A New Creation

A New Creation – Chapter 24B

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By Young C.c
“Where on earth did the Tigers get those kind of guns from?”Slimmy kept asking himself as they drove back to the mansion. They got to the mansion after twenty five minutes of driving and sped in recklessly.
All the boys remaining in the mansion assembled to the front of the house as they heard the cars driving in, from every part of the house where they were.
Slimmy wasted no time in stepping out of the car after parking. He was closely followed by Rough and Kong. He didn’t go to the main entrance but took the left side of the house, walking like he was rushing to pick up something at the backyard. Kong and Rough followed him while the rest of the boys stayed behind.
“Who were those guys that appeared from the back?” Slimmy suddenly paused and turned to Kong and Rofiat.
Both of them looked surprised at the question, paused too and stared at Slimmy without giving any reply.
“Those guys were not part of Tigers, they were outsiders who came to join the Tigers.” Slimmy continued with a loud voice. “And I suspect that some of our own boys were among.”
Kong and Rofiat remained quiet and stared at each other with awkward looks as if urging the other person to respond to the allegations.
“Some of those weapons too,” Slimmy started again, this time staring at Kong. “Some looked familiar.”
“Familiar?” Kong muttered, looking confused and surprised. “I didn’t notice that,” Kong said and continued walking forward. He now knew where Slimmy as rushing to at the back.
Rofiat followed Kong at the same pace, Slimmy followed too but at a slower pace, walking with his hands in his pockets.
Kong got to the room at the back where the weapons were kept. He dragged the large iron gate away noisily. Slimmy stood outside and folded his arms while Kong and Rough walked into the place. After some few minutes of searching around, Kong stepped back outside with a frustrated look on his face.
“Boss,” he said lifelessly.
“Yes?” Slimmy replied with a sneer, hoping that Kong had a contrary report to what he had on his mind.
“Some of our weapons are missing,” Kong let out the news.
Slimmy squinted and licked his lips, he gave a short laugh which sounded like he was sobbing.
“I knew it, I knew they couldn’t afford the money to get those weapons. Even the way they were using them shows that they were inexperienced and untrained.” Slimmy said aloud to himself, then he turned to Kong. “But how did those weapons leave here?”
“Boss,” Kong said in a pleading voice, he dropped to his knees. “I don’t know, I can’t tell but I’ve been suspecting that someone else has access to this place.”
“Someone else apart from Nazaretha?”
“Yes, I noticed on that day that you sent me an errand, that the place was opened and scattered but nothing was taken out of it that day. The only reason I didn’t speak out was because of what happened, I thought either you or Nazaretha could have wanted to pick up something in a hurry.” Kong explained.
“Hmm…” Slimmy chuckled, a dangerous one. He wondered which of his boys were playing with fire. It was possibly one of the leaders in training, they were the only ones who could have the boldness to access the place without Kong’s , Nazaretha’s or his consent.

“Boss, I’m thinking of something.”
“What’s that?” Slimmy asked, looking down to where Kong was kneeling. Rough had also gotten out and was standing beside Kong.
“Did we retrieve Gentle’s keys from his body or bags?” Kong asked a striking question.
Slimmy’s eyes widened as he pondered on the questions, without answering be turned and made his way into the mansion through the back door. Kong got to to his feet and followed him with Rough.
Slimmy kept walking fast until he got to Gentle’s room. He opened the door with his spare key and stepped in. At first he was motionless. The atmosphere in the room reminded him of his brother once again, he looked towards the hanger of clothes and saw Gentle’s jerseys which they were always fighting about. A tear rolled down his face but he quickly manned up and hurried to Gentle’s bed.
He searched around the mattress, drawers, Gentle’s clothes and even shoes but found no key. He paused to think. Could it be that Gentle had taken all the keys with him to Roy’s house? That would mean that the killers could have gotten the keys from there.
His phone rang and it distracted him. He took out the phone from his pocket and stared at the screen. Oj was the caller.
“Slimmy!” Oj called with a fierce tone. “You see what you’ve started? Why did you have to run away?”
He paused to get a reply but got none. He was sure that Slimmy was listening, so he continued. “I told you that we should see and resolve this amicably but you refused. I had no reason to kill your brother. You should have let me settle things and fish out the offender, I could have even brought them out for you to melt out the judgement yourself but you destroyed everything, you went ahead to kill my men and declared war on us, you…” Oj was still speaking when the call was cut from the other end.
“Sh*it!” He cursed and hit his fists together. “Slimmy wants war and so it would continue.” He took another look around the area, looking at the dead bodies all around before stepping into the backseat of the car. Small was at the back of the wheels flung into action and drove away recklessly. Other cars followed behind. They never knew that they were going back to meet a big shock at the quarters.
Hadijat and Halimat were hiding under the bed in Rofiat’s room. Although, their loads had been arranged already and they were set to start journeying home but the loud gunshots and chants that could be heard all over the area caused them not to dare step out of the house. Even though, the gunshots sounded far away, they were wise enough not to step out then because they knew they could just meet with the fighters along the way.
After sometime, the gunshots seized. Halimat was the first to step out, still shaky. She glanced at the wall clock, it was 9am. It meant that the gun battle had lasted close to two hours. She hissed on hearing a familiar tone moving outside noisily. It was the police sirens. The cowards were just arriving two hours after the gun war began, when everything was cleared already.
Halimat picked up her phone from the stool where she kept it. She quickly dialed Rofiat’s number. It rang for the first time without being answered but was answered at the second trial.
“Hello Halimat, hope you guys have not left yet?” Rough’s voice came impatiently.
“Yes, we’re still in the house, hiding in your room.”
“Good, I’ll call you when it is safe to move otherwise don’t leave until I get there.”
“Okay,” Halimat said and the line went off immediately. She took in a deep breath and turned slowly. Her eyes met with Hadijat who had just stepped out from under the bed. Both of them stared at each other in silence, silently praying to God to save their lives and spare their lovers.
…to be continued


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  1. Dnt even knw what to say abt d killers of Gentle. I guess Hercules stole the White Tigers Gun and Kolawole follow. Hercules leads d gang to kill Gentle on their way D Arch Angels attacked dem and he manage to escape

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