Tension – Chapter 1


Hit by the responsibilities of been the protectors of earth from the demons of the abyss, seven of them were chosen including a fresh blood of 16 and a frustrated PhD holder who had been able to scale through his family problems.

      Faced by betrayal, love, deceit, will these seven be able to conquer the demons? Read more to find out of they were slain or they conquered.

 Chapter 1
     “In not  long time from now, it will be.”
     These were the very first words I heard as I opened my eyes. The words seemed very real but yet I had thought they followed me from the nightmare I just had from a short nap. I looked around to see if anyone was in but I was alone with no single soul around.
      This experience was occurring for the second time in 6 days. I just didn’t  understand what the problem is, who was talking and the meaning of what was being said. Knowing the kind of family I come from, I’m not going to tell anybody and I  mean NOBODY.
    I’m so sorry for just blabbering forgetting to let you know who I am. Forgive my bad manners. My name is Tekome and I’m from delta state but my family and I are based in Ogun state. I’m from the family of six of which I’m the last child of my monogamous family. My father is a banker at a very popular bank and my mom works as a clerk in the universal basic education (U.B.E). I am the only female child but a matured cousin we call aunt Tobi was staying with us. I will be fifteen years old in the next 2 weeks.
      “Aunt Tobi.” I called, walking briskly into the sitting room.
      “What is it?” She asked peering into my face with her big eyeballs. Her eyes were big and that was the major thing that made her beautiful. Her dark complexion complimented her tall figure eight body. She was about preparing dinner so I went to help.
      “Well….. yesterday  the sports master, Corper Solomon told us that we will be waiting after school hours to do a little training for either football, basketball, handball or racing, whichever one we chose.
     “Really? That is alright.” She said patting my head. “so how well are you prepared.”
     “Not bad anyway. I’m trying my best to see what I can do to be top in the list. Its fun you know, the least position I’ve ever taken is fourth and that was with our very best.” I said, taking garri from a bucket, we were having eba and vegetable soup for dinner.
      “Congrats.” Aunty Tobi jammed her hands. “ I hope this enthusiaistic feeling of yours about sports will earn you trophies?” she asked with a wink. I really like her. Gosh! This lady was so sweet.
       ”After making this food I will be going to buy a knicker.” I spat out at last.
          She looked at me as if I had gone crazy, would I be lying if I said it was a joke? You might have wondered why the absurd look but I want to be sincere, in my house trousers, knickers are strictly forbidden, strictly forbidden.
            “What are you using it for? You know the rules young lady,” she still stared.
            “I want to use it for the sport, you don’t expect me to use skirt nau! I would have returned before dad returns.”
              I hastily went to the shop to purchase the stuff which was just in the next street. After trying it on, I walked to the band very close to a musical shop. The music was very interesting and I was already nodding my head to it when the lyrics filtered into my ear. The singer sang with so much enthusiasm. She sang thus;
 “In my day, I will be with you forever
You’ve given me fame and wealth
 All I couldn’t get in the past
 You are a fallen god
 But you brought me high
Lulu morning star
I got you back and you got my back.”
     I was surprised, why would anyone be singing praise to the devil?” I  asked myself. I sighed and headed straight home, dad would be home soon and I had to explanation to give on where I went to.
    Dinner that evening was exciting, mom couldn’t stop telling us events that occurred at her  work place, two staffs fighting and had bitten themselves, during the fight they had hit the Secretary and the place turned to a battle ground,one thing leading to another almost everybody in the office had turned to a warrior, mom quietly slipped out and found her way home.
    “How come you didn’t fight and you were there?” Tola asked mom. Everyone at the table turned to face her. Tola barely talked especially during meals but when he did it was something one need to take note of.
    “I thought about that too as I drove back, I have no idea. You could tell me why.” She made her face very serious and suddenly started laughing. “Really? You want to start reading meanings to what doesn’t have a meaning. Come on, you guys are becoming too serious about everything.”
    Tola smiled sheepishly. “Not bad to be a little bit weird mother.”
   “That was just a joke oh.” Mom was laughing  as she saw the serious look on our faces. “Nothing like that happened.” She continued laughing.
    We had all forgotten mom was good at playing pranks.


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