The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 3 Part 4

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“Good morning friend, hope you rested well?” Lord Frederick asked as he entered into the lobby where friend was waiting for him.

“Good morning, but how would I have rested properly?” Don Pedro replied and both of them shook hands. “I didn’t plan to leave the house today.”

“I know but we just have to clear every trace we may have left at Kanturai,” Lord Frederick said and both of them began to walk through a corridor.

General and Eric followed behind at a slower pace, shaking hands with each other and congratulating themselves for a well fought battle at Kanturai. Both had arrived back to Airegin in the second flight with the other guards, they landed at exactly midnight and still had to report immediately to their various quarters even though their bosses were far asleep by then already.

“You really mean you didn’t rest well last night?”‘Lord Frederick asked Don Pedro as he opened the door to a room.

“I could have but…” Don Pedro paused to enter into the room after his friend. “But you know I didn’t want my woman to suspect anything, I had to fulfill my promise to her.”

“And what promise is that?” Lord Frederick asked, turning to give Don Pedro a naughty look as he sank into a sofa.

The room they entered into was designed like a lounge,  although it was only meant for the both of them, they never received any visitor in it. It has long sides but the width of the room was small. there was a flat screen television at the opposite end to the entrance. There were six one-seater sofas just before the television arranged three each on a side, each made to face another at the opposite side.

“The promise I made to her before travelling,” Don Pedro replied as he sank into a sofa at the opposite. He took off his shoes and rested his back against the backrest and his feet on the footstool.

“And what could that promise be?” Lord Frederick persisted even though he knew his friend was trying to dodge the details.

“Must you know everything?” Don Pedro asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Hmm, don’t tell me you had…”

“Had what my friend?” Don Pedro interrupted. “Okay, if it’s what you want to hear. I had to go three rounds with her last night, I promised her that before we left for Kanturai.”

Lord Frederick burst into an uncontrollable laughter while Don Pedro closed his eyes and pretended he was hearing anything.

“You are a sex addict,” Lord Frederick mocked after he stopped laughing.

“Call me anything you want,” Don Pedro replied carelessly.

“Let’s go straight to the matter of today, so that we can go back early to rest well.” Lord Frederick said and sat upright.

“Yes, please.” Don Pedro also adjusted his seating position.

“I’ve been thinking of the best way to disguise the source of our money, I don’t know if you have any idea yet.” Lord Frederick began.

“Not really, the reason why we have to be more careful is not to link ourselves back to Kanturai.” Don Pedro joined. “It’s all over the news already that some Airegin men were in a gun battle with men in Kanturai, the only place they got it wrong is thinking that we are still in Kanturai.”

“Yes, they couldn’t have ever thought that we left already. I’m sure their Police would have manned the airports to wait for us but since they didn’t see us, they would conclude that we must still be in their country.”

“And we also did well by ensuring that there are no records of our names in the country.”


“And that’s why we must ensure that we deal with the money carefully, we can’t afford to link ourselves to Kanturai investigation if they find out about a payment of two billion dollars.”

“I already mapped out a plan,” Lord Frederick said.

“We  can create a record that we traveled to Pakistan instead, we talk to some of our partners there and make them confirm the order of two  hundred million dollars worth of goods from our cotton factory. By the time we get up to ten partners to do this for us, we would have covered the whole amount.”

“Hmm… Sounds brilliant,” Don Pedro nodded his head slowly as he pondered on the suggestion.

After a total of forty five minutes, they were able to select over ten of their partners in different parts of the world who will help to hide the source of their money. They came up with a draft of their proposal and sent to the mails of their partners. They thereafter ended their meeting and left for their various homes.

Eric and Don Pedro got back home after twenty five minutes drive. Don Pedro headed straight into his room which he shared with his wife after discharging Eric for the day. Eric thanked his boss happily and headed to his own room.

Don Pedro was already dozing off in the bed when his phone beeped. He opened his eyes and reached out for the phone to check the notification, it was a email sent from one of their partners to confirm receipt of their message. He cleared the notification and went back to sleep.


“These materials are pure,” Mabel said, feeling a sample of fabric material with her hands. She motioned to Laura to also have a feel which Laura quickly did. “This particular fabric comes with a smooth texture,” Mabel said, explaining to Laura.

Another woman who was Mabel’s business partner was standing at their front, smiling and watching as Mabel inspected the goods.

“I think I’m done with inspection ma’am,” Mabel said after releasing the sample back to the lady. “I’ll like to have them transferred to my store now.”

“Of course, that’s no problem for us. Your goods are delivered immediately your payment for the goods and delivery is complete.” The lady replied.

“Okay, I’ll pay you right away.” Mabel said and opened her bag which was hung around her arm. She started searching for something inside the bag. After a minute of fruitless search, she realized she had forgotten her cheque book at home.

“Oh! Laura,” she said with a sorry face.

“Yes, aunty.” Laura replied, wondering what was the cause of the mood change.

“I think you’ll have to help me get something from the house,” Mabel said, taking out a key from her bag.

“Aww!” Laura’s face turned pale as she took a glance at her wristwatch.

“Sorry for the inconvenience dear,” Mabel said, her tone communicated her sincerity. “Should I send for a driver?” She quickly added.

“No, I’ve mastered my driving skills already.”

“Okay then,” Mabel said, taking out the car keys and key to the room in the house. “Help me bring my cheque book and debit card,” she added as she gave the keys to Laura.

“Okay Aunty,” Laura collected the keys reluctantly and turned to proceed out of the place.

“Let me check some other materials before she returns,” she could hear Mabel say to the lady as she walked away. Maybe lunch with Lucas would have to wait till another time, she thought to herself.


Don Pedro had barely slept for thirty minutes when his phone began to ring again. He was forced to open his eyes and reach for the phone, the call was from a foreign land.

“Hello,” he said into the phone as he answered the call reluctantly.

“Bonjour Monsieur,” the caller greeted with a baritone voice in a French accent.

“Bonjour,” Don Pedro replied.

“It’s your friend Louis,” the French man switched to English language but his French accent was still thick.

“Yes, Louis. How have you been?”

“Fine, how about you?”

“Fine too.”

“Okay, I got your mail this morning and I’m already calculating the possibilities but I also have a deal for you. I’ve sent the details to your mailbox, I’ll like you to check it and get back to me.”

“Can I check it later?” Don Pedro asked in his sleepy tone.

“Yes… But I thought you wrote in your mail that your proposal needs to be executed urgently, the earlier you check it, the earlier I can make conclusions.” Louis replied.

“Okay, Louis. I’ll check it right away,” Don Pedro said and ended the call. He got out of the bed reluctantly, rubbing his eyes. He pulled out the section of the drawer at the below end and took out his laptop. He was sure Louis message would be one that wouldn’t display well on mobile, so he didn’t bother to use his phone.

He placed the laptop on top and clicked on the boot button. The laptop was running in one and half minutes. He inserted his modem and opened his mail application. He pulled a chair to sit on while he waited for the mailbox to update. Louis’ message was the one at the top, he clicked it open impatiently.

“Oh!” Don Pedro sighed and rubbed his face with his palm as he saw the bulkiness of the mail. It would take him several minutes to read and view the images. He got up from the room and headed straight for the kitchen to get a cold pack of juice. He left the room with the door slightly ajar.


Luara headed straight to the room immediately she entered, she was in a hurry, hoping she could still meet up with Lucas for lunch.

She paused in surprise as she met the door ajar, she then opened slowly and peeped in. She could see no one inside but the laptop and the ruffled bed showed signs of Don Pedro’s presence, she took a quick look inside the room before closing the door. The laptop had caught her attention. Her heart was beating heavily as she proceeded to check what Don Pedro was doing on the laptop.

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