge beneath his trouser and that’s why she kept staring.

“Don’t you get tired? Silvia teased.

“You know it’s not my fault, don’t you?” Lord Frederick teased back.

“Let’s go inside before you start craving it from the maids” Silvia drew him up, wrapped his hands around her waist as the both left for the room.

That was the golden opportunity Katherine was waiting for, without hesitating for a second more, she rushed into General’s room without even knocking. General didn’t mind her not knocking first but instead, he quickly got up from the bed, drew Katherine closer as their lips locked in a deep kiss. He was about getting his hands under her skirt when he pushed him back.

“What’s that for” General surprised as that was the first time Katherine will refuse his sexual advances.

“We need to talk” She said in a serious tone and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Can’t it wait?” General knelt beside her kissing her neck all over.

“No it can’t” She restricted him really hard even with all his persistence.

“Okay now, what is it you want us to talk about?” General gave up on trying after he realised that Katherine wash going to give in. Katherine stood up, walked around the room for a while with her hands crossed around her body. “Are you going to talk now or what?”

“I am pregnant” Katherine said


Don Pedro widened his eyes as he noticed the change in the position of the cursor, it was right at the side of the browser where the scroll tool was. He never scrolled using the tool, so he wondered how the cursor got there. Maybe Laura tried to read his mail, he thought. He got up from his seat and charged towards the door. He wanted to open the door and shout out Laura’s name but he changed his mind before he got to the door. He turned back and returned to his seat thoughtfully, Laura was a disciplined girl and had no cause to invade his privacy. Maybe she had touched his laptop thinking it was Mabel’s since she wasn’t expecting to meet him at home. He had seen her several times use Mabel’s laptop freely to work and sometimes for games. She probably would have thought it was Mabel’s, he concluded and turned back to his laptop.

Just as he was about to continue reading again, another thought popped into his mind. He tried to calculate how long he had used in getting the juice into the room, it took him about two minutes. He didn’t meet Laura in the corridor when he proceeded out of the room, so she must have entered not earlier than twenty seconds after he left. Also when he returned into the room, he met her busy with the drawer and not the laptop, that meant she must have left the laptop at least fifteen seconds before he entered into the room; that meant she must have had one minutes and twenty five seconds to check the mail if she entered into the room at the time he calculated.

“Oops!” He exclaimed. One minute and twenty five seconds was enough time for her to see details she shouldn’t have seen. He bowed his head in silence and heaved a sigh at the thought of his carelessness, he should have locked the system before leaving the room. But then how should he have known that Mabel had sent Laura to come get something in the room.

He tapped the laptop’s keyboard and used the down arrow key to scroll down the message, he needed to check if the mail was something Laura shouldn’t have seen.

“Demand for more Nicotiana tabacum,” he mumbled the heading of the letter to himself. He read through carefully. Louis was demanding for some of their goods in the mail. Don Pedro rose up from the seat after reading the mail, he ran his fingers into his hair. He poured in juice into the cup and gulped it down immediately. He was supposed to get back to Louis after reading the message but he couldn’t get his mind off the possibility of Laura reading the mail. Although the message was written in high level language for drug lords, he was still concerned that if Laura decided to investigate some of the words further, she might be able to read meanings to what she had seen.

He picked up his phone and clicked open the dialer but instead of dialing Louis, he dialed Lord Frederick instead. It rang twice without being answered. Don Pedro decided to leave a voicemail. “Do call me immediately you get this message, I have something urgent to relay to you.” He said into the phone and dropped it back.

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