The Missing File – Chapter 1 Part 2

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Ibukun was the slim busty girl who worked at the Cyber Cafe down the street. She was also a Secondary School leaver like Nazaretha but left school a year before him. She had a pretty face and a good figure, Nazaretha said he liked her because of her personality but his friends never agreed with him, they believed he wanted her because of her bust.

Nazaretha had worn back his cloth, although it was already stained by the side, he decided to try his luck nevertheless, it was possible that she wouldn’t even look at his clothes. His handsome face and good shape was enough to convince her, he only needed to add a sugar-coated mouth to his qualities.

He stood outside the uncompleted building waiting for her while his friends hid behind the walls and windows. He glanced at his watch from time to time, the girl appeared from behind the house at exactly 9:02 am. She was dressed in a tight blue blouse and a black mini skirt.

Instead of Nazaretha to follow after her immediately, he was held back by an inexplicable force. He continued to stare at her backside as she proceeded further. Although he had always being a silent “current tapper” and “presser” of girls who flocked around him in school because of his handsomeness and intelligence, he had never tried to woo or date any.

Nazaretha finally developed courage and began walk after her without her noticing. He was almost closing up on her when something fell from the bag she was holding. She bent over to pick it, oblivious of the person watching her from the back.

“Oh Lord!” Nazaretha exclaimed as her skirt raised up as she bent. “Thou leadeth me not into temptation but delivereth me from evil.”

The girl heard his voice and quickly turned back after picking up her pen, she drew her skirt down and hissed before walking away from the place, feeling embarrassed. Nazaretha could not follow after her anymore, he just stood and watched until she walked away.

“Chai, this guy you mumu o.” Chinko mocked him as he came out of his hiding place with the other guys.

“Walahi, she no fit ever gree for you again,” Sunday joined in the mocking.

“Why you con mess up like that na?” Charly asked.

Nazaretha was feeling defeated and embarrassed, he had messed up big time. Not only was he not courageous enough to approach her, he went ahead to make her have the impression of him as a bad boy.

“E be like say me go go for this girl o, her back and front sides no be play o,” Chinko said, thinking aloud to himself.

“If you try am ehn, I go ki*ll you.” Nazaretha threatened.

“Hahaha,” Chinko laughed, pointing his finger at Nazaretha’s face. “You wey you no fit follow girl talk na im wan ki*ll person? You think say person na fowl?” He said and began to walk away, putting on his shirt which was hung around his neck.

“Make una warn am o,” Nazaretha said to the two other boys.

“Abeg, shut up jare,” Sunday said to him. “As you don mess up, make the rest of us dey look like mumu?” He said before joining Chinko.

“Oh boy, you miss no be small. You con dey shake like chicken because of girl,” Charly also taunted him before joining the other two.

Nazaretha placed his hands on his waist as he watched his friends walk away. He had always tried to fit in with them, trying to level up with their skills and have the same stories like them. They were his closest friends and they had several stories of their sex escapades with girls right from their secondary school days. The only story he had to tell was of his “current tapping” and he dared not say them because he knew he would be laughed at.

He had come from a strong religious home and his father had always sounded warnings to his ears about sleeping with a girl or keeping a girlfriend. His father Ogbighe always told him of the dangers attached to it and the various diseases one could get from unprotected sexual intercourse. Most importantly, his father told him of how he could become separated from God by the single foolish act.

But the way his friends sees the same thing was different. Their stories about girls and sex sounded more interesting and less dangerous To him it was fun; he could even tell from the excitement he got whenever a girl was pressing her bust on him or when he had the opportunity to touch. He concluded that his father had only been trying to scare him and make him a coward.

He was bold, strong and courageous, but these have only been shown in school and academic activities. Thr qualities have not been extended to the streets and “big boyism”. He always looked like the dullest person whenever he was with his friends.

He began to walk slowly, dipping his hands into his pocket. He knew where his friends had gone to but he was not going to meet them, not that day. He wanted to go home and rest and maybe plan his life and think out a way he was going to exceed his friends in all their adventures. He decided in his heart that he wouldn’t mess up again before his friends, he would make sure they stopped seeing him as a novice. He was their “father” in school and he had to be their “father” in every area.

As he raised up his head and looked up, he saw Ibukun approaching hurriedly, it looked like she had forgotten something at home . She had already dropped her bag and other things she was carrying when she passed the previous time.

Nazaretha heart began to beat faster again, he was about to freeze like the previous time but he saw his friends suddenly appear behind at a far distance, looking towards his direction. He was sure they were watching to see what he would do this time, he remembered the promise he just made to himself few seconds ago, not to mess up in front of his friend’s again. Could he keep that promise?

She was coming closer to him and his lips were still trembling, searching for words to say; out of anxiety, he had forgotten all the lines his friends gave him to use. He looked up again and saw Chinko fixing his gaze at him from afar with his arms folded. He remembered Chinko mentioning that he would go after her since he has messed up, that gave him more courage, he had to take a step now or else Chinko would do as he had said.

“Ibukun,” Nazaretha managed to call as she got to the same line with him. She stopped and raised her brow, she stared at his face with a scolding look on her face.

Her expression got him more tensed, he didn’t know what to say again, she was about walking away, Chinko and his other friends’ eyes were fixed on him.

“I’m so…rry for wh..what happened ear…lier on,” he stammered, avoiding her eyes.

She hissed and walked away without giving him a response. He stood still and stared at the ground for some seconds.

“Nazaretha,” he could hear Charly calling him from afar, after the girl had walked out of earshot. He looked up and saw Charly waving his hand at him, signaling for him to come.

Something looked good about Charly’s beckoning, so Nazaretha hurried to meet him. Sunday and Chinko were looking away when he got to them.

“Take,” Charly said , handing over a bunch of keys to him. “This is what she’s looking for, it dropped before she hurried out of this compound”

Nazaretha took the key wondering what he would use it for.

Sunday and Chinko began to laugh at him after noticing the confusion which was clearly written on his face. Charly too was disappointed that Nazaretha was confused about what to use the key for. He pulled Nazaretha away from the earshots of Chinko and Sunday.

“You no know wetin to use am do?” Charly asked in whispers.

“‘Ermm…” He paused to think. ” Use it to get closer to the girl abi, like a good Samaritan who found the key for her?”

“Ehen, why you con dey look like groundnut before?” Charly said, happy that Nazaretha was finally using his brain. “No mess up this time o, make we go wait for her.” He said and pulled Nazaretha with him.

…to be continued


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