Blood On My Hands – Episode 10

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I sat silently in my bathtub as the water poured on my body, my eyes felt a slight sting and my lips quivered.

“How could my daughter be gone just like that?” I felt the tears slip down my face. I couldn’t take it anymore so I screamed in anger as I hit the wall.

“God you should have taken me instead, my baby had so much to live for” I kept saying as I cried

No matter how much everyone said everything would be okay, i knew nothing was going to be okay, a part of me was gone, a part of me was dead how then could things go back to being okay?

It had been a day since Racheal had been buried and the whole thing felt like a joke to me, a part of me felt it was all a night mare and that i would eventually wake up and find my Racheal.

Maybe if I had not gone out that night I would have saved her life, maybe I would have stopped her from going out. I had gone out with a few friends that fateful night just to have some fun and when I returned, I noticed Rachael wasn’t home because each time I went out I would find her waiting for me.

I thought she was just within the area and she would get back home so I had waited and waited but there was no sign of her, it was then that I had gone to check for Lia and discovered she wasn’t home as well, I breathed a sigh of relief thinking they where out together but when Lia returned alone home the next day i knew something was wrong somewhere.

I had called everyone I knew and no one had been able to give me information about my child. When i finally went to the police they had told me to wait for 48 hours to report her missing but I couldn’t wait so I had paid some officers to search for her.

I kept praying and praying hoping they could find me anything concrete about her, Rachael wasn’t the kind of child to go out without letting anyone know where she was going.

The information they brought me broke me, they had found her car parked near the evil haunted forest and upon searching they had stumbled upon her shoes and head band. Some body parts had also been found near her items.

After doing a few tests it had indeed been discovered that the body parts belonged to my Racheal. I had cried bitterly because she didn’t deserve to die like that, she had been terribly ripped to pieces and the only thing we buried where just a few of her remains.

The question that everyone asked was what Racheal could have been doing at the evil forest knowing how dangerous it was? I kept thinking of reasons she went there and at night for that matter but no reason seemed to make sense.

“Mum are you okay?” Clara my second child called out as she banged on my door. I didn’t have the strength to answer so I wiped away tears and slowly got out of the tab. I opened the door and she walked in.

“I was worried about you”

“I am fine my child I just wanted to take a long bath” I lied

“You have been crying again?”

“No” I shook my head trying to hide the tears that where almost falling

“I know this hurts mum but you have to be strong, Rachral wouldn’t have wanted you to be crying always”

“I know my child” I said hugging her.


“You killed someone? Your cousin for that matter?” Cleo asked when I called her

“I didn’t know how she followed me I swear i tried hiding from everyone”

“You see why i told you to drive over here?”

“Cleo what’s done is done now”

“You don’t know what you have just signed yourself up for”

“What do you mean?” I asked worriedly

“You will transform regularly now and you won’t be able to control your anger now”

“What do I do now?”

“Avoid getting angry when you feel provoked hide, don’t give into your anger”

“I will try”

“Talia come over here for a couple of days”

“Cleo I have school, I can’t put my life on hold you know”

“The problem is that you are too stuborn Talia”

“Cleo when I have time I will come over”

“And one more thing”


“End that relationship of yours”

“Cleo you know how much I love Geo to just give up on him? Now I know things aren’t smooth between us but It’s just a phase and we will get over it soon”

“Talia it’s for your own good break up with him”

“I have to go Cleo, I am receiving another call” I responed quickly and cut the line

I hated how Cleo was trying to dictate how I should live my life, I was going to be happy and not even the curse would stand in my way.

I got out of bed so I could change my outifit, I wanted to give Geoffrey a surprise visit. We hadn’t spoken for a week now and I needed to apologise for my actions so we could go back to normal.

I changed into a short pink flared dress with pink sneakers, grabbed my phone and walked out. My hair was neatly tied into a bun and I didn’t want to apply any make up apart from the shiny gloss on my lips.

“Are you going out?” I heard auntie ask as i walked out

“As you can see” I replied

“Where to?”

” I am not a child so please quit with the questions”

“Come back early, moving at night is dangerous”

“Just because your daughter got eaten doesn’t mean we all will” I angrily replied before walking out

I drove to Geo’s house listening to some music, I couldn’t stop smiling, the thought of being with him just made me happy. I got to his house and parked my car outside, I wanted to give him a surprise. I walked into the house because the door was slightly opened, I got into the living and got the shock of my life.

My body became numb and I felt a sharp stabbing feeling in my chest, my heart shattered a billion times.

And without thinking I slowly walked back to the kitchen and grabbed a knife.



To be continued…


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