The Quenched Desire – Episode 17

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The Quenched Desire – Episode 17

By Lewis Dampson

Charles had fully recovered following the dissolution of the conference. He found his outlet through a prayer school. At the prayer school, Charles taught them how to intercede for families, ministers, and other churches. And he wrote essays on various aspects and degrees of prayer. Through the prayer school, he was able to teach many ministers how to pray.

Charles came alive when he spoke of prayer in the prayer school. The school sparked a new flame inside him. Eventually, he detached himself from The Prayer Watch and turned privately towards his own prayer life.

For a while, several met with him in his prayer room in Mrs. Johnson’s home. With no explanation, he pulled himself away from the group and chose to intercede privately before the Lord. He was so driven by his quest to pray that he sought to reach a state of prayer where his life would be nothing but one prayer from morning to night.

(In Luke it does not say, ‘preach and faint not,’ but ‘pray and faint not.’ It is not difficult to preach. But, while you pray, you are alone in some solitary place, fighting in a prayer-battle against the powers of darkness. And you will know the victory of success.)

Charles seemed thrilled to be called to a life of intercession. His prayer ministry focused on Christian leaders and believers around the world.

The statement above supported Charles’ choice to leave public ministry. In fact, he became so detached from humanity that he could no longer relate to people. Charles remained in the walls of the Johnson home for eight years.

Now, things got rough between Charles and Mr. Johnson. Charles stopped contributing to any writings from Mrs. Johnson. Charles was mostly in his room and spoke to no one as usual. These attitudes began to irate Mrs. Johnson as she moved on with her writing even if Charles wouldn’t contribute. After all, she had gained all the popularity and attention she needed. Nevertheless, she didn’t ask Charles out of her home.

Readers of her writings noticed that Charles had stopped writing with her. Messages flooded in to inquire why Charles had stopped writing. Mrs. Johnson replied, “It is remarkable that Charles has never been able to take part in the work again, but his work has been carried on by others.”

Following her response, she recruited people, mostly ministers to fill Charles’ position. She had relied on the anointing on the young man’s life to make it on her own in ministry, but if he won’t contribute any more to her writings, that was fine by her.

During the brief contention between Charles and Mrs. Johnson, Charles moved to another town in the country and bought himself a computer. He began to write several booklets, but they were unorganized and much of the Scriptures were out of context. His work wasn’t patronized by the people.

With his failed attempt in writing, Charles wrote to his homeland to tell them how he had never forgotten their love and support. As at the time, his homeland and the country he was staying were bitterly divided. Returning to his homeland wouldn’t be easy without the support and permission from the citizens of his country.

Besides the fact that Charles had left, the converts of his country were shocked and outraged at what they had read in the books Charles wrote with Mrs. Johnson. It seemed to them their leader was now contradicting everything he once stood for. They labeled him as a backslidden revivalist. His country didn’t know what to think of the young revivalist now. They thought they had known his heart, but they couldn’t explain his actions.

With all these things taunting Charles, he was hesitant to return to his country although he wanted to. He heard a new minister had been elected to replace him back home. In response, Charles wrote to his denomination and congratulated the minister. The minister was elated to receive the letter and asked Charles if he could publish it to break his ten-year silence. Charles consented and was invited to return to his country at his convenience. Charles did just that.

The need to return to his homeland was heightened when he received news that his father was sick. The news read, “Charles, father is very ill. The doctor said he has developed a severe heart condition.”

Charles took his portmanteau and headed to his homeland. When he reached his country, all eyes were on him, but none spoke a word to him. He went straight home to his family. Because he severed his blood ties when his father visited him, he was skeptical about the reception he would receive when he knocks on the door of his family’s house.

Finally, Charles reached his father’s house. He could perceive a lot of activities in the house. He became hesitant to knock on the door for a while. After minutes of standing in front of the door, he mustered courage and knocked. His knock was quickly answered as his sister came to open the door.

When his sister saw him standing in the doorway, she became perplexed and stood motionless for some time. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Are her eyes giving her the right images or she was just hallucinating? The only thing that came to her mind was to scream Charles’ name, “Charles!!! Charles!!! Is that you?”

Charles stood there with mixed feelings. He didn’t know whether to interpret the shout as an angry gesture or a surprise gesture. When his sister shouted, she drew the attention of the other family members. They all came out and portrayed the same reaction. They were thrilled to see Charles back home. They all moved in unison and hugged Charles. Their eyes were filled with tears and they praised God for the safe return of their brother and son.

They took him inside. Indeed, all the family members were happy to see him and assured him that all were forgiven. And while he was there, some members of a particular chapel asked him to hold a service. Obviously forgetting the medical adviser’s warning, Charles took the pulpit.

While the congregation was surprised at his middle-aged appearance, they recognized the power of the Holy Spirit that rang through Charles’ voice. The people became so excited that it was murmured throughout the country. The question on the people’s minds were, whether they will see another revival.

Watch out for the Grand Finale of “The Quenched Desire,” to see how it all ends. Don’t miss it!!


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