The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 2 Part 12

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“Has everything been sorted out” Frederick asked Eric and General As they entered into the room.

“All sorted” Eric replied.

“I guess that will be all huh? I really have to go home and rest” Don Pedro stood to his feet while Frederick remained on his seat smiling at him “What’s amusing you now” He asked.

“Now you are tired right, after bedding almost all the asian girls, you are now complaining of being tired” Frederick joked and continued smiling as he stood to his feet too.

“Like you didn’t have almost the same that I had” Pedro replied with a brief smile on his face.

“You know that’s a lie and moreover, I am not complaining of fatigue, am i?” Frederick joked on as they walk outside of their regular hideout that they always convene in. Eric and General followed behind posing like they weren’t listening on their conversation, which is part of their professionalism, as a trained guard, they shouldn’t jump into their bosses conversations unless they were being spoken to. After walking for some minutes, they stopped as they have now gotten to where their cars were parked, their drivers had been summoned to come pick them from where the Aircraft landed. They had waited at their secret meeting place for General and Eric’s arrival with the other aircraft after which they gave them instructions on how to go about the funds they brought along. Now that everything was sorted out, they could now go home, rest and celebrate their successful business trip with their wives and family.

“We will see tomorrow then” Frederick as he shook Pedro’s hand.

“Tomorrow? Nah, maybe in three days time because I need maximum rest right now”. Eric opened the door to the Suv and held it still while Pedro continued with his discussion with Frederick.

“Since when have you turned to a doctor, so much that you now recommend bed rest for yourself” Frederick joked again.

“What do you mean? Don’t you know if not for business, i’d be a doctor by now” Pedro joked while he kept a straight face.

“A native doctor you mean?” Frederick replied and they both laughed hard as they entered into their respective vehicles and zoomed off from the premises. The gate was locked after they left by the guards that were in charge of securing the premises and stopping intruders and burglars from entering. It’s not like they get any of the aforementioned often but to be on the safer side is why they didn’t joke with the security of the place. The only time they have an unsolicited visit there was years ago when some gunmen invaded the place but thanks to the professionalism of the guards, they were able to conquer the invaders and even captured one of them alive. It was the captured one that confessed that they were just regular armed robbers who had once spotted the building while on an escape mission from the police. They then decided to come back some weeks later to see what was been done in the isolated building, the captured guy was later killed after his confession and was buried in a nearby bush alongside his fellow robbers that had been killed before but according to his confession before being killed, he claimed that one of them had escaped. They stayed at alert for days expecting the one that escaped to strike back but when they waited for weeks, months and now years without a trace of the guy, the case turned into a forgotten one.


Pedro was already dozing off in the car but as soon as he felt the car come to a halt, he opened his eyes and saw that they were right in front of the compound, he wondered why the chauffeur wasn’t driving in, he then sat up and saw his wife’s car driving in first which was why his own driver had to stop for them to enter as they were the first to get to the gate. After the wife’s car was well parked, the driver then entered and also parked right beside his wife’s car, Pedro watched as Laura and Mabel alighted from the car with their hand bags, Eric who was in the car behind Don Pedro’s own quickly dropped and rushed towards the Suv to open the door for Don Pedro while Mabel and Laura stood right beside the Suv waiting for Pedro to drop.

“Hello Ma’am” Eric hailed Mabel as he quickly opened the door and Pedro dropped. Don Pedro walked closer towards them while Mabel stood there with her hands wrapped around her chest.

“Welcome Sir” Laura greeted.

“Laura, how are you my dear, I trust you are alright” Pedro replied cheerfully as he tried to curl his hand around Mabel

“Am fine, thank you sir” Laura replied trying not to show her suspicion to the him.

“Leave me alone” Mabel grumbled at Pedro like a kid that was refused going to the park to play.

“What is the problem now my queen” Pedro hardened his grip on Mabel who tried to free herself, his face was full of smiles, nothing gives him more joy than seeing the face of his beautiful wife especially when she is jokingly angry at him just like she is now “What have I done this time around”

“Why didn’t you tell me you will be coming into town today” Mabel still wrapping her hands.

“I wanted to surprise you my queen, I know you love surprises” Pedro began to tickle her while she tried to act like it wasn’t getting to her.

“I don’t like surprises” Mabel replied trying to hold back the giggles.

“We both know you do, stop pretending already” Pedro continued to tickle her and when she couldn’t hold back the giggles anymore, she unwrapped her hands hence allowing her hand bag to fall, she started laughing so hard and then ran inside while Pedro ran after her also.

“I’ll get it” Laura said to Eric who was about to bend down to pick Mabel’s bag from the ground, She picked up the bag and walked inside. She went to the living room to give the bag back to Mabel but when she got there, she saw the two of them holding each other like two love-birds so she decided to drop the bag on the dining table and leave without interrupting or disturbing them, she also went into her own room to drop her bag, she thought about taking a shower but she already had one before going to the hospital earlier, she was still contemplating on whether to shower or not when she suddenly remembered something, she jumped of her bed, and left the room, she carefully walked past the living room so as not to allow Pedro or Mabel noticing her, she went straight to the kitchen and met some of the kitchen staffs there, she asked about Old John’s whereabouts but none of them seem to have an idea where the man was, she went into his lodge, knocked at his door for couple of minutes but got no reply, she waited and waited to see if he was going to respond from inside or arrive to meet her at the door, when she realised that it was getting too late and there was still no sign of Old John, she started walking back to the main house but as she passed through the kitchen,she heard a thick masculine voice that sounded like that of Old John’s. She branched into the kitchen again and there he was, stranding beside the oven with a tray in his hands, obviously he was baking a cake or cleaning the baking tray. He turned around and saw Laura at the door, he didn’t do well in hiding his shock as he shivered on seeing her.

“We need to talk” Laura said dryly.

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