Tarasha 2 – Chapter 2 Part 5

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‘Parents of the infamous suspect, Aisha Bello of the Samantha Osman group have been missing from their home for more than five days. Mr and Mrs Bello had left home on Saturday evening after telling the neighbors that they were going for their usual evening Bible study meeting at the church in the next street, since then they had not been seen to have returned home. Efforts to reach them by telephone proved abortive as their lines have been switched off since then. The daughter from Ibadan had since returned to join in the search for her parents after being alerted by the neighbours, the only son of the family has also been alerted and has arrived from his base in Kano state as at the time of this report. 
It should be recalled that the family has been confirmed to lost all contacts with Aisha and have been unaware of her whereabouts and occupation for more than ten years. 
We encourage any citizen who has information about the parent’s whereabouts to report to the closest police station to them.’ 
Aisha heartbeat increased speedily as she read the news. Though she had been away from her family and had not heard from any of them for years, she always wanted to hear of their well being only. She picked up the phone and rushed out panicking.
‘Cole, I’ve got a problem.’ She announced as she approached the dining room. 
Cole paused for a second to look at her face, he still had unchewed food particles in his mouth. ‘What’s the matter?’ He asked and rushed up the rest of the food in his mouth. 
‘Here, my parents have been kidnapped.’ She said trying to turn on the phone’s screen. 
‘How? How did fine out and where did you see it?’ Cole patiently swallowed the food and took a cup of water, wondering if she had really heard of her parent’s kidnap or she was just hallucinating, it seemed more like the latter to him. 
‘This is my dad and mum, they went missing since Saturday,’ she said shakily as she showed him the page on the browser. 
He sniffed in and scrolled down to read the news, it took him less than a minute to finish reading. He stared at the pictures for some seconds before looking up. Aisha was staring intently at his face like he had the solution to her problem. 
‘Ermm… What do we do now?’ He blurted out as he had nothing else coming into head. 
‘I don’t know, that’s why I’m showing you.’ She replied. 
‘Ehen…’ He stammered as he thought of what to do. ‘Ermm… I think we should try reach some of your siblings, let’s check the thread again and see if we can find any useful information.’ He added and picked up the phone again. He turned on the screen and scrolled down to see comments below the post. 
‘Na who dey kidnap Assassin Papa and Mama? You dey sure say no she kidnap them?’ the first comment read. He scrolled down again. ‘Good job by the police, I’m sure that they police have the parents in custody just to make Aisha Bello come out of the hiding.’ the second reply read. ‘I think I saw these people around my area this week,’ the third reply. ‘The police are unserious people, I went with the little information I have and non was ready to listen to me, I think they kidnapped the assassin’s parents themselves and they’re expecting the assassin to show up,’ the fourth reply read. Aisha had gotten up when she saw that Cole was engrossed in it and was reading the comments with him. 
‘Is there anyway we can contact this guy that says he has little information about them?’ Cole asked, looking up Aisha who was now standing by his side.
‘Yes, we can send the person a personal message.’ Aisha replied and collected the phone. She clicked on the monicker and waited for it to load. The profile of the person loaded, she scrolled down the person’s topics and paused a little to check the profile picture, a young simple looking man flashed his teeth pleasantly in it. She scrolled down, searching for the ‘send pm’ link, that was when she remembered that she had to be logged in first to access that feature. She quickly scrolled up and clicked on the login button.
‘We have two personal messages and ten mentions, ‘ Stainless spoke aloud, navigating the browser with the mouse of the desktop in his hand. 
‘Any useful one?’ Don asked, proceeding towards him. He was bare chested and had a towel hung around his neck, he had just finished taking care of his beards, not forgetting that he needs to always remain unrecognizable as the wanted Daniel Ogbighe.
‘I’ve replied the first personal message we got to open the conversation and I’m just about to reply the second,’ Stainless replied him. 
‘Okay, what about the mentions?’ Don asked. 
‘No useful mentions except some people hurling insults at the poster for not reporting to the appropriate quarters,’ Stainless said.
‘Let’s hope we succeed with this,’ Don said, wiping the back of his neck with the towel. 
‘If we don’t get it now, we’ll keep making posts that’ll hit the front page until we get the desired result.’
‘I hope that happens soon,’ Don said and took a seat beside Stainless. Stainless scrolled down the thread checking for more replies to the post, after reading for few minutes. He navigated to the next tab where he had his mailbox opened.
‘Oh!’ he exclaimed as a new message popped. ‘We’ve got a new message from the moniker IshyBabe,’ he announced. 
‘IshyBabe?’ Don mentioned and held his breath briefly, the moniker sounded a bell to him. He turned to look into the screen, ‘I think we’ve found the target, track the sender’s location.’ 
‘Okay, let me…’
‘Please just let me handle it, I’m hundred percent sure that IshyBabe is Aisha’s moniker.’ Don said, signaling for Stainless to allow him continue with the laptop.
‘Alright,’ Stainless quickly typed in somethings and tapped the enter button before rising up.
James sat in his office pondering on the meeting he had the day before with his father, Agent Tim and the Inspector General. He wondered why so much secrets about the case were hidden with them. His father and the Inspector General had spoken like people who had so much knowledge about Samantha Osman but they were unwilling to release the information to the police as an organization. 
‘Thank you sir,’ Chief Rikau thanked the Vice President as he adjusted himself properly on the seat and cleared his throat. ‘We now know who Samantha Osman is, we don’t know her real identity yet but we’ve seen her work closely with us. It’s just that we didn’t find out at the right time, but it’s not too late yet.’ he paused and adjusted himself again. ‘She worked at the ‘NSCC but has left now. Like you also know, no one at the NSCC seems to have information about her whereabouts…’
‘But why hasn’t she been declared wanted already?’ James cut in, taking glances at the other discussants’ faces. ‘Sir, I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I don’t just understand where you’re coming from.’
‘You don’t need to understand where we’re coming from, as far as you understand where we are going to,’ the Vice President replied him and signaled for Chief Rikau to continue.
‘We’ve not declared her wanted because we’ve not been able to link her to any crime yet, that’s why the police even hasn’t received any information,’ Chief Rikau decided to explain to James.
James still looked as confused as before, he stared at Agent Tim’s face to see if Agent Tim could comprehend the Inspector General words but Agent Tim just had an expressionless look on. ‘If she hasn’t been linked to any crime, how are we sure she’s the one?’
‘She actually has been linked to a crime,’ Inspector General Rikau replied. ‘She was with the Vice President the day he was shot.’
‘Oh! I think that’s good enough for the police to work with,’ James said in a confident tone. ‘You can allow us to work with that information from your personal investigation team.’
‘No, the police can’t work with it now.’ Inspector General Rikau said. ‘Let’s just pretend that the fact doesn’t exist.’
‘I don’t understand…’ James tried to argue.
‘Look here James, you don’t have to understand. After being attacked by Samantha Osman, I launched a personal investigation team and they’ve done so much already.’ the Vice President cut in harshly. ‘I think I’ll just go straight to the point of the whole story,’ he said before picking up his walking stick. ‘Since the case has been transferred to you and Agent Tim, I and the Inspector General thought it would be wise for you to know about our personal Investigation team, this team is non governmental and even in plain words, illegal. That’s why we can’t involved them with the police. But as you know, you’ve got to use desperate measures for desperate times. We don’t want you to come into the way of our personal investigators, so that you won’t be a victim, that’s why we called this meeting.’ chief Elvis said in a dismissive tone and got up with the aid of his walking stick. He walked out of the living room, leaving a confused Agent Tim and James with the Inspector General.
Chief Elvis sat relaxing on a rocking chair, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the fresh air in the garden. All through his medical stay in the united States, he kept having nightmares of a masked young girl coming after him. Sometimes she would appear to him and only threaten him about the nemesis coming, other times she would warn him to stop his wicked ways so that his death would be less gruesome. He didn’t understand the nightmares until the Inspector General called one afternoon to inform him about them locating the assassin’s house. The Inspector General also told him that her backbone was Jeffery Danjuma, the first son of late Dr Danjuma. Jeffery was one of their lucky victims who was granted pardon from prison after being wrongly convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for his involvement in terrorism. 
Chief Rikau explained to him how they had met Jeffery in Samantha’s house in her absence and how Jeffrey had spoken to Don and Stainless about Kimberly who worked at the NSCC to be his sister 
Jefa’s Death
Jefa was laying flat on the three seater sofa in the living room, reading from his mother’s diary when the doorbell sounded. He paused to listen if he was hearing correctly and it sounded again. He rose up slowly, wondering who could be at the door as he wasn’t expecting anyone except for Omotara who would never use the doorbell as she had her keys with her always. 
He proceeded to the door, still with the diary in his hand, one finger placed where he was reading. He checked through the peephole, he saw two unknown men standing outside. ‘Who’s it?’ he asked. 
‘PHCN,’ one of the men replied. 
‘PHCN, at this time of the day?’ Jefa asked himself. He looked through the peephole again to check the men, there was nothing suspicious about them. He touched the key and wanted to turn it but another thought came into his mind. They could be the police, he wondered, peeping through the hole again. He finally decided to open the door, knowing that if they were officers, they could get angry he left them waiting. 
He opened the door and popped out his head, ‘What can I do for you sirs?’
‘Please, we want to see the owner of the apartment.’ one of the guys replied. 
‘Oh! She’s not back from work yet,’ Jefa replied. 
‘Okay, do you stay here with her?’
‘Yes, I’m her elder brother.’
‘Oh! You’re Kimberly’s elder brother?’
‘Kimberly?’ Jefa stared in surprise. 
‘Or is Kimberly not her name?’ the man began to trace somethings on a paper in his hand, putting it close to his eyes as if he was searching for the real name. 
‘Her name is Tara,’ Jefa unsuspecting said. 
‘No Omotara,’ Jefa replied. 
‘She works at the NSCC?’
‘Wow Wow Wow!’ Someone exclaimed in a loud voice, clapping with his hands as he approached. 
Jefa stepped out a little bit to see who it was. His eyes met with Chief Rikau as the man appeared from the left side of building. 
‘You? What are you doing here?’ Rikau asked in an angry tone. 
‘Get inside man,’ Don said, pushing him inside the house with force. They kicked the door open and the first two men entered. The Inspector General walked in thirty seconds later. Jefa had fallen and was sitting on the floor, wondering what was happening. 
‘Bring him to the middle,’ Chief Rikau said to Don as he walked into the living room and proceeded to sit on a sofa. Don and Stainless dragged Jefa violently and placed him in front of the IG after dragging the center table away. 
‘So what do you think you’re doing? Having a family revenge right?’ the IG began after Jefa was placed at his front. 
‘You fool, what have you come to do here?’ Jefa cursed got up, trying to attack the Inspector General. He was stopped by Don and Stainless who dealt him huge blows that sent him sprawling on the floor. 
‘I’ve come to take your life and that of your sister’s whom you send always…’ 
‘We don’t have much time,’ Rex’s voice interrupted, he was just coming in through the door. ‘Do what you want to do quickly.’
Jefa took a glance at the new person with the voice, the person had his face partly masked. He picked up the diary again as he tried to rise in pain. The IG was already pointing a gun at him. 
Jefa froze and stared at the IG with an expressionless look, ‘You can ki*ll me if you want to but I know that the blood of my parents and mine would cry out loud until the day you die disgracefully.’
‘Shut up, Idiot!’ Chief Rikau cursed and released two shots into Jefa’s head. Jefa fell back to the floor lifelessly. 
‘I thought we were going to take him,’ Rex said in an alarmed tone, rushing to towards the IG.  
‘No need for that,’ the IG replied, he took out a pen and a paper and squatted beside the dead body. 
…to be continued next week.


  1. interesting…. BUT, WHO IS REX?
    TARASHA identities has been known and tarasha is unaware…
    Aisha and Cole should have let tarasha known b4 der proceed…
    MY QUESTION PLS…. Think by now der should be war between d international assassin group i.e. Nefray clan and where REX comes from?
    where are D.S.S and S.S.S are they not in operation?

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  3. oohh my tarasha## I missed u so much DAT I had to sneak away from anoda story group bcus I cnt hold d suspense..fnks to youngCc for dz wonderful story nd do u all knw d good news?? tarasha was d best story 4 d month of sept in ma group…. just kip d ball rolling swtiee..*one luv##*

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