The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 2 Part 7

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Coming from two opposite directions on the open field were the two teams of drug Lords, the Asians coming from the left while the Aireginians from the right. Each team had their men waiting several metres behind them with vehicles as they closed in the distance between each other. The breeze blew the clothes and hairs of the Asians sidewards as they walked, the Aireginians were putting on more tight fitted clothes, so they had very little challenge with the wind.

“Gentlemen,” Ajeet greeted as they stood before each other. They exchanged handshakes in silence and took their time to stare at the escorts far behind their partners. “Are you here with your part of the deal?” Ajeet added.

“Yes, Ajeet.” Lord Frederick replied and took a glance back towards his Mafia men standing far behind. “What about you?”

“We’re here with ours too,” Ajeet said and took a glance backwards the same way Lord Frederick did.

“Time for the exchange,” Lord Frederick said and turned to Don Pedro who took out his phone and dialed a number, looking backwards towards their men.

“Come now,” Don Pedro said briefly and ended the call. He turned to face Ajeet, and Akhil who was also dialing on his phone.

“Drive the van forward,” Akhil said briefly.

Soon, two buses was being driven from behind the Airegin men while a bullion van and a normal bus was coming from behind the Asians. It took the vehicles a total of two minutes to get to the men. The driver of the bullion van stepped out of the vehicle and stood beside the Asians while four other men stepped out of the bus behind him. General and another man stepped out from the first bus which had the seedlings in it while Eric stepped out from the other bus with five other men, each bodyguard came to stand beside his boss.

“You guys should cross check,” Lord Frederick said to General while Don Pedro whispered to Eric to keep an eye on the Asians who were coming to their side.

General motioned to two other men and they walked over to the other side where the Asians’ bullion van was parked while two men from the Asians walked to their side to check the seedlings in the bus.

The Asians were the first to finish the crosscheck, two of them returned to their bosses to give the feedback.

“All in perfect condition?” Ajeet asked the fearsome muscular man.

“Yes, the perfect cross breed we demanded for  and in perfect containers.” The man replied in English but with a strong Pakistani accent.

“Let’s wait for them,” Ajeet said and took a quick glance at the Aireginians who were still checking the bullion van. They were done with check five minutes later.

“The currency is in dollars, well stacked and bundled, the bundles are complete and no signs of mixture in currency was seen.” General whispered to Lord Frederick.

“Sealed or unsealed?”

“Sealed by the Kanturai Central Bank, two billion dollars, ” General replied.

“Do their banks here allow withdrawal of so much money?” Lord Frederick asked in soft tones, looking at his Don Pedro.

“My Friend, just like us, these people are powerful enough to tweak anything in their nation’s policy.” Don Pedro said to his friend in a low voice.

“But ain’t they gonna get the attention of the international bodies like this?”

“Here, ” Ajeet cut through their conversation, stretching forth a document towards them. “We received the money on behalf of the government, for distribution to masses affected by natural disasters at some rural areas,” Ajeet explained the answer to the doubts in their heart, sensing that it was what they were discussing.

Lord Frederick took the document from him, it was in two folds, one was written in the Mandarin language while the other was written in American English.

“Hmm…” Lord Frederick hummed thoughtfully as he skimmed through. “It’s okay,” he said as he returned the paper.

“Are we good to go?” Ajeet asked.

“Yes, we are,” Lord Frederick replied after taking a glance at Don Pedro and receiving a confirmation nod.

“Good, where are the keys?” Ajeet asked, stretching out the keys of the bullion van to them.

Don Pedro collected the keys to the bus from General and stretched it forth with his right hand. He stepped forward to meet Ajeet, both men had the keys in their right hands and their left palm stretched out to collect. They dropped each other’s key into their palm at the same time, a crooked smile appeared on both men’s faces as they stepped back.

“You’ll be leaving for Airegin this evening like you earlier said?” Akhil asked, joining with his crooked smile.

“No, we have to ensure the money lands safely in Airegin first, we only came with one aircraft,” Lord Frederick replied.

“You could use ours,” Akhil offered.

“Hmm… I don’t think we need to rush things, we’ll just wait for our other aircraft, we’ve ordered for it already and it’s already being flown to Kanturai.”

“Okay then, I believe that won’t give you guys so much trouble; I’m aware you have several personal landing spaces in your country.” Ajeet said.

“You’re right my friend,” Lord Frederick answered.

“Okay, you can stay in the hotel for as long as you like, we paid for a month and that includes the services of the girls,” Ajeet added with a naughty smile.

Don Pedro was the one who replied his smile, “Thank you for your hospitality.”

“You’re welcome,” Ajeet replied.


“Till we see again to do business, Lord Frederick and Don Pedro,” Akhil stepped forward, extending his hand to them for an handshake. The dealers exchanged handshakes with crooked smiles on their lips and stepped back. “Do have a safe trip and call us when you get back to your country.”

The Asians were the first to turn back and enter into their second bus with some of their men while General collected the keys to the bullion van from Don Pedro and went straight into it. The fearsome muscular Asian man also took the key from his boss and entered into the Aireginians bus which had the seedlings. General drove the bullion van to the other side while the bus with the seedlings was driven to the Asians’ side. Don Pedro and Lord Frederick also entered into the extra bus, Eric and two of their men entered with them while the rest were left to return on foot to the entry point.

**20 minutes later**

“What are you thinking about?” Lord Frederick asked his friend who was seated behind him at the backseat of the Jeep which they had gotten into after been driven to the entry point of the field in the bus. The bullion van was going right in front of them, a bus carrying some of their men who walked out of the field on foot was before the bullion van and another bus with the men that stayed at the entry point of the field was behind. They were on their way to the airdrome where they’ll transfer the monies into the aircraft and fly it to Airegin.

“I’m just thinking about all these, something doesn’t just seem right to me,” Don Pedro replied.

“I was feeling the same way some hours ago but the feeling is all gone now,” Lord Frederick said. “The money is with us now and it’s on the way to Airegin.”

“I know but those guys seem too clever to pay us two billion dollars,” Don Pedro said, widening his eyes. “That’s approximately their lives worth, what will they use for running the plantation after giving us so much.”

“My friend, we can’t accept what the media tells us about them. The media also reports our worth to be five billion dollars each but we’re more than that.” Lord Frederick answered.
“Well, that’s true. I just hope they don’t have any other plan.”
“They shouldn’t,” Lord Frederick said with certainty in his voice. “They could have attacked us there on the field if they had ulterior motives.”
“No Friend, they wouldn’t have attacked us there. They know we would be prepared then, they could want to take us unawares.”
“You’re right, but it’s too late now. The money is on its way to Airegin.”

“Hmm… But something still doesn’t just add up.”

“Don’t worry my friend, the deal is done already.” Lord Frederick said, smiling at his friend.

There was silence for the next couple of minutes, Lord Frederick stared out through the windows enjoying the view of the very high buildings in the Kanturai’s Capital while Don Pedro busied himself with his tablet device. Soon, they met an unusual traffic jam and their car had to halt.

Lord Frederick took out his phone and began to take pictures of the environment. Every time he took a shot, he paused to see the picture. He took a picture of the high buildings first, then the vehicles before them on the traffic line and then switched to the front camera to take a shot of the cars behind them. He took the shot and paused to view it.

“Oh shi*t!” Lord Frederick exclaimed after some seconds of viewing the newly taken shot, there was a note of urgency in his voice.

“What’s that?” Don Pedro shot a quick look at him and saw his friend holding up his phone.

“It seems you’re right my friend, they’re after us to get their money.” Lord Frederick said as Don Pedro stared into his phone and saw a line of several heavily armed men on powerbikes coming far behind.

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