time on David Finley

Mama Ogadi finds out the truth about Ogadi’s absence, and the
roles of Felicia and Austin in it. Caroline and Lady Mosette are lodged in
Hotel Bernada, Abuja for different reasons. David Finley is arrested

(Cokers mansion) 8:03pm
(Akudo knocks on the door, Nicole opens)
Akudo: Where is Funmi?

Nicole: she dey upstairs. Make I go call am 

(Akudo enters while Nicole goes to call Funmi.
Lilly appears first, followed by Funmi)
Funmi: (surprised) Akudo…what happened to you?

Akudo: David wanted to ki*ll me 

Funmi: what?

Akudo: Dr Gilbert is dead and he is at the barbing
salon. David Finley is a monster! Somebody has to stop him 

Lilly: Oh my God. This is terrible

Funmi: (shakes head) I don’t believe this 

Lilly: Finley’s Touch is not far from here. Nicole
can watch the baby 

Akudo: (softly) The baby…my baby…how is she?

Lilly: Fine. Let’s go 

(Finley’s Touch) 8:25pm 
(Akudo, Funmi and Lilly are inside the barbing
salon. The stand over Dr Gilbert decomposing body close to the toilet door)
Funmi: (covers her mouth) Oh my God! Is my mum
aware of this too.

Akudo: Definitely. Lady Mosette cleans David’s
mess all the time 

Funmi: (sobs) what kind of family do I have?

Lilly: (hugs Funmi) Oh…dear. You will be fine 

Funmi: we need to inform the police and the

Akudo: Lady Mosette is the authority. You guys
should let me have Princesa. I want to leave all these horror. I wanna leave…

(Leslie’s house) Next day 8:28am 
(the living room)
(Leslie and Tuvi engage in a talk)

Leslie: So…Tuvi … Rev Ojo can never officiate
our wedding

Tuvi: (nods) Now… I understand you. You should
have communicated your feelings to me 

Leslie: How was I supposed to tell you that your
Pastor whom you hold in high esteem watched and laughed as his friends raped
me? How?

Tuvi: I am so sorry, my love 

Leslie: it is fine 

Tuvi: I will confront him and make sure he gives
you a good apology

Leslie: No! That won’t be necessary. I don’t want
any other controversy 

Tuvi: No… We will confront him and tell him that
we won’t need his services. Okay? Let’s go 

(Restoration church, v.I) 10:10am 
(Rev Ojo’s office)

Rev Ojo: (smiles) I am glad you two returned

Tuvi: Rapist!

Rev Ojo: (smiles) Oh…she told you 

Tuvi: I feel like punching you 

Leslie: Calm down, Tuvi. He isn’t worth it 

Tuvi: You just lead people astray!

Rev Ojo: How? What happened in the past doesn’t
determine the future? I made that decision to live a life that is not
determined by my past 

Tuvi: (claps) Bravo! How convenient! Let’s clap
for the changed rapist 

Rev Ojo: Leslie…we were young and were overridden
by youthful exuberance. I paid for my mistakes and I am still paying 

Tuvi: Are you listening to this jerk?

Rev Ojo: Leslie…I am sorry

Leslie: Frank… I don’t care. You won�t officiate
our wedding

Rev Ojo: (nods) I understand

(Detective Charles barges in)

Rev Ojo: Hey!

Charles: Leslie Okonkwo

Leslie: (looks up) yes?

Charles: You are under arrest for your role in the
death of Tonye Martins and Dr Gilbert

Leslie: (chuckles) Excuse me?

Charles: Cooperate with the force and follow me to
the station 

Tuvi: Officer…

Charles: I came for Leslie Okonkwo

(Akudo’s house) 11:59am 
(Mama Ogadi, Naomi, Inspector Njemanze and Austin
gather in the living room)

Njemanze: The water police is still searching for
their bodies

Mama Ogadi: (crying silently) so…Ogadi is gone 

Naomi: Mama… Have hope. She will be found 

Mama Ogadi: nime Atlantic Ocean? How? Biko tell me
how? (looks at Austin and shouts) You! You! Evil fellow! Devil’s advocate. I
curse the day I gave birth to you. You’ve caused me great sorrow

Austin: (crying) Mama…I did not know. Aunty
Felicia told me Ogadi works in an oil company. Mama…I’m sorry

(Akudo enters with Princesa)

Mama Ogadi: Akudo…

Akudo: Mama…Austin…what is going on?

Mama Ogadi: Ogadi is dead 

Naomi: Haba! That is not true. She will be found 

Mama Ogadi: Your sister is in the Atlantic ocean.
How can she be found? Chim o! Ogadim o!

Akudo: I don’t understand this at all (looks at
inspector Njemanze) I know you…You work for the Martins. What are you doing

Njemanze: It is a small world indeed. I am glad
you made the right decision with David Finley’s case 

Akudo: (goes into her room and packs light) we are
leaving this country)

(Hotel Bernada) 12:13pm 
(Lady Mosette comes out of the elevator, her phone
in ear)
Lady Mosette: I..I..Am on my way now. This is so
wrong! (she hangs up)

Lady Mosette: (talks to no one) this can’t be
happening. Everything is crumbling. My baby is in jail! Mummy has to do something

(Caroline enters the lobby smiling)

Caroline: wonderful afternoon Lady Mosette. Is the
heat getting to you?

Lady Mosette: I can’t participate in your
tomfoolery this afternoon

Caroline: Lagos is on fire. You should go home and
save your son 

Lady Mosette: (laughs) Killing isn’t my thing. The
Finleys and Cokers of this world can claim all the murder trophies

Lady Mosette: (smiles) We are just starting

Caroline: Mosette…this is the end. The nail to
the coffin will be the video footage. Wait and see!

(Lady Mosette makes for the exit as Caroline watch
with a wry smile)

Caroline: (her phone rings) Inspector Njemanze…
(She picks the call) Hello…

Njemanze: where are you? Have you been keeping
tabs on the latest development in the case?

Caroline: yes 

Njemanze: With Akudo’s testimony, the video won’t
be needed

Caroline: I don’t think so. We still need it and
I’m on it 

Njemanze: Funmi Coker is really keen on helping
us. She isn’t happy about the crimes and wants to be on the right side 

Caroline: Good for her. I will meet up with her
once I get to Lagos

Njemanze: You are not in Lagos?
(Caroline ends the call and enters the elevator)

(Hotel Bernada) 12:30pm 
(Presidential suites)
(Caroline is in the hallway of the presidential
suites, she checks the number on every door till she got to number 15. She
looks at the lock that needs a swipe card to unlock and frowns)
Caroline: How do I get in?

(She looks around for a few seconds, and then
looks at the ceiling over her head. It has an opening. One of the doors opens
to let out a middle aged woman. She gives Caroline a quick smile)

Woman: You should have asked for the swipe card at
the front desk. I wonder why Lady Mosette hires forgetful assistants

Caroline: (puts her hand on her head) I totally
forgot. I was too concerned about getting what she told me to get 

Woman: (smiles and walks towards Caroline) It�s a
good thing all swipe cards open different doors. You can use mine (gives
Caroline her card) take 

Caroline: (smiles and collects) thank you ma. (She
opens the door and gives her the card)

Woman: You are welcome. Have a nice day (walks
away before any response)

Caroline: You too… (Caroline enters. She heads
for the California king size bed and checks under it for the video. She puts
her hand under the bed and feels a hard paper. She pulls it out, it is a brown
envelope. She tears the seal and pulls out a CD. She exhales and smiles) this
is it 

(Murtala Mohammed Airport) 1:32pm 
(Akudo is on the queue like every other traveller
going to Dubai. Princesa is in the baby carrier strapped to Akudo’s body. Akudo
is tensed and looks around sweating profusely. Someone taps her from behind. It
is detective Charles)

Charles: this wasn’t part of the deal. Step out of
the line 

Akudo: (slowly and almost in tears) no..no…Please
let us go. I told you everything I knew in exchange for my freedom. Why are you
stopping me?

Charles: You can’t leave the country. It was what
we agreed

Akudo: leave me alone. I don’t want to be killed.
Lady Mosette is dangerous. Please let me go 

Charles: Step out of the line! Now!

Akudo: (shouts) No! (Grabs his gun which was on
his waist and points it at him) No!

(The queue scatters and people panic, screaming
and running helter-skelter. Security operatives are on alert and surround the

Akudo: No! (Crying)

Charles: You are ruining things. Trust me and you
will be safe…Akudo calm down 
(Princesa cries out loud)

Akudo: (looks at Princesa) My baby. I love you.
Mummy loves you. Okay? Don’t cry 

Charles: Akudo…don’t be stupid 

Akudo: (whispers) I’m sorry (points the gun to her
head and pulls the trigger)

thanks for coming back every episode to catch up on DAVID FINLEY. I love and read your engaging comments. I don’t take you for granted!…… Arinze Chiji




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