Jack And The Residents – Episode 3

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Jack And The Residents Episode 3

© Kayode Odusanya

She was on his lap now, kissing him, with her left hand around his shoulder, right hand underneath his t shirt, rubbing his chest. It all happened so fast, and his mind raced as he thought of his next move. He gently pushed her off, but she resisted and whispered in his ear, “I know you want me. I see how you look at me.” She continued to kiss him passionately, grinding on his crotch, holding him in place as he tried effortlessly to get her off. He knew she had had a little too much to drink, but even at that, she was conscious enough to know exactly what she was doing.

He was in a fix. If he pushed her off forcefully and her husband came out, and she turned things around to say he was the one that made a move on her, the man would surely believe his wife. She moaned as she lifted her head, and rubbed her chest on his face. In one slow swift move, he turned her around, so that she was the one now sitting on the couch, restrained her hands, and got off the couch. She thought he wanted to get out of his pants, and she started touching herself all over, with her eyes closed. He walked slowly to the back of the couch to gently unplug his laptop and phone. He noticed the movement had stopped and didn’t know what to expect when he stood up.

There was disappointment in her eyes as she stared at him from the seductive position she was on the couch. Her white nightgown had been lifted up to her waist in the pre-intimacy, exposing her white panties. She didn’t say anything or attempt to move towards him. She just looked at him seductively as she squeezed and pressed together her big breasts. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and low moans escaped her lips. For a minute Jack got tempted to throw caution to the wind but he turned around and walked off to the door.

When he got out the door, his heart started beating fast as if he just fully realized the gravity of what could have happened. The man could have come out with a double-barreled shotgun and blown his brain to bits. Much more than that, he wondered why she was so confident doing what she did when her husband was just a room away.

He heard one of the pastors kids screaming as he passed by their duplex on his way to his apartment. It was odd because the family was a relatively quiet one. There was an ongoing argument, and as he was about to get a clue what was going on, they started talking in whispers. Maybe the pastor is doing deliverance, it is none of my business, he thought as he shrugged and walked to his room.

With the reflection of light from outside the pastor’s duplex, he located his reading table and put the laptop on it before free falling on his bed. After a few seconds of lying in bed and running through what had just happened in the Salami’s house, he rolled over, and pulled out his phone. The red background and the iTel sign came on the screen after a few seconds. A few Whatsapp messages came in when the phone was fully powered up. He was about to go through them when he heard footsteps approaching his apartment building outside. The footsteps stopped in front of his door, and there was silence for a few seconds before the knock came. “poo!” He cursed under his breath.


He was surprised to see the Pastor’s wife and their little toddler daughter by his doorstep. It was funny to see her in the same type of white nightgown Mrs. Salami had had on, but hers was a bit longer, and she had a brown Ankara cloth tied around the upper part of the nightgown. She saw the confusion on his face and said, “I’m really sorry to disturb you but…” She was saying, and stopped like she didn’t know how to continue. Jack stepped out his apartment and smiled at her daughter. The little kid shyly looked away. “Umm! I came because…” She continued to say, but broke into a little laugh. “Oya, talk by yourself.” She said and slowly pushed the girl forward, but the girl ran behind her mom. Jack was curious now, and closed the door behind him. “Once again, I’m sorry. Sarah won’t let us sleep. She said unless she takes pictures with you.” Jack looked more confused than ever and she continued with, “Their teacher said they should bring pictures of their children’s day weekend to school tomorrow, and she said she wants to take some pictures with you.”

“Well…” Jack started out saying with a smile on his face, “That is no problem. But…Is…Is her Daddy okay with this?”

“He doesn’t want to appear to have accepted defeat, but he would love if you could just do us this favor.” She said and laughed a little more. “Sarah has her ways.”

“Okay. Where do we take the pictures?”


They took most of the pictures in the Peter’s S Class Mercedes Benz with seat belts on, and then a few by the car; Jack leaning on it and 7 year old Sarah sitting on the car’s bonnet with her arms crossed. When Sarah was satisfied, her mom thanked Jack and told him even though her husband might not come up to say thank you to him, he really appreciates what he just did for them.

As he walked back to his apartment, he thought of how weird the night had been. If I were to turn this to a story, no one would believe it really happened, he thought to himself. As he stepped into his apartment, power was restored, and he heard Sarah’s shout of joy from inside their duplex. He smiled as he walked through his living room to the bedroom and got behind his laptop. He opened it, powered it up and went to his movie folder. After moving the cursor around for a few seconds undecided, he closed the folder. He opened his music folder, clicked on a playlist, and pressed play. He pulled off his shirt, and got in bed as slow Mariah Carey songs played in the background. Within ten minutes, he had fallen sleep.

To be continued



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