Please Break My Heart


Please Break My Heart

Darlene; a young lady, 24 years of age, daughter of popular Sir Williams and a first class graduate of Harvard University returns to Nigeria to practice her profession.
Her father refuses to allow her work in his prestigious law firm, she takes the option of Ade-Cole law firm and she’s employed. On resumption at the firm, she is taken in as an intern but she strongly disagrees, how can she a world class material be an intern in Ade-Cole’s firm? She receives a query letter the next day after resumption. She hates her boss, who does he think he is?

Her love life? Worst! She broke up with Paul, a caring young man who truly loved her. Why? She never loved him and was tired of trying to. She even doubts the existence of love.

Then her annoying boss starts to show some interest in her and Paul still wants her.

Have you ever wondered what could bring about the request, “Please Break My Heart” ? Find out in this Romance Thriller by Tomi Adesina.





  1. Hummm we strongly disagree that 48hours oooo make youself no go be like oyinprince wey dey update tarasha for us once in year sorry i mean once in two days and of which we want once in a mr oga,as i dey see this storyme go sweet well well so try dey update everyday for us…

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