The Incarnate – Chapter Twenty Five (Finale)

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The Incarnate Chapter Twenty Five (Roland Smith)

Milly was with her sugar daddy when some men in black approached their table, Ghartey got up from his seat and joined the other men, and with piercing eyes looking straight at the young lady who looked uninformed about whatever what happening

Ghartey: Ms. Milly Brown, you are under arrest for smuggling drugs out of the country, you have the right to remain silent, or anything you say will be used against you in the court of law.

Milly: Whaat? Ghartey, what is all this about?

1st Officer: Look young lady, Ghartey was only an undercover BNI operative sent to grab you, and he did…

Ghartey: Am sorry Milly, but the law must work

Milly: You b******, you greedy b******, I’ll make you pay for this

Ghartey: Take her way

Milly was still throwing insults and curses at Ghartey, he was already falling for the charms of Milly, but he was on a duty which he had to accomplish. No loving here….

Until then, Milly will be detained at the BNI office and she going to lead them to Biitka, her boss.

Dorcas woke up at Chief’s villa, she was feeling all tired and had forgotten what had happen early on

Sena: Good morning

Dorcas: Morning, wait!! Whaat, what am I doing here?

Sena: Someone brought you here in a taxi

Dorcas: Who?

Sena: I don’t know, he didn’t mention

Dorcas: Hmmm, Sena, Fletcher!!

Sena: Yeah, What about him?

Dorcas: He is not who he says he is

Sena: What do you mean by that?

Dorcas: Do you believe in reincarnation?

Sena: Hmm, not really sure, just movies

Dorcas: It’s real

Sena: Why? What did you see outside there?

Dorcas: A lot

Spider, Biitka’s errand guy who refused to serve him was in the grips of the police, after he had left Biitka’s house, he snatched a brand new Kia Sorrento from a lady, upon a tipoff, the police did well to arrest him, and unfortunately for him, he has been in the police wanted list for years, upon interrogations and investigations, he mentioned Biitka as his boss.

Fletcher had reported Milly and Biitka to the police, the tape was used as evidence, Frank, the guy who survived the drive by was with him to also testify and show his gun wounds, other charges were labeled against him; he was out there because he wasn’t arrested yet.

Biitka couldn’t influence the police lately, the crime rate in the area has led to the change in the police commander of the area, a difficult commander who wouldn’t stop at nothing until the dirty ones are arrested, since he arrived in the community, many drug lords were arrested, and\

the many ones arrested had a common name on their lips…Biitka…

Milly was forced to spit out everything she knew about the smuggled drugs after she was tricked Biitka was the one who turned her out, she told them everything they needed to know.

Biitka was now wanted by the police and the BNI, but he was not all aware because nobody was there to tell him.

The companies he claimed to be managing have been closed by the Government due to failure to pay tax; he couldn’t fight his way out, so hug padlocks were used to lock the premises.

Sena was still trying to decipher what Dorcas was telling her when this fleet of cars entered the compound.

“I know those coming” Said Dorcas

Sena: I know right? The widows?

Dorcas: Yeah

Sena: Let’s go meet them; I don’t know why they are here

Dorcas: Don’t you think it’s about the babies

Sena: I don’t know

The guards of the powerful Widows were already in a brawl with Biitka’s guys, they were pointing guns at The Widows, which they saw crazy to them, and they wouldn’t take any of that

Biitka also came in from wherever he had gone, on parking his car; he came out looking at them like he was looking at some aliens

1st Widow: I believe you are Biitka right?

Biitka: What if I am, what about that

2nd Widow: Stubborn like his late brother

1st Widow: Yea, I heard that

Biitka: Look old men, if you don’t have anything important saying, you are disturbing my privacy on my property

1st Widow: Property? Do you know how to acquire a property?

Sena and Dorcas had come out and were watching the whole drama with awe

“Leave my house before I call the police” Biitka challenged

1st Widow: Or you better send yourself to the police before we bring them here ourselves

2nd Widow: And hey, you better keep shut, we didn’t come here because of you

Biitka stood looking like a statue, he was out of words, and he watched them as they went towards Sena and Dorcas

1st Widow: We heard about the twins, that good, we brought you this, the original and only Will of Chief, you can have it now.

Dorcas took the brown envelope from the old man and tore it open, it was the same handwritten Will she had helped Chief draft, after reading and confirming, she kept it back into the envelope

Biitka saw everything, and was just waiting for them to leave before he shows family powers.

When the Widows drove out, he went straight to Dorcas and asked for the Documents, she held tight to it, Biitka didn’t react, he walked back into the house and returned with one of the babies in his bosom, and a gun to its head.

Sena started wailing and begging, she asked Dorcas to give out the documents in exchange for her baby, but before they could do the swapping, two flashy cars entered the compound

Milly was the first to appear with her hands cuffed, Biitka’s guards who were outnumbered dropped their weapons and managed to run.

The BNI had launched an operation to smoke him out, with the help of Milly and Spider, Biitka was standing right in front of them with a baby in his arms and a gun to the head of the baby…

Ghartey: Biitka, please drop the gun slowly

Biitka: Another step and I’ll shot, don’t try me

Ghartey: We just arrested these two guys on different occasions; they said they are related to you, we just want to ask questions here, nothing else

Biitka looked a bit convinced, if he was wanted, he would have been tipped off by his police friends. He gave the baby back to Sena, but still had the gun in hand.

Ghartey: Now drop the gun, your last warning

Biitka: I thought you said you aren’t here to arrest me

Ghartey: Biitka, you are under arrest for various murder cases, narcotic drugs possessions and dealing and threatening the life of a baby, you have the rights to remain silent, or anything you say will be used against you in the court of law

Biitka: Arrested for murder and blablablaa.what is that about, I have to speak to my lawyer

Ghartey: You have to drop your weapon now, or else my men will shot

Biitka looked deeper into the face of Milly with much hate, and before anyone could know what he was thinking, Milly had succumbed to three bullets, and Ghartey didn’t waste time in replying with multiple headshots.

Milly was down, and Biitka too down

Dorcas and Sena spent the time running to find a hiding place, they only saw Milly been shot, when Ghartey confirmed Biitka was down, only Dorcas came out, she checked his pulse and confirmed him dead, and Milly too.

Several hours later, when the police had cleared the bodies from the house, Sena felt a strange presence in the house, like some kind of cold air sweeping through the room, she went outside to check the atmosphere, but nothing, and maybe it’s the goose bumps she got after witnessing a shooting spree for the first time in her life

Dorcas: Why are you quiet?

Sena: Am still scared

Dorcas: Scared of what?

Sena: The shooting and everything

Dorcas: Everything is fine

Sena: You were saying something, about me believing in reincarnation, what was that about?

Dorcas: Yeah, I saw Kelly

Sena: Whaat? You saw who?

Dorcas: Kelly reincarnated into Fletcher, I heard him speak in the real Kelly voice, he told me who he was, and he said you should name the babies Roland Smith, that was the last thing I heard from him, I think I passed out or something

Sena was not in a position to deny whatever Dorcas was saying, especially with the name Roland Smith, she remembers Kelly ever told him back in the University when she started dating Kelly, he told him he will name his first son Roland Smith.

Sena confirmed the names, and both ladies sat looking into each other’s face with a bit of joy and sadness.

I knew Fletcher was not real, the cold skin, the things he did in this house and et al…Dorcas said

Sena smiled to her babies and that started Roland Smith Snr. and Roland Smith Jnr.

Fletcher had answered the door to the other side, his task here was complete, and culprits were caught, so now, his spirit will find peace at the other side.

The ladies stood shedding tears as the felt the cold air sweep the four corners of the room

Sena: Kelly, I love you too.


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