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I love my family. Family gives me joy and I love when family members bond. My quest for a loving home made me marry twice. My first marriage to David’s father ended before it even started. Can you imagine? I won’t blame him though, I am a difficult person, but when I married Funmi’s father, it was heaven on earth. Some said I married him for his name and wealth. It was more than that…warri girl no dey carry last(oh! I’m not used to speaking that way, look what you guys made me do!) I loved Mr. Coker and I was torn when death snatched him away. He was so good to David and didn’t discriminate. He gave me a beautiful and intelligent daughter. My Funmi!

I love black. It gives me confidence. I sleep for just five hours a day. How do you think I run the Coker mansion and empire? Spiders freak me out! I used to be a swimsuit model in California, that was how I met the senior Mr Finley.

I have seen Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Shakira and Usher(that one no even fine, NA just photoshop)

My favourite movie of all time is the matrix! I love romantic movies too o. I have seen so many and can’t remember title right now

Up Blues! I am a Chelsea fan! Drogba era Chelsea fan sha…

If you want to impress me, you must think outside the box and always aim for the top, that was how I became Mrs Coker.

My favourite quote is: Mosette na Bosette!

I am a bosette. The lady boss! Lady Mosette Coker 


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