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The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 2 Part 10

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“Hey! Clear the way,” Eric and General barked furiously at the casual Asian road users who were in their vehicles with their heads bowed and were praying for the bullets exchange to seize.

“Start your car engine now,” Eric said, hitting the driver’s door of a car with his boot.

“I think the truck they used in causing the traffic jam is now moving,” General said as they got closer to the front and had a view of the real cause of the holdup. A very long vehicle which was now moving had been made to cross the road just at a round about. Some Asian men with guns strapped to their bodies could be seen trying to cling to sections of the long vehicle as the driver did his best to speed away.

“I feel like going after them,” Eric said, standing beside General.

“That would be an idiotic decision,” General remarked, using the opportunity to take a jab at Eric. “We’re in their country and they could just lead us into a trap.”

“I never said I was going to go after them, I only said I felt like because I want them all dead,” Eric replied with a hiss and turned back. He shot twice into the air and screamed aloud at the slow driving motorists to start moving. The traffic began to move slowly as drivers of different vehicles tried to verify that the gun war was over before raising their heads. Soon, only two vehicles were left several metres before the first bus of the Aireginians, they were vehicles which the attackers had brought. A lot of them had died while the others fled after getting the instruction to retreat.

“Move slowly,” Eric said to the driver of the first bus, four other men were inside the bus, two of them were attending to one of their men who was the only one hit by a bullet.

“Join the first bus,” General said to Eric as he leveled up with him. Eric ignored and kept walking to the Jeep where the bosses were seated.

“Roads free sir,” Eric announced to the drug Lords.

“Thank you,” Don Pedro replied before closing the door at his side. Lord Frederick was already seated and was taking out the remaining bullets from his gun.

“Fools! Stop there,” General cursed the occupants of the vehicle whose vehicle was beside The drug Lords Jeep, it was a man and a woman; obviously husband and wife. They had started their engine and tried to speed off when they saw the cleared road but General had to stop them because he wanted their own vehicles to go first.

Eric turned back and ran to catch up with the bus in front after the Jeep started while General continued to the bus at the back which he previously followed.

In no time, the Aireginians vehicles had sped off leaving the road empty of cars for the next five minutes. Only dead bodies, blood, displaced vehicle parts and bullets could be seen on the road. The Kanturai Police arrived the scene in several vehicles and began to make enquires about the gun battle, they found a lot of their police men who had tried to intervene already dead with the other Asians.


The Airegin drug Lords waited no more for the coming aircraft, they went with the one transporting the money, leaving Eric and General to organize the rest of the men and return in the other aircraft.



**Mabel’s Fashion Palace, 5pm**

“So, hope you understood all the styles you saw today,” Mabel said as she stepped into her office with Laura following behind. It was a moderate size well furnished office, it had comfortable visitors’ seats and a mini bar, a flat screen TV also hung by the wall. Apart from the wall behind the flat screen TV, the other sides were covered with pictures of several clothing and fabrics designs. A few specially designed Airegin women wears were also hung by the left side of the office, few styles and kinds of shoes made of shiny materials were arranged below them. Those were the ones designed by Mabel herself, for special clients and models, she always kept them in the office for the first two days after the end of production.

“Yes, I did,” Laura replied tiredly as she entered into the office with two handbags. She quickly proceeded to the visitors sofa and sank into it.

“Lazy girl,” Mabel teased. “You need to start getting used to it now, so that you won’t have problems monitoring your own outfit in future,” she added as she turned to the other side of the table to have her seat.

“I know,” Laura replied with a smile, “It’s just that I feel a little bit weary today.”

“Hmm, effects of the sleeping pills last night,” Mabel suggested.

“No, it can’t be that,” Laura refuted, with her eyes widened at Mabel.

“Yes, it has to be.” Mabel insisted, picking up her phone from the table. “I’m calling the doctor right away.”

“Doctor? Why?” Laura stared at her ridiculously. “Please there’s no need for that, I can take care of myself.”

Mabel wasn’t swayed by Laura’s refusal, she made sure she spoke to the doctor and fixed an appointment for seven pm.

“We have to go home now, so that you can rest and go see the doctor.” Mabel said after dropping the call.

“No, come on.” Laura turned away from Mabel stubbornly and picked up the remote control for the Tv, she switched it on and folded her arms. “I don’t want to go home now, we need to take a short rest.”

“No, we can’t rest here today, I’ll just hurry up my work and we’ll be out of here in the next ten minutes.”

“Oh no,” Laura grumbled.

“You have no choice dear, you have to see the doctor.”

“But the patient has the right to accept or refuse medications,” Laura argued.

“Maybe, but I’m also aware that according to the traditions of Airegin, you are mandated to obey your boss, so you’ll go home when I ask you to.” Mabel said.

“No, don’t bring that in.” Laura cried, taking a look back at Mabel.

“Yes, I’ll bring it in dear, so get ready.” Mabel said, grinning victoriously.

Mabel was done with her office work within eight minutes. She arranged the files on her table and rose up to her feet. Laura was already glued to a comedy show on TV and was more unwilling to leave.

“It’s time dear,” Mabel announced as she walked out from behind the table.

“Oh! Please, can we just finish this program?” Laura pleaded, taking a brief glance at Mabel.

Mabel took a quick glance at her wristwatch, “No, we have to be at home before going to see the doctor.”

“Pleeease,” Laura pleaded.

“No,” Mabel insisted in a strong tone.

Laura heaved a sigh of frustration as she turned to see Mabel’s face, Mabel could be sweet at other times but not when she had the bossy look on, Laura knew the best decision would be to obey.

Mabel’s phone rang as Laura attempted to pick the remote control. Laura quickly rested back to enjoy more of the comedy show while Mabel answered the call.

“Hello Angela,” Mabel said into the phone as she took some steps away from Laura.

“Master, miss Anne would like to speak with you.” A tiny voice replied from the other end.

“Okay, please put her through.” Mabel said.

“Hello mum, could you get some peanuts for me on your way back today?” Little Anne’s voice sounded.

“Come on love, you trust me to always get something for you.”

“Yes mum, but I don’t want chocolates today, I want peanuts.” Anne replied.

“Okay your highness, I’ll get one for you today,” Mabel gave in.

“Thanks, I love you mum.”

“I love you too,” Mabel replied and hung up.

“Let’s go,” Mabel said as she turned to Laura again. There was a serious look on Laura’s face contrary to the laughter mood the comedy was supposed to cause. “What’s wrong?” Mabel asked, noticing the change.

“Nothing,” Laura quickly fake a smile and got up from the seat. She switched off the TV.

“Nothing?” Mabel asked with doubts in her tone. “I think you really need to see the doctor urgently.”

“I’m fine,” Laura said and picked the two handbags.

“And those,” Mabel said, pointing to the two handbags. “You should give them to one of the girls to take to the car, don’t overburden yourself.”

“Thank you,” Laura replied, following behind Mabel with weary steps, her mind still on the newsflash she had seen displayed by the world news gadget. Two Airegin businessmen had been reported to be involved in a gun war in Kanturai. 

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