The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 3 Part 1

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“We need to talk” Laura said dryly. 
“Ermm… Miss Laura… I’m quite busy now,” old John stammered with trembling lips. 
“I aware you’re busy but we need to fix a time and you know it,” Laura insisted. 
Old John sniffed in shakily, he felt the eyes of the maids on him and that made him feel like they were all flogging him. “I will get to you… Miss Laura, I promise.”
“This evening, same place, 11pm” Laura ordered with a note of finality and walked out. 
She proceeded straight to her from and shut the door behind her immediately. She proceeded to the table and drew out the chair, she sat on it comfortably after placing the laptop on the table. She waited some few seconds for it to boot before she plugged in her modem impatiently. She clicked open the Google chrome browser and began to type into the search engine, “Two Airegin Businessmen involved in gun war”. In a period of seconds, the search results displayed and Laura began to scroll down the page, looking for which website with the most catchy headline. She finally clicked the second search result from and the page opened in less than ten seconds. The images were the first thing that caught her interest. The two images before the main posts showed a deserted road with bodies of Asian men and bullets sprayed on the floor. She proceeded to the main article and began to read. She read how the gun war had suddenly began with some Airegin men coming out of the shooting at the Asian bikemen from the vehicles in a traffic jam. All these reports were gotten from eyewitnesses, no one could take pictures as the bullets were flying sporadically and could hit anyone who tried raised up his head. 
More investigations had revealed that the foreigners were returning from Kanturai’s capital and were ambushed by the Asians who wanted to get something from them. Sources revealed that the foreigners had a bullion van as one of their vehicles.
Laura was unsatisfied with what she had read, she returned to the search results page and read the news as reported from other websites but still didn’t have enough to satisfy her curiousity, she needed to know if Kanturai was the country visited by her elder brother and his friend. She thought of calling Lord Frederick’s home and speaking with Katherine, Katherine could possibly be aware of the country of their visit due to her closeness to General. On a second thought, she discarded the option of calling Katherine, asking her about the country the men visited could spring up suspicion especially if Katherine was also unaware and had to ask General about it. 
She rose up from the chair tiredly and slowly proceeded to the bed, she closed her eyes and took in a deep breath before falling into the bed, burying her face in the pillow. Her phone beeped and distracted her temporarily. She picked it and turned to lay on her left side, she swiped down the notification bar and smiled as her eyes met with the cause of the beep.
“Hello Patient, hope you’re doing fine now?” The message from Lucas read. 
She adjusted the pillow and turned to lay on her back, temporarily forgetting her worries about Lord Frederick and Don Pedro. 
“The Patient is doing fine doctor, she managed to take her medications tonight.” Laura quickly typed back in reply.
“Oh! Please, it’s compulsory she follows her medications religiously for her to recover quickly.” A reply from Lucas entered after few seconds. 
“Come on, the Patient is not really sick, just a little bit of tiredness.” Laura replied back. 
“Fatigue is a pretty much ailment for a patient of mine, especially when the patient is the most beautiful angel on earth.” Lucas replied again.
“Ooh… Are doctors allowed to flirt with their patients too?” She asked, sending an emoticon to support the mood of the reply.
“This doctor isn’t flirting with a patient, he’s only trying to help one.” Lucas replied too with another smiley.
“How is he trying to help her?” Laura sent.
“By chatting her up this late at night to remind her to rest properly.” Lucas replied almost in a split second. 
“But the Doctor just succeeded in waking the patient from a deep slumber with the notification tone that sounded at the entrance of his message.”
“Oh!” Lucas replied with a smiley to show his shock. “Did I really wake you up?”
“Come on, no, I wasn’t asleep yet.” Laura replied back. “You’re taking it serious already?” she quickly sent in addition while he was still typing his own reply.
The typing was seen to stop for a moment, Lucas was possibly reading her new message and thinking of a good reply. The typing commenced again and the message came in, “I have to take things like that serious because you truly need rest.”
“And why haven’t you slept yet?” Lucas sent in another before she finished reading the last.
Laura sighed as she stopped typing, his question brought back to her mind her suspicions about her brother and his friend. She deleted the message she was previously typing and sent, “Hmm…”
“Why have you not slept?” Lucas repeated his question in the next message. 
“I just have some things on my mind,” she typed in and took a quick glance at her clock on the table, forgetting that she could view her time on her phone. 
“Like what?” Lucas had sent before she could type something else. 
“A lot of things,” she replied. 
“Do you mind sharing with me?” 
Another message popped in from another contact, it was Malia, one of her coursemates in school. Laura replied Lucas’s message first. 
“It’s complicated, I can’t share, not for now.” She replied and closed the chat to respond to the message from Malia. 
“Okay then, I think you need to sleep now, we’ll continue tomorrow.” Lucas sent in his reply before Laura finished typing her text to Malia. Luckily Malia had only sent a broadcast message which didn’t really require a reply and went offline immediately, so Laura only replied her with “cool” and a smiley. 
“I can’t sleep now, it’s just 9.47pm and I have an appointment by 11pm.”
“Appointment by 11pm?” Lucas replied, adding a smiley to indicate l emphasize his surprise. 
“Yes,” Laura replied briefly. 
“With your boyfriend, I guess.” 
Laura smiled as she read the reply, she thought for some seconds before beginning to type. Another message entered from Lucas before Laura finished typing, “Your boyfriend must be a lucky man. I’m sure he’s good-looking, intelligent and confident like you.” 
Laura deleted the words she was already typing and began to compose another. “Come on, Lucas. You didn’t even wait for me to confirm who I was meeting with first.”she typed and sent.
“I don’t need to wait for that, who else could you want to meet by 11pm if not for your love?”
“You’re funny… The appointment is with the Chef in the house and not any boyfriend.”
“Are you kidding me? Appointment with the Chef? That looks weird. Or tell me, is the Chef the lucky young man?”
“Oh! Come on, Lucas.” Laura typed, laughing out loud as she did. “The Chef is a well aged man, old enough to be my father. Damn! You’re too naughty for a doctor.”
“Too naughty? For trying to check on my patient?”
“You’re doing more than that, I’m not even sure if I should continue the medications you prescribed. You were not concentrating, your eyes were prying all over my body.”
“Oh! There goes another naughty patient, she was staring at her doctor’s eyes while he was attending to her.”
“OMG! You’re a clown.”
“No, I’m a doctor.”
“You are a clown!”
“No, I’m a doctor. When are you coming back to the hospital?”
“Why should I come back?”
“I fixed an appointment for tomorrow by lunch time.”
“What kind of doctor fixes an appointment for patients at that time?”
“Doctors who sincerely care…” Lucas replied and on they continued with the jovial chat.
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