Blinkered – Episode 2

BLINKERED EPISODE TWO “Jake, you remember l have always told you to come back here. There are better opportunities here ?” Professor Arome Abuh beamed with ecstasy as he spoke into the receiver, joining his wife in the garden beside their house. The garden is small but it’s beautiful and…

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Mad In Love – Episode 9


Days had passed without hearing from Benjamin. I kept walking to his room hoping to see him seated in the bed. The scent of his perfume from the bedings and clothes made me miss him more. I couldn’t couldn’t get myself to forget him and I felt hurt he didn’t show up for days.

Vanity – Episode 36


Nana Yaw: Well sir judging from the time this barbaric incident took place my friend had been rusticated from the university for some examination malpractice and I never saw him again until about 6years ago when I came across him in a traffic jam.