Tension- Chapter 3

Chapter 3
“What the hell was that?” I turned to ask a girl who was squatting beside me.
“I don’t know but something terrible is definitely going on.” She whispered.
“Attention everyone.” All eyes turned to the principal Mrs Ayodele Betty. “what is happening now is called a tornado, it’s a wind, the senior classes would know about that and it will be lasting for some long hours after which you would go home immediately and come back as soon as your guardians receive a message that you should return to school.”
There was grumblings, to stay in that place for the next couple of hours wasn’t going to be interesting.
“I was even thinking it was something dangerous. It’s just a wind sef, why should they lock us in?” a thin girl in front of me commented. She was the puffy type but her head was a empty as a coconut. I shook my head in pity.
“Ignorance is a disease oh, she should have just shut her mouth instead of exposing her foolishness,: a girl beside me said to her friend very loudly.
I chuckled.
In no time, the howling stopped and everything seemed right. We were allowed to go home and I managed to push my way through the crowd.
“Tekome! Hey!”
“Who on earth would be calling me at this critical time.” I snapped.
“Hey, I had been calling you.” Alero said almost yelling as she got close to me.
“I sorry, you know how rowdy this place is.” I said. “Alero look.” I called her attention to the schools vegetation, everything was brownish and somehow dead. Some trees were broken and what captivated me most was how the school buildings had suddenly lost their color. A network mast very close to the school garage had fallen, smashing some cars badly.
“What the hell?” Alero screamed.
“Hey shh.” I cooed her. “ You are not the only one here please. This is sh*t, did you bring your phone?” she gave me her techo w4  and we snapped.
We walked 9 or rather sprint) in the crowd, we were anxious to get home very quickly. Alero and I got to a shop just beside the school gate to meet our senior prefect, Bose who happened to be my cousin. She stayed at the beginning of the estate and mom had said I should come home with her from school everyday (I wonder if she would be with me forever or maybe she will stay an extra year for my sake) I avoided her some of the time though but today I felt I was going to be needing her company. So she being my guardian we had to wait for her for 10 minutes before she showed up.
“oh thank god you are here.” She smiled and hugged us. (hmmm, Bose to hug somebody? Maybe this thing don touch her brain).
Alero looked at me eye wide open and I did the same (you know why). I took the bull by the horn and asked her what happened that was when she told us that 2 students were serving punishment in the school farm and were not quick enough to notice the changed in the atmosphere. The wind started before they started running, a tree fell down killing one while the wind killed the other.
“Jesus Christ, what a pity.” I was the one screaming now.
“Come on let’s get going.” We started walking, honestly my mind wasn’t really towards the girls . I was like a laborer, in fact, I was. I had the a habit of not always copying long notes and when the teacher gets to me the next thing was to send me to the school farm (my second school). I instantly turned a new leaf, I told myself that I would never get to that school farm again. I remembered the last time I almost got bitten by a snake, I joked about it and wrote the sweet story as I termed it in my diary explaining on how bold I was (see first class stupidity).
In no time, we got to the express only to meet the place shabby as well. It was then I remembered my house, I wondered if it was going to be looking like this too.
“I can’t wait to get home.” I said aloud
Nobody responded. (So because of tension these people they snub me, abi them don turn deaf, ehn?) I wasn’t happy. But look at me, why should I even be bothered when I don’t know what is awaiting me at home. When we arrived the estate, I ran inside leaving Alero and Bose at the gate since I was the only one staying far inside.
The sight of what I saw didn’t bother me, all that was in my mind was how to get home, call my family and know if they were going to return home today since mom and dad had gone to work, aunty Tobi and Tola had gone for lectures at the states university and Aaron was still at school at a Boys Federal College.
I opened the gate only to find the foot mat at the rear end and we usually kept the house key beneath. (You know what I had happened.)
“Oh God! What do I do now?” it was obvious I was furious. I dropped my bag but on a second thought, I picked it incase the senerio occurred again my bag won’t be the one disappearing. I paced around my house, I shut my eyes to think, my brain was wavering and I couldn’t fathom where I was even supposed to stay.
“Hey, young lady.” A voice beamed behind me. I almost fainted. I turned round to see Tola and aunty  Tobi. I ran and hugged them, something that I rarely did or let me say with my brother that was strange. My fear subsided, at least 2 members of my family were around. I started whimpering and my elder brother hugged me tightly.
“have you spoken with mummy?”
He shook his head
“What of daddy?” He shook his head.
“Aaron’s school bus will certainly bring him home.” Aunty Tobi spoke for the first time.

She opened the door with a spare key she had and of course I was the first to go in. I dropped my bag and laid on the bed. I was afraid but didn’t know why.

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