The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 3 Part 3

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“Don Pedro would be mad at you if he knows you tried to open his suitcase,” Eric said in a thick terrifying voice.

Laura was still vibrating all over in shock but she felt relieved on hearing Eric’s voice and not Don Pedro’s. Eric turned to her front and placed the suitcase upright.

“You must be very bold Miss Laura, I wonder what you were looking for,” Eric continued, staring into her face. Laura remained transfixed to the spot, her lips were tied and heavy, drops of sweat roll appeared on her forehead. “Tell me miss…”

“What’s happening here?” Don Pedro interrupted Eric, coming from the same direction Eric came from. “What’s happening between you and miss Laura?” Don Pedro asked as he approached them.

Laura’s trembling increased and she tried to hide her face from Don Pedro by turning to the opposite side.

“What’s happening?” Don Pedro asked again, taking his stare from Laura who was hiding her face to Eric who was staring at her.

“Sir, Miss Laura here was trying to clean the table and clean off some dust from the bag.” Eric replied his boss.

“Laura, trying to clean again?” Don Pedro turned his gaze to her, looking very surprised, she was still looking away. “I thought we’ve asked you to always call on the maids when you find something like that?”

“Laura, are you ready?” Mabel called out, approaching from one of the corridors.

That was Laura’s final saving grace, she curtsied Don Pedro and turned quickly. “Yes, I am,” she picked her handbag and proceeded towards Mabel who was out of the corridor and now in the living room with them.

“Honey,” Mabel called melodiously on sighting her husband. She walked towards him, and he approached her too. Don Pedro put his hands on her shoulder she and placed a light kiss on her lips.

“Oh! Before I forget,” Don Pedro quickly turned back and motioned Eric to get his briefcase. Eric held the briefcase in his hands while Don Pedro unlocked it. The contents were few files and paper documents. Don Pedro took out a stapled two pages document, he took an empty file from beneath the other contents and put the document inside. He locked back the briefcase and motioned Eric to stand with it. “Please hand over this to Mrs Williams, he said as he gave it to his wife. He placed another kiss on her cheek before they said their goodbyes.


Laura had still not completely gotten over the shock of almost getting caught as they drove to their destination, and to think that the contents of the briefcase were only papers and probably business documents when she thought she would find something like a gun or bullets in it. Maybe Don Pedro and Lord Frederick weren’t the Airegin men in Kanturai being talked about because Don Pedro was more relaxed than a person who was involved in a crime told over the world news should be.

“Did you take your medications today?” Mabel asked for the second time, noticing her mood.

“Yes I did, I’m fine Aunty, don’t worry about me.” Laura said, faking a smile which was still not convincing. However, Mabel desisted from persisting further as she thought Laura was probably sulky because she didn’t want to go out with her.

A beep on Laura’s phone distracted her that moment. She hesitated for a while before she reached out for it. A glint of light appeared on her face as she saw the name of the message sender. It was Lucas. She remembered that she was supposed to have gotten back to him.

“Hey! Hope you didn’t forget, I’ve got to know if you’re coming so I can adequately prepare.” Laura read the message.

“Sorry, I’ve just been a little busy. I should be able to make it, we’re only going to make orders for some fabrics material.” Laura typed and sent.

“Okay then, I will be expecting you.”


Lucas dropped his phone on the table as soon as he read the message from Laura, he closed his eyes for a minute and fantasised himself on a yacht cruise together with Laura, he hadn’t thought far about Laura when pictures of Nania, his late wife started playing in his mind, he remembered how they met, how they started off as worst enemies back then in high school, it wasn’t like he hated her back then but fighting and throwing tantrums with her was his own way of expressing his love to her, he remembered how they went from being enemies to being best of friends in their penultimate year in high school. As fate would have it, they both got admitted into the same higher institution to study the same course and that was when they started dating each other, they practically lived together throughout their days in the university, they got engaged on the day of their graduation. Almost two years after, they got married, it took them like another two years before Nania conceived, they weren’t actually worried about it because they got married at an early age. When the time came for Nania to deliver, there were lots of complications, it got to a stage when the doctors said they could only save the life of one out of either Nania or her baby as they had envisaged that Nania had a very slim possibility of surviving a caesarian section which was the only way to save the baby’s life. Lucas had insisted that the doctors save the life of his loving wife but as it was Nania that had the final say, she insisted that the doctors proceed with the caesarian section. After hours of continuous movements of the nurses and doctors, they were able to save the baby’s life. As soon as the doctors gave Lucas the nod to go see his wife, he had rushed inside with immediate alacrity, he beheld his wife who looked really weak, all through he had been praying for a miracle, for his wife to be saved. Few hours after that, his wife finally passed away after making sure to have told Lucas to take care of their daughter.

A tear or two dropped from Lucas eyes as the nostalgic feeling took over him completely, he opened a safe in one of his tables, brought out two picture frames, one was the picture of a cute little girl of about 4 years old and the other was the picture of his late wife Nania, he stared at the picture and sobbed uncontrollably, he couldn’t hold back the tears again, even after four years, he still felt he could have insisted that the life of his wife was saved, she could have still bore another baby for him, he blamed himself for everything that happened. Few minutes later and the sobbing reduced, he brought out is face cloth and wiped away his tears with it, he then held back the frame with Nania’s picture in it, he stared straight into the picture like she was right there with him, he actually felt she was there with him.

“Nania” He said barely softly and barely audibly “It’s time to finally move on, I will never forget you, you will always be remembered for the sacrifice you made for our daughter but after all these years, I think it’s time for me to forge ahead and I think I have found the one, sleep on my beautiful Nania” He said and that was when he lost total control and began to cry uncontrollably and loudly, so loud that anyone standing outside by the door would hear his voice.

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