Money Over Love 2 – Episode 9

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Episode 9

This man was moving up and down the corridor talking to himself. He vowed not to forgive his beloved son in-law. He went into his car and drove with top speed to his son in-laws house. He blew his car horn very loud when he got to the gate. When the gateman opened the gate, he nearly knocked him down, when entering.

Vero’s father: Where is that idiot you call your boss? He angrily asked the gateman.

Gateman: “Master I respect you enough so don’t make me to change. I’ve not even eaten yet. Why won’t you tell me who you are before barking like a dog?”

Vero’s father: How dare you refer to me as a dog? Oh so that idiot asked you to insult me when I come around. Oh okay I see. The two of you will rot in jail.

Gateman: Jail for what? I think you need to be sent to the psychiatric hospital for assessment because I’m sure all is not well in your head. My boss is not around can you please drive out?

Vero’s father: I must not take you serious. Because I can see stupidity written all over you. I will go into that house and deal with him myself.

Gateman: Master if you want to make my work difficult for me I will not take it lightly with you. I will open the dogs at you.

Vero’s father decided to go into the room to confront his son in-law this time around. Before he could step on the porch, the gateman opened one of their big dogs which rushed on Vero’s father. I wish you were there to see how this old man was running. I’m sure he would’ve won a race if it was a competition. He run it into his car and rolled his glasses. All these while, Precious’ husband was in the room packing to fly out of the country. He actually warned his gateman not to allow anyone into the compound but his gateman disobeyed and allowed this man in.

He came out to meet his father in-law. He ordered his gateman to send the dog back which he did. “Oldman why are you disturbing me in my compound? How can I help you”?, his son in-law asked. “Are you asking me how you could help me? Look, don’t think because of your wealth you can just do anything at anytime. You will rot in jail if my daughter does not survive”, Vero’s father replied. “Why didn’t you tell me your daughter is just a whore? Look, you forced your daughter on me. Since I married her, I never felt any change within me to show I’m married. I can’t continue to keep a lady that has aborted for men and continues to sleep with her lecturers. Please be going I will come to the hospital to see her. But, note one thing. I’m terminating all contracts I had with you because of this marriage. You told me your daughter was a virgin whilst you knew she had aborted. You even fueled it.

Secondly, I’ve realized your daughter has multiple boyfriends so let her go to them. I don’t want her any more. Like father like daughter. “This was the biggest shock Vero’s father had ever experienced. He couldn’t talk because he knew he caused everything. When this gentleman was searching for a lady, Vero’s father recommended Precious to him. He went into some contracts with him and when his daughter behaves well in the marriage, Vero’s father will become more wealthier than he was. “You will meet me in court.” He said and drove away to the police station to report for the arrest of his son in-law. When the police saw the defendant’s name, they knew if they should take up the case, they will get money because this guy will definitely shower them with more money.

He followed the police back to his son in-laws house only to meet his gateman alone. The police tortured the gateman when he was denying to give the police information about the whereabouts of his boss. He finally said the truth that his boss travelled out of the country the very moment the incident occurred. When Vero got to hear this, she gave directions as to how they could arrest the lady who caused everything. In her statement at the police station, Vero narrated how everything happened in the house. The police went after Precious’ friend in school and brought her to the station. When interrogated on how the whole thing happened, she made it clear that it was a payback to Precious because the lecturer Precious aborted for was also her boyfriend but Precious managed to snatch him away from her and due to that, she never gets good grades at school. She was asked to mention the lecturers name of which she did. The news became a topical issue on the University campus. The lady was prepared to be taken to court for the law to give her the necessary punishment she deserved. Two weeks later, there was a court sitting and final verdict was given. She was given a ten year jail term with hard labour or a fine of Ghc 30,000.00 and serve five years in prison. Vero’s husband was also placed on a wanted list. He was deported and arrested also. Precious’ husband had already gone ahead to give a huge sum of money to the judge who ruled the case. He only fined Precious’ husband Ghc5,000.00 and that was all.

The judge added that Precious husband take care of his wife. After two weeks, it became obvious that Precious could no longer see with her other eye. Precious blamed her father for all that was happening to her. She told the doctor who who was attending to her that, her father forced her to get married to her husband. The doctor invited Precious’ father and rebuked that selfish behaviour in him. The doctor who was equally an elderly man explained to him that, he shouldn’t have forced his daughter into such a marriage because of money. He explained that the happiness of the two must be a paramount factor to consider. If the two do not love each other before going into the marriage, such things were bound to happen. The two can easily cheat on each other simply because there was no love. They are only together as friends with benefit.

Precious father regretted what he did and when he got home, he invited Vero and I to his house. He called a family meeting just as he used to do when I was staying with them but Precious was not part of that meeting because she was still on admission. He apologized for his behaviour towards me and Vero. He said he wasn’t conscious at the time he was doing all those things but what the doctor told him really touched his heart so he wanted to make peace with everyone. Interestingly, Junior raised his hands and said he had something to say. “Daddy, I did something that I was finding it difficult to tell anyone”, he said. “My son talk to me what did you do”?, said his dad.

“I have a girlfriend in school. She called me yesterday in the evening and said she was pregnant for me. But my fear is that I only slept with her once without a condom but our other sections were with a condom so I’m not sure that pregnancy is mine.” Junior said. Junior was in his second year in the high school. On campus, he used his father’s worth to win the heart of many of his colleague ladies. He finally got one of them pregnant. “Junior so you are trying to tell me that you have impregnated someone’s daughter at this stage. Oh! So you people have just planned to disgrace me.

Look I have had enough of you people. I’ve tried my best to put you at higher levels but you chose the other option. I have no hand in your issue. Since you love each other, try and marry her and look after her yourself. I’m not supporting you to do anything”, his father ruled. I also raised my hands and said I had no problem with the family so I will continue to be the good husband I am to my wife and the good son in-law to the family. After the meeting, we went to the hospital to see Precious and fortunately, she was responding to treatment but with only one eye.

Three days later, I left like visiting my former boss because it had been long I saw him. When I got there, he was home with his wife and child. His father was very sick when I got there. He said they’ve been to almost all the hospitals both in Ghana and abroad but there was no improvement. He explained how the condition was and quickly I remembered a herb that could be used to treat it. I went into the same forest to get the herbs and prepared the medicine for my boss’ father. Few days later and to the glory of God, the old man recovered. Charles and his wife was more than happy. His father was also thankful to me. Due to this the old man said because he is old, he wanted me to be acting on his behalf with regards to his work. He gave me one of his cars again and registered my name as his partner in business. God is so good.

How will life be after many years of hustle for Makafui? Will he be able to realize the vision of his late father? What will happen when he returns to his village?


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  1. Wow, am happy for u markafui. Sorry to precious. She brought d problem herself. Am happy for the lesson vero’s father learnt the hard way. Things can fall apart especially when d centre cannot hold

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