My House Hunt Wahala #2

I kept amusing myself by stealing glances at the agent’s face as I drove with him down the road. He was focused on the road as if he was the one driving, he dared not take a glance at me or even move his lips. He looked worse than a terrified kid.

He wasn’t always scared of me like that, No. In fact, he even used to call me his boy and pat me on the back or shoulder. What had changed? He recently found out that I was the first son of the brutal Army General. This revelation and the “glory” that followed had changed his life forever.

I didn’t plan for it to go this way. I never even liked people to know that I was related to the General as it tends to make them always give me space. But for this agent, I had to not just announce my sonship but also make soldiers visit him. After the punishment he went through, his brain had been reset to default settings.

The first house he had shown me was a good one, good enough for a young man planning to get married soon and start having kids. I completed the payment in excitement, I planned to move into the house a week before my wedding date; we still had three months to go. I went there with a carpenter a month after to find the house occupied by a family of seven.

“I have the documents to this house,” I shouted at the skinny father.

“Oh! I have the real documents,” he said with confidence and brought out the receipt to show.

I had driven to the agent’s office in anger and frustration, only for him to pat me on the back and say in a serious tone. “My boy, I’ll prepare another one for you.’

I left his office in anger, planning to deal with him using the police but true to his words, he called me that afternoon to tell me of a better apartment. I had gone back to his office that day and we went to the new place together. I liked it, it was better than the first one.

It was a big shock to me when I got to the new place that weekend and I began to hear sounds of music playing from the gate. I entered into the place and met the door widely open. There I saw three half naked girls twerking for and rocking a man who was smoking and drinking heavily. No need to ask, of course, he had documents too.

Now I hope you’ll agree with me that I didn’t go too far by making him do frog jumps for over three hours under the sun and also for making him do the dab dance continuously for two hours wearing only his boxers at the front of his office. When next I want a house, I think I’ll be wise enough to visit

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