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Nkechi is temporarily paralyzed and she seeks to destroy Caroline by teaming up with Lady Mosette. Princesa is deaf and will be flown to Germany for a solution. Rev Ojo is in the spotlight for Leslie’s rape and in a fit or rage, he pushes Leslie from the balcony of the third floor of White Rain Hotel

Six months later
(Ikoyi Prison)
(Visitors’ room)
(Munota and Lady Mosette sit at one end of the large mahogany table, while David in chains sits across them. He looks down)

Munota: The least I can do is to let you serve out the remaining time at home. However, it is mandatory that you stay here for at least a year
David: Mother…get me out of here

Lady Mosette: I’m sorry

Munota: You should be grateful that you got just five year for two murders

Lady Mosette: David…You will be fine

David: Mother…what does he  have on you? If you wanted me out of here today, you can make it happen. What is the matter?

Lady Mosette: I have always been there for you. I need you to just do this one for me

David: Politics?

(Munota stands)
Munota: I will be by the car Lady Mosette. Excuse me (he leaves)

David: he is controlling things now, right?

Lady Mosette: (nods) Yes…for now

David: Be careful if you are gonna be friends with the devil

Lady Mosette: (smiles) thanks…your daughter arrives today

David: (sighs) I don’t care

( Eastwood Park Prison, Gloucestershire, UK)
(Cell 78b)
(Caroline kneels in front of her bunk, while one Caucasian middle aged inmate and an Asian inmate, who is barely twenty two play cards on the bunk opposite her. They look towards her direction occasionally and shake heads.)

Caroline: (sobs) I am a chosen generation, a royal priesthood. I arise above every storm and tribulations. I am more than a conqueror. I know who I am

Caucasian: (whispers to the Asian) I feel so sorry for her. Chen, she looks like a good girl. How the hell did she end up here? Bullocks!

Chen: (whispers to the Caucasian) Holly…it beats my imagination. News around the boob is she is clearly innocent. Her bird ends in three months

Holly: she just got a slap on the wrist? For what offence?

Chen: the HMRC got her…

Holly: Tax evasion…she aint smart innit?

Chen: its complicated. More stories point towards selective investigation and punishment. B***h was set up.

Holly: Smack me in the butt! They always do that to us… Picking on the little and harmless girls.
(Caroline stands and faces them)

Chen: (smiles) How are you holding up?

Caroline: (nods fast and sniffs) Very well…thank you.

Chen: I suggest you get a better lawyer

Caroline: (smiles) I’m already serving out my sentence. There is no point

Holly: Bloody hell! If this was a wrong sentence, those bastards at the HMRC need to get the hammer! We talking big cash here! There is this great lawyer I know…he is Nigerian like you. You should try him. Sholly Jay. Shola Johnson…good lad.

Caroline: No…thanks.

(Bode’s house)
(the dining table)
(a laptop is in front of Bode as he types with apt concentration. Nkechi walks in with grocery bags. She limps slightly)
Nkechi: (drops the bags on the dining table and smiles) I am home. You won’t even look up to welcome me

Bode: (types away)

Nkechi: (surprised) Ha! Bode. What is so important that has your full attention? Is it work from the office? Can’t your boys take care of things? Very incompetent people…I think you should fire them

Bode: (looks at Nkechi) How did you get Caroline’s tax papers?

Nkechi: (freezes) how…how…what do you mean?

Bode: the evidence that nailed Caroline was gotten from a close source. I am chatting with Caroline’s lawyer, Mr Feldman.

Nkechi: are you trying to tell me that it is your chat with the lawyer that made you ignore me?

Bode: Answer my question?

Nkechi: what question?

Bode: (bangs the table and shouts) Don’t play dumb! Answer me this minute!

Nkechi: (shouts) Lower your f**king voice! I am not your slave! So what! What if I gave the police a helping hand? She had committed fraud against the British government. Should she go unpunished? No way! She deserve to rot away for her careless act

Bode: (shocked) I can’t believe my ears. Nkechi…you did this? Why? How?

Nkechi: stop asking stupid questions and just forget it. The deed is done. She got a nine months sentence. She has three more months to go

Bode: You are mad. Leave my house.

Nkechi: For real?

Bode: what has come over you? You used to be sweet. I barely know this creature standing in front of me

Nkechi: I am your angel…remember?

Bode: You are a demon. Now I know…leave. Its over between us.

Nkechi: we have a wedding to plan…

Bode: (hisses) Leave my house before I return (he exits)

Nkechi: (shouts angrily) Aaaargh! Bode!

(Murtala Mohammed Airport)
(Arrival lounge)
(Mama Ogadi, Austin, Lilly and Naomi surround Princesa and Funmi. They are laughing)
Lilly: (hugs Funmi) I have missed you. The house was so empty. Thank God you’ve returned to fill the space

Funmi: (laughs) Thanks.

Mama Ogadi: (lifts Princesa from the ground into her arms and squeeze her in a warm embrace) My baby is now walking. They grow up so fast. She looks like Akudo. Austin…Naomi…Look…am I lying?

Austin: You are right mama

Naomi: you got it o.

Mama Ogadi: ofcourse..my princess. Princesa Finley… Did you miss grandma?

Princesa: (smiles and looks at Funmi)

(Mama Ogadi gives Austin and Naomi a worried look)

Funmi: Come on…Princesa. Don’t be shy. Talk to grandma

Princesa: (laughs) Gran Gran!

Mama Ogadi: (laughs) Yes nwam! How are you?

Princesa: am fine! (giggling)

Mama Ogadi: (shouts) Chineke! She can hear and talk!  (laughs and spins around) Princess of Africa! My Princesa
(everybody laugh)

(Ventura Hospital, Lekki)
(Leslie sits in a wheelchair as she looks outside the window. Tuvi speaks with the Doctor in charge, Dr Chaudry and Detective Charles)
Dr Chaudry: I think the best thing for Leslie at the moment is to fly her abroad for the best care. I don’t see her regaining her memory anytime soon.

Charles: I guess the impact was really damaging. That bas***d has no conscience

Dr Chaudry: She is showing signs of movement in her legs. She will be walking soon. The dark days are over

Tuvi: (sobs) For me…it has just began. How do I share those wonderful moments with my fiancee? She doesn’t recognise me.

Dr Chaudry: Be strong. It will be better. Just keep talking to her. Relive those memories through talking…who knows? It can be a trigger

Charles: You guys should leave the country. There will be no prosecution due to her state of mind. Pull yourself together (he exits)

Dr Chaudry: (smiles) Pull yourself together (he exits)

Tuvi: (sobs) this is terrible…(laughs) this is wonderful! (goes to lock the door). America…here we come!

Leslie: (stands from the wheel chair) Calm down. Someone might hear you (laughs) come here baby
Tuvi: (walks towards her) Sweet escape (he hugs her)

Leslie: so tell me…Los Angeles or Miami?

Tuvi: anywhere with you
(they kiss)

(Cokers Mansion)
(Funmi, Lilly, Princesa, Austin, Mama Ogadi and Naomi arrive with bags. Nicole goes to call Lady Mosette as they settle in. Lady Mosette enters and hugs Funmi)
Lady Mosette: I have missed my daughter. My baby is home

Funmi: You called me almost everyday

Lady Mosette: Its cause I love you.

Funmi: I know…I have missed you too

Lady Mosette: Who are these ones?

Funmi: Princesa’s grandma and uncle… (rolls her eyes)

Lady Mosette: Oh! Why are they with bags?

Fungi: They will be staying here. They need to be close to Princesa

Lady Mosette: (frowns) I don’t think…

Funmi: mum?
(Nicole enters with Ginger in a scrub and stethoscope around her neck. She also has a medical cooler in her hand. She smiles as she approach Lady Mosette and Funmi)
Funmi: (surprised) Is this Ginger Finley?

Ginger: (laughs) Yes dear (hugs Funmi) you look just like your momma

Funmi: wow! (lady Mosette) mum…you didn’t tell me that we had a guest.

Ginger: I guess she wanted to surprise you.

Lady Mosette: (nods) Yes. Ginger is here on a medical exchange program with LUTH. She has been here for three months

Ginger: …and I gotta confess. I love ninja!
(they all laugh)

Funmi: its naija. Not ninja

Ginger: Oops! Silly me…I have to run along. I have a surgery (pecks Funmi and Lady Mosette. She waves at the others and leave)

Funmi: wow! Ginger is in town…

(Bode’s house)
(Bode enters to find Nkechi on the floor in tears. She had prepared dinner too)
Bode: what are you still doing here?

Nkechi: I am sorry. I don’t know what got over me. Bode I am very sorry. Please have mercy on me. Forgive me. (crying)

Bode: (shakes his head) No…no…

Nkechi: for the love we once shared. Don’t do this to us

Bode: You did this to us

Nkechi: I regret it. I am sorry

Bode: you have to fix this

Nkechi: (nods) I will fix it. I will do it.

Bode: (sighs) stand up.(Nkechi stands) come here (he opens his arms)

Nkechi: (she enters his embrace) thank you baby…I love you

Bode: Naughty baby…I love you too. Fix this

Nkechi: I will

Bode: (smiles) I am hungry. I can see a large dinner at the table

Nkechi: (laughs) I made your favourite

Bode: (smiles) wow! Yam Porridge!
(they walk to the dining area. Bode sits as Nkechi begins to serve him)

Bode: (puts a spoon full of porridge in his mouth, chews and swallows) tastes heavenly! Delicious

Nkechi: (giggling) I know you will enjoy it…let me get you some orange juice

Bode: Nope. I just want water

Nkechi: okay. (she goes to the kitchen as Bode munch away)

Bode: (coughs) Nkechi! Water!

Nkechi: (shouts) I’m coming!

Bode: (coughs) Nkechi…I can’t (coughs) I can’t breathe…water… (gasps for breath) Nkechi…

Nkechi: (enters with a glass of water) My baby is choking… Choke and die! I told you that I will fix this. All I get for my loyalty is humiliation from you and your sister.

Bode: (coughing increases) don’t…let me die…Nkechi…

Nkechi: So, you can beg. Bode Martins can beg.

(bode inhales very loud and slumps forward into his plate of porridge and then exhales)

Nkechi: (pours the water on his head) I am ready for the second phase. Bye.


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