SNACKIE: Pillow needs a pillow

While you enjoy the main course (main stories), you can Snack on this little piece. SNACKIE stories are here for you…. Arinze Chiji


Theresa wasn’t sure if she would make it to Alero’s wedding
but she knew she had to make up for it one way or another. As she sat in the 15
seater yellow danfo, the city of Lagos phenomenon, she made a mental list of
things she needed to get at the market once she alighted at the popular oyingbo
bus stop. Pepper, tomatoes, tubers of yam, eggs and one other thing she
couldn’t remember made her list.

Her phone buzzed and the caller ID read, Alero. Oh
no! What will I tell her now? Theresa thought. If she did not pick again, Alero
will definitely know that she was trying to avoid giving her a reply. Theresa
and Alero’s friendship went way back to their secondary school days. While
higher education took Theresa, the fair princess to a university in Ghana,
black beauty Alero studied fishery at the University of Agriculture in Abeokuta.

“Hello” Alero said immediately she heard
the tone that signaled that Theresa had picked.

“Alero! How u dey? See babe no vex I dey
inside bus, NA oyingbo I dey go so. I never forget you…I swear!” Theresa
rushed her words in the dismissive manner that a guilty person would. Alero
knew her tricks too well to fall for it that afternoon.

“See if you don’t come on Saturday, don’t
talk to me ever again! Consider our friendship dissolved!” Alero snapped
and ended the call.

Theresa felt a wave of pain across her forehead.
She squinted and gently rubbed her temple. What was she to do now? She couldn’t
possibly be at two places at the same time. She wished Alero would understand.
She wished Alero wouldn’t put her in such a position where she had to make a

 Bayo’s mother had finally agreed to have
lunch and dinner with Theresa after so many years of stalling. Three years to
be precise. Her reason? Conflicting schedule. Theresa knew it was more than
that. Bayo’s mum did not like her and she let it show every time. No time for
pretense, she would say. She finally held out the olive branch two weeks ago
and chose the Idede family house in Umuahia as the venue. Theresa was very
happy when Bayo gave her the news and when the lioness herself, Lolo Yewande
Idede face timed her on her way back from the studio. Lolo’s reach out made
Theresa forget Puffy.k’s unruly attitude during her session. Puffy.k was a
producer who knew his craft very well, but he got crazy at times.

Theresa’s phone buzzed again. It was Bayo.

“Baby” Theresa started when she picked

“baby. Where are you? Are you there yet?”

“Almost. I’m at alagomeji bus stop”

“Dinma just left the house o. She was in

“What is it again?” Theresa asked,
irritated at the fact that her big sister easily fell apart and ran to her at
every little discomfort. Before she got married to Ernest, it was men drama and
now that she was finally Mrs. Ernest, Theresa had to come in between every
disagreement to pacify both parties. Man drama still!

 She was careful not to take sides and
instead made them conscious of the fact that two year-old Henrietta needed a
positive environment to grow. If a child grows in a chaotic home, a disturbed
life and chaotic pattern will be inevitable. 

Ernest seemed to be a good man, but the things
Dinma always said about him were contradictory. Dinma herself was a bundle of
character and Theresa never made the mistake of aligning with her without facts.

Once, Theresa had been so trusting of her big
sister that she ended up in jail. One really had to be careful when dealing
with Dinma. 

“She was saying something about Ernest’s
strange behavior…you should call her once you are done with shopping”
Bayo said “Don’t forget to buy my ginger o!” he added

Yes! Ginger was the last thing on her list. The
bus came to a halt and passengers began to alight as the conductor began to
call passengers for the journey back to Yaba. “I won’t forget. Thanks for
reminding me sef!” Theresa said and ended the call. 



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