The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 2 part 8

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“What’s that?” Don Pedro shot a quick look at him and saw his friend holding up his phone.

“It seems you’re right my friend, they’re after us to get their money.” Lord Frederick said as Don Pedro stared into his phone and saw a line of several heavily armed men on power bikes coming from behind.

Lord Frederick quickly brought out his phone and speed dialled General’s number.

“General, some guys are after us, initiate plan B right away” Frederick tried to sound bold but deep inside he was really scared of what will be the outcome of this attack on them, they were not yet conversant with the city, they didn’t expect Akhil and Ajeet to resort to this kind of thing but like they say, desperate times calls for desperate measures.

“This people are bloody b******s” Don Pedro cussed as he brought out his revolver from inside his suitcase while Lord Frederick kept on calling to alert all of their boys in different buses and the ones in the Van. Immediately he dropped the phone, he picked up the revolver that Don Pedro loaded for him and waited for the boys.   All this time, the traffic had remained stagnant, the cause of the traffic was still unknown but the bikers were still struggling their ways in between the traffic and are now few meters away.

“We just walked into an ambush,” General announced to the others in the bus. He was seated at the passenger’s seat with one of their men driving. Eric was seated behind the driver’s seat while other two others were behind him. They all could see their bosses from the front glass already getting set for the attack.
General began to load the long firearm beside him with his left hand, adjusting the the side view mirror with his right hand. Eric also responded to the announcement immediately and began to load his gun while also trying the view the side mirror to see what was at the back.
“Eric, call and alert the guys at the front, especially the dudes driving the bullion van.” General said after the loading the long firearm and a pistol.
Eric wanted to argue at first, he felt insulted already that General had insisted on sitting at the front seat instead of him and now, General was ordering him around. But he advised himself and quickly shoved off the thought as he got the view of the power bikes from the side mirror of the bus. He took out his phone and dialled immediately.
“Are you guys ready?” General asked and took a look at the other guys in the car through the rear view mirror, he saw them loading their guns already. He readjusted the rear-view mirror to have a better view of the car behind. “The two vehicles behind us and the bus by our side here are only casual road users. I believe the vehicles behind the ones at our back are owned by the attackers too.” He announced loudly again and then turned to look at the side-view mirror again.
“The bikers are closing in on us,” he said, speaking to the other two guys behind them while Eric was still on a call. “Open the windows now, we’ll have to take them out before they pass the vehicle behind us…”
“No dude, we should bring down the windows at the left, the open spaces would not accommodate our bodies, how are we going to shoot at those behind like that? The doors at the right should be opened, ” Eric interrupted General after ending his call. He was looking back through the rear window as he cocked his gun.
General felt displeased about the interruption and would have taken time to grumble about it if not for the lack of time for unnecessary argument. “That’s true,” General had to admit Eric’s rightness. “Let’s arrange ourselves, one person should join me at the right and the two others should man the left,” General said. Eric quickly moved to the left immediately and one of the guys followed him. “Only one person shoots at the left and one at the left at the same time, you make a signal when you’re out of bullets for your partner to cover you up.’ Four bikers were already at a close range, struggling through the second vehicle behind them, that was only about four metres behind the Aireginian’s bus.

“I and Eric will go first, you guys will back up. We shoot at 1…2… Go!”
Eric and the other guy brought down the window glasses with their boots simultaneously and Eric thrusted out his body halfway while General opened the door and bent outside, using the seatbelt to still hold himself into the vehicle.
The bikers were caught unawares, Eric and General used their experience in dealing them well targeted shots, sending them flying out of their bikes and bikes falling off violently. More bikers continued to come, Eric and General took them out easily and signalled for their partners to take charge when their bullets were exhausted. The whole place was sent into frenzy, motorists from the other side of the road sped off madly while the pedestrians ran for cover. Motorists on the side of the road were trapped in the holdup, some had to bend their heads in the car in panic and confusion, only few who were closer to the scene of the gunshots and could see the exchange.
Bikers stopped coming forwards after seeing the ordeal of their colleagues, they stayed far behind while trying to shoot at the gunmen in the bus.
“…shiiit!” They’re at the front too?” Eric shouted into his phone, he had received a phone call from the guys in the bus at the forefront. “Just maintain order there, I’ll join you soon.”
“At the front too?” General asked.
“I’m going there, I have to make sure Don Pedro and Lord Frederick are safe,” Eric said moving closer to the door, their partners were still shooting the attackers behind. “You come out and cover me while I run forward.”
“Wait!” General stopped Eric from opening the door. He handed over his loaded gun to the driver of the vehicle and held another in his hands. “You take his part since you’re driving now, come down with me when I do,” he said to the driver and then turned to Eric. “Let them exhaust their bullets first,” he said to Eric referring to the two guys who were shooting.
The guys were done in two minutes and General stepped out of the bus immediately, walking back slowly and carefully towards the vehicles behind and shooting at any Asian gunman he could see. Eric stepped out of the vehicle after General and the driver had taken charge, the other two supporters had also loaded more guns and stepped out.
Eric quickly ran towards the Jeep where Lord Frederick and Don Pedro were seated in front of them. He quickly bent on his knee and squatted as more the sounds of the gunshots increased drastically, a gun exchange had also started at the front.
“Sire, we’ve got the back covered already but the Asians are also attacking from the front,” Eric explained to Lord Frederick without looking at the man, his eyes was roaming to and fro as he was cautious and conscious that an attack could come from anywhere at anytime. He was kneeling beside the door of the jeep whose window Lord Frederick had winded down on seeing him.
“Are you guys in charge of the situation?” Lord Frederick asked.
“We’re in charge at the back, but I’m not sure it’s the same at the front.” Eric replied, placing a cautious look to the front. “Sir, we have to get both of you out of this place.”
Lord Frederick smiled and took a glance at Don Pedro who was also listening and staring at Eric. “Go and charge of the boys in front,” Lord Frederick said and picked his gun in readiness to step out.
“Go!” Don Pedro shouted at Eric who was staring at him and unwillingly to leave. Eric got up and hurried forward at the second command.
“We have to step in,” Lord Frederick said as he put two extra pistols in his pocket.
“Yes, sure.” Lord Pedro replied, also hanging a long firearm around his neck.
Both waited for a space of ten seconds before stepping out simultaneously.

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