The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 3 Part 2

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In the middle of nowhere, she kept on rotating around what seemed like a circle, all her efforts to escape from the desert proved futile, nevertheless she still kept on trying to find a route out of the dessert, all she could see was heaped sands, she struggled to take each step as the sands did no good in swallowing her legs deeper with each steps taken, her strengths were beginning to fail her, taking a step further now seem a very hard task , despite all these, she still didn’t give up, the determination on her face and her zeal to get out of the unknown place which she had found herself remained as strong as it was the very first moment she found herself there. As she continued harnessing all her strengths to lift her feet out of the sand with every taken step, she started hearing someone call her name, she paused a bit to listen carefully to the strange voice shouting her name, after a moment of intense concentration and listening attentively to the voice, she realised it was not a strange voice, in fact it was a voice that she has heard a whole lot of times, it was Mabel’s voice. The vibration of the voice began to increase, she felt like the voice was just coming from right beside her, while still trying to figure out where the voice was coming from, she felt something touched her body, it felt like the hand of someone tapping her and gradually the force of the tapping increased and that was when she opened her eyes.

“Laura” Mabel continued repeating.

“Aunty” Laura said out of reflex as she jerked up.

“I have been calling you since, we need to go out early today, go get prepared quickly” Laura said as she walked out of the room as she heard the voice of Laura saying “Alright Aunty”

She watched as Mabel walked out of the room, still oblivious of what Mabel meant when she said something about going out today, she had thought it was still the previous night and she still had to meet with Old John. Laura picked up her phone that was just laying beside her on the bed, she clicked on a button at the side of the phone and the screen came on boldly displaying the time 7:23am. Laura opened her mouths in bewilderment at what she saw, she had slept off completely while engaging Lucas in a chat in order to keep herself awake till 11pm for the meeting with Old John, she wondered how she could have slept off like that because that was so unlike her, at the end she concluded within her that it must have been the drugs prescribed to her by the doctor. She also wanted to quickly go to Old John ‘s lodge but decided against it when she remembered what Mabel just said about them going out early. She swiped the phone and punched in the security code on it, she quickly navigated to the main menu and clicked on the Whatsapp Icon, the only unread messages were that of Lucas, she clicked on the message.

“Heey, you still there?”
“Good morning my sweet patient, don’t forget about our lunch today hey”

Those were the message that Lucas sent to her, it was then that Laura remembered the events of last night, she remembered Lucas had sent him a “Brb” message which in full terms means Be right back, she had dropped her phone for a second in order to wait for him, that must have been when she slept off.

“Good morning doctor, My Aunt just told me we are going out now and I don’t know if we will be back before lunch but be rest assured I will keep you updated about my movements today. Have a nice day” She quickly scribbled and sent without even reading through for typographical errors.

She immediately got up on her feet and walked towards her closet, she took of her pyjamas and tied a white towel around herself, she was about to get into the bathroom when her phone began to ring. She quickly went to get the phone, she checked for the caller’s ID, saw Lucas’s name and smiled sheepishly before clicking on the answer button.

“How’s my patient doing this morning?” Lucas deep and sweet voice came through, for a moment she couldn’t say anything, the voice though she has heard it a lot of time but still sends some tickling vibrations into her body anytime she hears it. “Hello, can you hear me” Lucas asked after he didn’t get a reply.

“Ohh yeah, sorry, I can hear you” Laura replied immediately she snapped out of her wild imaginations of having Lucas right beside her as she was only clad in a piece of towel.

“Why didn’t you reply my question  before” Lucas asked after getting a response from Laura.

“Ooh sorry, errm what’s the question again” Laura still trying to find her feet in the conversation.

“I said how is my pretty patient this morning?” Lucas replied.

“Am fine hey but the Pretty wasn’t there when you first asked, was it? ” she chuckled

“Haahaa so you heard me right the first time, why then did you ask me to repeat it”

“Maybe because I wanted you to include the Pretty” Laura joked and they both laughed for few seconds.

“So I got your message, where are you going with your Aunt?”

“She hasn’t told me yet but as soon as she does, I will make sure I tell you”

“And does that really eliminate our chance of meeting for lunch?” Lucas asked again

“That I can’t say for now but trust me, I will try my best not to stand you up for the lunch” Laura assured him and there was a brief silence on the end.

“Ermm alright then, I hope you will make it though” Lucas spoke after the brief silence “What are you upto right now”

“I was about to enter the bathroom for a shower when you called”

“Hnmmm, does that mean you are practically the way God created you right now?”

“Now my doctor is trying to be naughty” Laura chuckled.

“That doesn’t answer my question, patient”

“I have my towel wrapped on hey”

“Hmmm still sexy all the same”

“Go away, naughty doctor” Laura laughed and listened to Lucas laughter on the other end of the line before terminating the call. She walked into the bathroom with a large smile still plastered on her face.

*** Few moments later ***

Laura checked her reflection in the mirror for the umpteenth time as she quickly picked up her Powder brush and dipped into one of the Power containers and spread the powder on her face calmly with the brush, she blended it well, picked up a lipstick and applied it carefully on her lips, rubbed her lips together to make it uniform, she stared at the mirror again and smiled. She was impressed by her make up this time, unlike some days when she always felt like she didn’t do her make ups well. She exited the room and made for the living room, she was about to get seated on one of the beautiful set of chair in the living room when something on the centre silver table caught her attention. She looked around, there was no of anyone around, she tiptoed towards the table and laid Don Pedro’s suitcase on it’s sides at it was been placed upright before, she tried to click it open but it was code-locked. Just as she was about to place the suitcase back to its original position, she heard a man cleared his throat from behind, she froze..

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