By Aimufua Faith
Tarasha  is a story about a girl who lives to ki*ll, an  exceptional invincible  assassin taught to see love as a sign of weakness. She arrives Nigeria and became a great threat to the nation’s security.
Somewhere along the line, she comes across two people who taught her to love: her brother who she thought was dead and Henry; an Internet wizard employed to bring down the popular Samantha Osman(Tarasha) .
But just when she decides to change her life style, her brother is murdered! And it appears to have a link with the killing of her parents in the past. Many secrets will be revealed. As the past tightens it’s grip, there may be no escape. who will die? and who will survive?
To be sincere, I’ve never read a story quite like Tarasha. It’s no ordinary piece of crime friction. it is a hypnotic story a girl whose parents were brutally murdered at a very young age and later made a killing machine. The story doesn’t develop following an ordinary plot structure: readers are thrust into life with Tarasha as she begins exploring the realities of her life. And she soon discovers there is much more to her past than she could have imagined.
The most striking aspect of Tarasha is the haunting atmosphere that Oyin has created. I read this story and found myself totally transfixed by the hypnotic quality of Oyin’s writing. I am simply under Oyin’s spell, following his characters towards what can only be a tragic end. If you are looking for a richly atmospheric suspense filled story, this might just be the perfect choice.



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