New Romance Story By Tisa Phiri – Married Single

MARRIED SINGLE By Tisa Phiri   Chris, the once loving, caring and sweet husband to Stella suddenly turned  into a hateful, uncaring and bitter husband few years after their marriage. Keeping late nights, going out with side chicks and getting drunk became the order of the day. Stella tried to…

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Silently Deep – A New Crime Story by Tisa Phiri

SILENTLY DEEP A Story By Tisa Phiri A silent murderer takes out the victims one after the other. It started with the murder of Cedrick and after it followed pictures of mutilated bodies of more people. The ever faithful and vibrant officer, Theodore, is out to fish out the murderer…

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Love And Justice – A Story By Tisa Phiri

Love And Justice By Tisa Phiri Steve, a brave fighter who had zeal for serving his country Zambia even if it takes him his last breath to defend it against its adversaries as a soldier but along the way, he found love in a lady called Queen whom he loved…

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Blood And Water – A New Story by Tisa Phiri


Joy, from age six is constantly taunted by nightmares of her mother’s terrible murder. This forces her to find out the cause of her mother’s death and she swore even at the ten to make sure her mother’s wicked murderer pay. 


Steve, a soldier with a difference.  His loyalty, character and sacrifices for his country were exceptional. This made him hated by some high ranked officers and they decided to have him dead. They set him up and sent him and some other soldiers on a foreign mission; he was left…

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