A New Creation

A New Creation – EPILOGUE

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***Eight years after***
The congregation began to run helter skelter, some of them looking for members of their families which they had come with while ninety five percent were only concerned about how to get out through the exit safely. 
Apostle Williams was rushed to the backstage by the bodyguards immediately. The bodyguards returned to face the attackers but couldn’t shoot sporadically like the men in green were shooting, they had to consider the congregation who were trying to flee. As a result of this, most of the guards and security officers were taken down. 
Apostle Williams was rushed into his car and one of the guards began to drive him out to a safe place. In few minutes, they got out of the stadium and were heading down the road. 
Apostle Williams sat at the back seat, he wasn’t tensed or afraid but was surprised that gunmen could enter into the same crusade ground with him. How was that possible when God had specifically gave him the go ahead to come for this crusade? Even in smaller crusades where there was less security measures, gunmen had never been able to enter. The ones that entered would end up surrendering their lives to Christ and giving up their weapons. 
Or was nemesis after him? He asked himself. Eight years after, the Arch Angels were still after him for erasing the cult’s name in his school and not paying Gentle’s dues. But he had given his life to Christ eight years ago and his sins had been wiped off. He was supposed to be A New Creation, a man without a past as Jesus had paid for his sins already.
Something struck his mind as he meditated, he remembered that the Lord had been speaking to him about something important which he ignored. For over five years now, God had been talking to him to start up a campus ministry that would specialise in helping young ones in the university know God more and shun cultism. Maybe if he had listened to God, these young ones sent to attack him now would have given their hearts to Christ through his ministry and become New Creations too but out of fear of going back to the university, he delayed.  He silently asked for God’s forgiveness and for another chance to right his wrongs. 
The Jeep suddenly screeched and stopped, the Apostle who had been absent minded about how his driver had been trying to evade the cars trailing them looked at his front. Two cars had double-crossed them, one at the front and one behind. 
Someone stepped down from the car in front, Apostle Williams recognized him at once. It was the dreaded man Ace, still in his criminal life. Emperor also stepped out from the car. Then Lexi and Cent came out from the car at the back. They were all his regional leaders in the Arch Angels. 
Ace pulled out the driver of the Apostle’s SUV and threw him on the floor. He then opened the door to the backseat, where the Apostle whom he knew as Slimmy was sitting. Lexi also opened the other door. Emperor was standing before the Apostle’s Jeep with his arms folded, he didn’t really want to involve himself in killing a man of God whose case was supposed to have been buried a long time ago. 
“The New Creation Apostle!” Ace mocked Apostle Williams. “In all your crusades, we’ve heard you shout, ‘God saved me! God saved me! I’m now A New Creation!’ let’s see if your God would save you now.” Ace pointed his gun at the Apostle and cocked it. 
“To live is Christ’s and to die is gain. Even if I die now, God would receive my soul in heaven because I am A New Creation.” The Apostle said and closed his eyes. 
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10 Replies to “A New Creation – EPILOGUE

  1. What a great lesson. And yet this is what happens daily in our institutions of learning including secondary schools. That has my cousin, who was the only child of his mother lived a violent life and also died a violent death.
    And I remembered also how the capon of a cult group was madly in love with me and I with him but I could not forget my cousin's violent death. We were both in the same level and in the same university. It's that that effectively made me think twice of getting entangled with a cultist. I thank God for rational thinking.

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