No More Room For Love – Episode 3

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No More Room For Love – Episode 3
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You see we have guests, at least keep your opinions to yourself until they leave. What kind of behavior is that, like mother like daughter indeed? Dad said without hiding his rudeness towards me.

I looked at my mum, who was already in tears, I felt guilty.

My supposed husband’s family stood up to leave without a word, and then I heard my dad calming them down.

Mr. Glover as I heard my dad mentioned earlier said he did not come here to be insulted and they are not interested in marrying me anymore. Wilson, we cannot bring someone as rude as your daughter to our house, just then I heard a feeble voice.

I looked to my right side and realized we both were standing which I could not remember why he was standing in the first place so close to my body. At least I remember why I was standing.

Dad she is not that bad, I think I like her already. The gentle man from my one nightstand said rather meekly.

His parent’s mouth just flew open, and I wondered what he is talking about now. His Moms face strikes my memory as someone familiar but I ignored and stared at my mum. I could feel her pain.

Mr. Santa, if you will still have me as your son in-law, I might even marry your daughter today. He said annoying me more. Will you shut that your stinky mouth, I nearly said but decided against it.

Hey Mr. man or whatever you call yourself, stay out of my lane, you think one sex with you in my vulnerable state makes you that good enough to marry me.

I just heard a sound and by the time I realized, I was holding my cheeks from a heavy slap.I looked round to see who slapped me, just then my dad’s hand flew again towards my face.

However, the gentle man caught it midway.I just took my bag and rushed upstairs in tears. I locked my door securely and planned not to come out, I did not know how the whole drama ended.

Some thirty minutes later, I heard voices and they were increasing seconds by seconds, then I heard my mum scream, I quickly rush down and saw her holding her cheeks, I guess dad slapped her too, I rushed towards her, and I saw dad coming out of the kitchen.

I confronted him, how could you lay hands on my mum, how dare you dad. A woman who stood by you all her life, what has she ever done to you? Who does that, to their love ones? I asked my Dad.

And what makes you think I love this murderer here, he responded. What? You call your wife a murderer. Why sleep with a murderer in the same bed then. I said surprising him, I guess because he looked at me in a way he never did before.


Young girl, watch your mouth, I do not even know who brought you up this way. Claudia was wrong to leave you in her care; I knew her death would result to this.

He just picked up his phone from the table and walked away. I cursed after my Dads shadow.

I turned to console my mum who was still crying, I tried asking questions but got no replies, Kate don’t pay attention to your dad. He is just in a bad mood today.

Mum, how can you say that? Do not tell me you are going to sleep with this man after all these.

Kate! She called. Mum, okay oo, I have heard you, I responded rather sarcastically.

I know you do not like it when I speak those words in your presence but I cannot help to know that man still sleeps with you, does he even apologize before jumping on you.

You will never change right, No mum, I quickly answered her question. I want you to leave with me. I suggest for the hundredth time to Mom. Kate you know I cannot and for your information, my relationship with your dad is not like what you think.

Then talk to me Madam Catherine, I will when you stop being rude to him and what was that all about today, you know we have guests and you can’t keep your mouth shut but to insult them.

This should be your last time; it breaks my heart when you do that. Mom said trying to hide her tears and pain.

Sorry mum, I will try my best, but you should know I also would not marry that b******.

She inquired to know what went on between us, and I told her the events of that day.

That is divine fate; I just hissed and left her in the sitting room. Goodnight mum, am not sure you are even going to sleep. I winked and left.

Waking up, I felt my head aching, I was sure it was due to the slap, but then I also stayed awake chatting those three about the new turn of events, though I did not add the fact that, the supposed husband is the man from the bar.

They just teased.That trio just have a way of making me feel complete.


I was on my way to work, when I saw a car crossing me gruffly, nearly causing me to bump into a wall. I got angry and let go of the steering, was about to get out when he knocked on the window.

I rolled down, so it is you again. Do you want to kill me, what is wrong with your head, you should think right for once. He just kept smiling, what is so funny about you trying to kill me. I was so angry that I wanted to wipe that smirk off his face using a knife.

Sorry I lost control of my brakes; he managed to say after a while of silence. Hope you are not hurt, that is none of your business gent… then I remembered I do not even know his name.

The name is nectar he quickly added after realizing I stopped in the middle of mentioning gentle man. So, what if your name is nectar, would that erase the fact that you nearly killed me out here.

Will that restore my lost time today? Get out of my way. I said harshly but telling my mind silently Kate you are over doing it. But not even my mind could stop me from putting my supposed Husband in his place.

Okay, am going now, he said while rushing to drive out of my way. I tried to say something else but my mind failed me.

What seem like minutes, he was finding it difficult to move his car, while he kept rushing out to check his engine and what else I cannot tell, I assumed he had a fault with his car.

I just hissed and managed to turn around and off I went back home, after calling my P.A to wrap up some few works. I went home to meet my mums absent, and then I bumped into dad while walking upstairs.

Have you fixed the date with nectar yet? I paused and folded my arms; I did not want to do anything that would get mum in trouble. No dad and am not sure I want to get married. And why is that, young girl! Do not provoke me. He said getting hyperactive again.

You think I like you staying in this house with me at this age. Your age mates are in their husband’s house. Get your lazy ass out there too. I opened my mouth and all that came out was, why do you hate me that much Dad?

I mean I have never wronged you aside I decided to take over mum’s legacy as she wished. Do you blame me for mum’s death, he shoved an eye at me, do not say what you do not know about.


Get the hell out of my face. I rushed to my room, and amidst tears, I called grams. Grandma Jane, I need answers, can you come and visit soon? I could not stop crying and I hanged up.

My grand mum Jane is a much reserved person, I remember the many times she visited she did not get along with mum that much, I could feel the tension. Which type of family is this I belong to anyway, I said aloud while helping mum in the kitchen, she just nodded her head.

Just then I heard the door bell, I quickly went to open, just to see drake smiling sheepishly at the door as if I just made a joke.

What are you doing here; you were supposed to be with your siblings for vacation. Look oo, can’t I visit a friend anymore, at least someone cares enough to bring your favorite coffee. See you oo come in. Okay Mum. We both laughed, then my mum came out to greet.

We talked for the whole morning and he even waited for lunch, I saw him off to his car and run back in.

That man looks like he is interested in you, mum said after I came back from escorting drake. Who? Him! Drake? Yes, my dear, no way mum. We are close friends; there is no way he can be in love with me.

Mum don’t let your love for dad cloud your judgments, besides am not capable of ever loving again. Who are you to judge yourself harshly like that, am sure you are still hurt from what happened the last time, so I understand.

You will soon find love, trust me like you found Dad, I retorted. Kate don’t push words into my mouth, mum why do you always avoid the topic.

She just hugged me so tight, taking me by surprise; you know I love you right. Yes, mum, then trust me, I am old enough, I can handle it.

Just then Grandma Jane entered with dad, we were so engrossed with whatever we were discussing that we did not notice when the door got opened until we heard her voice asking HANDLE WHAT?

To be continued



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