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In this world, they say love brings peace, joy and calmness to one’s heart, some believe it brings it’s pain and sacrifices along, but at the end; Love always prevails. But how can one be scared to to have this substance that prevails?

Purity. A young impolite woman, capable of making men drool at the sight of her unique and sexy features. A strong willed daughter of a billionaire who never listens to anybody except her papa. Beyond this rude lady lies a different woman entirely, completely scared of gving her heart to any man.
Jeremy. A young billionaire with breath taking gorgeous looks. Possesses lovable qualities but a player as well. Believes in love, is eager to find it but afraid of falling completely for the wrong woman.
The parents of Jeremy and Purity are determined to get them married to each other. Purity sees her parents idea as ridiculous and scoffs at the very thought of it.
There was no way she was going to marry any man. They were all beasts and she’d totally sworn off them. Never was she going to spend her life with her childhood enemy who once tried taking advantage of he.
Jeremy is disgusted at his father’s request. He’s never going to be with a woman chosen by his father. Especially one who lacked manners. A ‘bi*ch‘ was the right word to use to describe the woman his papa had chosen for him.
The health of Edwin Broderick creates a tough predicament for the children. Will Jeremy change his mind and get married to his childhood enemy to save his father?
Purity – will she ever consider doing such? Is there any possibility of them throwing away their fears and insecurities to find love in each other?
Find out as you explore this mind blowing story – ‘Afraid to Love.”
Use your imagination as you read. See the characters come to life, see what they see and try to feel what they feel in each episode……make it real in your mind’s eye.


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