My House Hunt Wahala

As I sat in the housing agent’s office I started remembering how I turned into an homeless person. It was on a Tuesday evening and I was sleeping when someone knocked on my door.

“Who is there ?” I shouted.

“Booda Kola, it’s me Habibat. My daddy wants to see you”

“Okay I will be there in a minute” I replied as I kept on wondering why my landlord is asking to see me. Few minutes later, I was at my landlord’s door knocking and the door was opened.

“I am home alone” Habibat said as she opened the door standing completely naked in front of me. In a split second we were already on the couch having sex, it was then that I heard the door open. “D-a-d-d-y” I read her lips called out in fear. I was still finding the courage to turn around when I felt something hit my head from behind.

That was how I turned into an homeless person since her father evicted me immediately, it was either that or he shoots me for sleeping with his daughter so I guess I chose the best option.

“The money has reflected Sir” The secretary’s voice brought me back to reality.

“Cool, so what next now?” I asked

“Come back on Monday, all the documents and keys to the house will be available” She replied and I left the office with joy in my heart, I now have an apartment of my own.

I stayed at a friend’s place till Monday, very early on Monday morning I got to the office and all I could see were students. I was confused but I still moved closer to one man that was well dressed.

“Excuse me sir, I am looking for the Housing agents” I said.

“Am sorry this is a school, I’m the principal, there are no agents here” The man replied.

“But I came on Friday, I paid them after they showed me a nice apartment that I liked” I countered.

“School was on holiday through out last week, some actors came to ask for permission to use the school for shooting, maybe they are 419s” he replied.

Without replying or thinking twice, I drove straight to the apartment they showed me, I got there and met the gate opened just like it was the other day. I went inside and was yet to take five steps when I saw Soldiers surrounding me.

“If you move, I will sh00t you” one of them said.

“Oga I no be thief oo” I exclaimed.

“So you are part of the 419s that scammed Major? Start confessing where your partners are right now” One of them replied.

It was at that moment that I realised I had been scammed by those agents and as if being scammed is not enough, now the soldier they scammed will also hold me responsible. Why didn’t I just visit for advice?

“Haa Oga Soldier” was all I could say before I fainted.

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