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(haunted, forlorn)

That, unfortunately, is the case, my son. I know there is no sane way to justify it, and I know I have no right expecting you to understand it, but at that age I was a desperate young man, around your age now. The world had trodden on me, and I felt angry and defiled. Power and wealth were all that mattered to me. Greed, in all its ugliness, overcame me. At that point of my life, love wasn’t an emotion I knew. I was dead inside, and hate for the world was raging in my heart. And so Simon Boat initiated me into the world of evil.



Just like you initiated me?

Joe Boat winces, and as he looks at his son Boat can see the bright tears in his eyes.


That was the first part, yes. For almost three years after the initiation I never felt any alien presence in me. Life was good. I had a lot of money because everything I touched turned to gold. I commanded respect for the first time in my life. I had money and power, and life was really good. On the beginning of the fourth year I was visited by The Council; they are the men and women you saw in here with me earlier on, some of the most powerful humans on earth. They ordered me to establish the Golgotha Heights International Church. I knew then that my time had come. The Devil had come back to claim his winnings.

He was silent for a long time – so long, in fact, that Boat wonders if he has decided not to continue.

Finally he stirs with another long sigh.


When the church was established and the headquarters erected, and after we had handed it over to Pastor Phil Bart to operate, I began to feel the presence of the demons possessing me. At first it began with tingling sensations within me at odd moments, the kind of tingling you get when blood rushes back into veins that have been denied the flow of blood for some time, but without the associated pain. Just a warm mildly irritating tingling, and then I would experience long stretches of memory loss. Sometimes I’d remember going to bed, and the next time I woke up I would find myself in another country with all necessary documentation on me. I would realize that I had lost maybe a week or two in between the time I went to bed and the time I woke up. And terrible things might have happened within that stretch of time, terrible things involving men of God…

His voice trails off, his face ridden with guilt.

He is finding real pain not in telling the story or remembering the evil he had been used to do, no, but his pain comes from telling his son the truth, laying his soul bare so that the son he loves so much will see how dirty his father really is.

These are deeds no proud father can allow his dotting son to know, but there is no way out for him now, and he has to say it.


(scared, sickened)

Murder? It made you murder men of God?

Joe Boat’s face is now filled with genuine distress now.



Murder would’ve been bearable, believe me. Murder is one man killing another, and being accountable to men here on earth, later to God. What I’m talking about is way above that, son. This spiritual warfare, evil going after good and vice versa, where no government agency or human authority has the power to interfere. It is a deadly kind of warfare on level higher than the human intellect. It is the duty of chosen men of God – The Unblinds, as they’re known – to come after the demons and drive them out of human hosts. Sometimes, and this is becoming quite often, the demons overpower the Unblinds because along the way the Unblind could’ve been tainted with sin. Death results in most cases. That was how it began for me, son.

Another long pause, a trembling hand rubs across his face, and then he continues.


It began first with the tingle, like I told you, and then the long stretches of memory loss. I would later find out that, for instance, a whole herd of cattle or sheep had been brutally butchered in the night. Sometimes people were practically torn apart, their innards strewn all over the streets, and I would always be in the vicinity. At first I tried not to acknowledge the fact that I might be a part of it, but when I began to find blood on my lips and human or animal limbs in my room, or pocket after waking up, I knew that I was in deep trouble. It was terrifying when you go to bed and wake up to find your bed sheets smeared with blood, your feet caked with mud and maybe a severed human head lying on the bed. That was when I realized that the demon within me manifested during the terrible blackouts, and it used me to wreak its own brand of perversion and terrible murders and everything else vile, mostly on innocent people, innocent men of God who had backslidden.

Yaw Boat feels cold, but it isn’t from the vagaries of the weather. This is a deep cold that seeps through his veins and renders him speechless as he listens to the horrendous story his father is telling him.


I was Elder of the of the unholy Council of possessed vessels. I was the head of a great number of powerful people in the world. Each year, when we meet, more demons leave the bodies of the Council members and join the ones inside me. The demons in me have become the Legion, the most dominant, most vile demon because it is composed of many, many evil spirits. Soon I wasn’t spared the gory details anymore about how the Legion operated using my body. The memory losses stopped, and instead I was forced to watch. Whenever that vile horde of demons manifested I was aware of doing those things poor men of God and tearing them apart. I killed domestic animals brutally, and I hunting down fallen Christians and ripping them up. I was completely being controlled by the Legion, and this nightmare lasted for a long time, and then I met your mother, son. She was the daughter of a powerful man of God who had fallen from grace. It was love at first sight, son. I loved that woman to bits. It was nothing I had ever experienced before. You see, the Legion went after her father to kill him. The demons were about to rip out his jugular wthen your mother appeared, and she had this wonderful glow-ring around her, you know, the one you described to me on the phone.



The force-field.




The glow-ring thing. I call it the force-field.


Oh. I see. Anyway, she saved her father that day because the Legion fled in fear. It was my first encounter with that force-field, if I may borrow your word. It felt so refreshing. Later I called on her father and had him brought to our church’s headquarters to work there. Shortly afterwards I married your mother, and the demons in me fled for a time after our wedding. It was the only time of my life that I was genuinely happy. She was an angel, and brought meaning to my life. I loved your mother, son. I loved her so!

He is definitely crying now.

The tears fall down his cheeks silently, and yet his face has taken on that familiar glow it always has when he is talking about his wife or looking at a picture of her. At those moments his heart always seems to be mirrored on his face. He makes no attempt to wipe his face as he looks sadly at his stunned son.


I had three happy uninterrupted years with her. I realize now that I should’ve told your mother about the situation I was in, but I was so scared of losing her. And then, the unexpected happened. You see, I was happy your mother was not getting pregnant, but of course it distressed her, even though she was such a staunch Christian. I was happy when we were not getting kids because for the very first time I really knew what love was, and I knew that if she gave birth to a son I was never going to be able to this evil horde of demons occupy my son. And then you were born, and the very first time I held you in my arms and your little fingers curled around mine, I knew I was never going to let you go through the hell I was going through. I was in anguish for a long time, because I knew those evil demons would definitely come back because they are so vindictive and never give up. I finally realized that the only way I could defeat them was to become a true Christian. My bloody mistake!

His last words are uttered with sadness and great pain, and when he speaks again his voice shakes badly, filled with unshed tears.


I did two things wrongly. I assumed wrongly that the demons have fled my body forever because your mother was always near to me, and her force-field kept them away. My second mistake was that I confessed everything eventually to your mother. She was terrified and informed her father. Your grandfather knew an old exorcist called Paul V. Clement, who assured us that he could perform a successful exorcism to rid me completely of the Legion.

Joe Boat stands up violently and paces the room for a while. He stops in front of his son, and his expression is one of bitterness and pain as he looks Boat.

This part of the confession is his most terrible nightmare, a moment which had replayed in his mind all through the interceding years, and Boat knows this, and his pity for his father soars.

This is the fetid poison – the offensively malodorous element – that has lain in Joe Boat’s breast for ages and which threatens to choke him with its vileness.



It was the night it all happened. It happened in your grandfather’s house, late at night. You were in the care of the housekeeper in our house. Only the four of us were present. Your mother was in the living-room, praying fervently. Your grandfather, Clement and I were in the bedroom. Clement, that old fake, was full of s***! After his death the newspapers dredged up a sordid affair he was having with a prostitute. He was helped by your grandfather whose faith had never filled up again, sadly. They were a pair of old fools dabbling in something way above them. The Legion was as powerful as it was vicious. In the middle of the exorcism the demons entered me again and manifested, raging mad. The old men chickened out and tried to flee, but it was too late. The demons forced me to watch as they tore out Clement’s throat. It also used a heavy metallic flower vase to bash in your grandfather’s head.

Joe Boat stops.

Now he is weeping audibly, his sniffs terrible.

Yaw Boat’s jaw is set tightly, and the anger in his breast is not like anything he has ever experienced.

Now Boat appreciates the icy-blue fingers of vengeance. If he can force that damn demon to manifest, as his father puts it, and if he has the power to toast it over a hot grill and stick it with pitchforks so that it died a slow painful death, Yaw Boat would’ve done so gladly.


Your mother burst into the bedroom, drawn by their screams, and she was glowing brilliantly. The sight of me transformed into such a beast scared her so much, terrified her so much, that she had a massive heart attack just then. She had always had a weak heart, since infancy, and alas it gave up on her that instant. The leading investigators in the case were all demon-possessed. As the saying goes, the Devil looks after his own. They shut the case as another unsolved murders. That’s the story of my life, son. When you told me about Anderson prophecy I was truly glad, believe me. I thought maybe, in some hidden way, God was saving me the pain of watching you go through this hell. I had hoped for a miracle, but none came. I was forced to go through the initiation because if I had resisted, the Legion would’ve forced me to kill you, and believe me, Yaw, that is something I can never live with! Not again… not ever, my cherished son!

Joe Boat breaks down completely then.

His whole body collapses, and he sinks to his knees besides Boat, and puts his head in his son’s laps as he weeps distressingly, his whole being filled with grief.

Yaw Boat cannot speak because seeing his dear father so broken really tears him to the core, and slowly his tears fall on top of his father’s grey hair.

Boat cries for his poor mother, his unknown grandfather, and that old Pastor Clement.

His young heart is filled with rage against the vindictive evil hosts of demons known as the Legion!

As his tears fall he knows that he will rather die, than be invaded by those demons! There is no way he is going to allow that!

There is darkness, but he craves for the light.

The future looked bleak for him, knows that there is no way he will live the life his father has lived.

He prefers death, and one way or the other, he will find it.

It is the only option left anyway.



What happens to me now, Dad?

They stare at each other with shock and fear.

Joe Boat is sitting on the floor beside his son, his hands on Boat’s laps. He sighs miserably and gets to his feet.

He walks out of sight, somewhere behind Yaw Boat, and returns with a knife and slashes the ropes binding his son’s hands.



Son, if only I can give my life up for yours, I’ll gladly do that. From the second you were born, everything has been orchestrated for this final phase. I watched, helplessly, when you were seduced by Naana. It was meant to drive you away from God, to point you in the direction of total debauchery. Your friend Bob was a tool used to introduce you to drugs, to push you further away from God.

Yaw Boat rubs his wrists and nods dejectedly.

So many things make sense now.


Where does Uncle Samson and Elaine fit in?


Samson was appointed by the Council to oversee your development and keep you in line, so to speak. Elaine was also chosen to be your partner through your reign. When you were circumcised, right here in this chamber, her hymen was also broken, and both of your blood were mixed to bind you together, forever, so that you cannot fall in love with another woman, like I did. She has been raised to love only you. The first time she was sent to you, in the dark, was to establish the beginning of your evil kingdom. You were not supposed to be aware of the fact that you were making love to her, but I guess God had other plans for you, and made you aware.

Boat is horrified.


She knew? She has been part of this all along?


Yes, son, since she was ten years old. She also had a guardian, who happens to be her real mother, and a Council member. Your meeting with her wasn’t by chance at all. She already knew you, and knew what to do and say.



So her force-field was really fake, just like the one around our house.



You have a great gift, son, but you’re still a novice. You are inexperienced as an Unblind, and that, sadly, has been your undoing. But I blame Pastor Anderson. It was a gross dereliction of duty on his part. He should’ve stayed with you, or warned you to look out for the false force-field. Evil uses the fake field to trap fallen Unblinds. If you had been experienced you would’ve noticed that Elaine’s glow was only superficial, carefully projected over her being, mostly around her head and shoulders. When the Council heard that Anderson had gotten to you, they went into a panic mode. Even the Legion in me felt so threatened that they left my body to come and trap you, especially when it was perceived that God has shown you this secret chamber. When you escaped from the chamber I didn’t know you were coming to see me at the church. We all thought you were fleeing, going to meet Anderson. That’s why they pursued you so hard. I was so hopeful because I could feel the agitation of the Legion within me. I had never felt their fear so strongly like that ever. I was praying that Anderson is near, and that he will initiate you fully as an Unblind before the Legion got its claws into you.



It doesn’t make much sense, Dad, excuse my language. You are filled with these things, which are against God. And yet you live your life like a Christian. You even built a church. If the Devil and his minions are against Christians, and are hellbent on destroying them, or making them stray from God, why did you put up a church to draw more people to God? Why deceive the world that your riches came about because you’re a Christian? Surely that will make more people seek God, thus defeating your purpose.

Joe Boat walks to his throne and sits down wearily.


On the contrary, the mission of my church is to pull people away from God. Good churches lay emphasis on the Gospel. Repentance from sin, abstaining from sin, seeking the kingdom of God first, staying on the narrow road, the wrath of God’s judgement are things that real churches hammer on. They condemn sin in all its form without fear or respect for individuals. But people don’t want to hear about wages of sin, death and God’s final judgement. They don’t want to be reminded about heaven and hell. They want miracles, financial breakthroughs, healthy living, maintaining happy families, getting married, getting children, coping with adultery and fornication… anything but the real Gospel. They want to be told that they are human beings, and God understands their weaknesses, and sin isn’t really that bad because they can be forgiven by prayer and by a little fasting. That’s what churches like mine do. They don’t preach Gospel. They don’t preach salvation. We preach distorted lies. We preach miracles, deliveries from witchcraft, financial prosperity. This is what pleases millions of people and make them believe they’re Christians, but they are not! They’re just church goers. We tell them what will sound sweet in their ears and look wonderful to their eyes. What they want to hear and what they want to see. So, our congregation keeps on growing.




It chills Yaw Boat.

He is horrified.



Dear sweet Lord! That is horrible!


Unfortunately, yes, my son. Those who come to my church, and churches like mine, are lured into falling deeper into their sins. They believe they have a form of Godliness, but they are rotten sinners to the core. A few of them eventually get to see the truth, and they leave in search of the real Gospel. But that’s just a minuscule deviation, and irrelevant percentage. The greater numbers feel safe and happy in our churches, and so they remain unsaved sinners for life.

In addition to the horror Yaw Boat now feels real disgust, and a strange feeling, something akin to pity for all those millions of Golgotha Heights followers throughout the world.

Such terrible deceit!

Such an unholy agenda!

Such relentless evil!

Innocent souls who believed they are on snow-white paths are in truth being manipulated like puppets. They believe falsely that they are leading righteous lives, but like ostriches they are just burying their heads in the sand, and pretending that stink is coming from somewhere else.

There are false prophets among the people, false teachers quietly bringing in destructive sects, be on the watch out for the false prophets that come to you in sheep’s clothing but are ravenous wolves inside, and many false prophets will arise and mislead many…

Where has Boat heard that before?

But, worse of all, he is about to become one of them; one of the all-time greats no doubt, if he is going to be invaded by the great number of uglies that had crashed into his father.

A young handsome man like him, controlled by a host of demons, and in control of some of the wealthiest powerful people across the globe… riches and power at his beck and call, fame to have, but for what?

A waste.


He has seen a glimpse of what they are capable of doing, and the way they operate. The thought of being invaded by even one of them is sickening and terrifying enough to drive Boat’s heart into palpitations.



You’ve not answered my earlier question, Dad. I witnessed that crazy ritual earlier, and I saw the damn demons entering your body. What happens to me now? Or is it over? Has my body been already invaded?

There is untold agony and horror on Joe Boat’s face.


The ritual is over, my son. But you haven’t been invaded yet. At precisely twelve midnight a host of demons known as the Legion will leave my body and invade yours. Only one will be left in my body, to control me, and threaten you with my death if you don’t obey. You’ll be the new King, and you will have control over all of us. I’ll only be there to guide you and show you how to stay away from Unblinds. There’s nothing I can do, son. Age has caught up with me, and my unholy work is done. If I try to help you, or even think about it, they will kill you. I saw your mother die because of me. I can’t lose you too. I won’t be responsible for your death, my son.


(desperately, agonized)

But we can’t give in like that, Dad! You have to understand that I don’t want any of this! I can’t live my life like that! I’d rather die than be like that!

Tears fill Joe Boat’s eyes.

His son’s pain, confusion and fear breaks his heart, and he trembles fiercely.



It’s too late now, son! Oh, dear Lord! What have I done to you, my son? Please forgive me! If it will take my death alone, Yaw, believe me, I’ll gladly die to save you! But I can’t let those things kill you, son! I just can’t!

Yaw Boat runs to his father’s side with tears of anguish streaming down his face, and he falls to his knees and holds his father’s legs, his body skaking uncontrollably.



Dad! I’d rather die than have those things in me! Let’s get in touch with Pastor Anderson. Let’s get out of here now and seek him. He’ll know what to do, how to help us. He told me…

Boat’s voice trails off as his father raises his face from his hands.

Terror. Horror. Fear.

Joe Boat’s forehead and the left side of his face are normal, but the right side of that face is twisted, gnarled, ancient, beastly!

It is wrinkled and hairy, and his teeth are long, decayed and concave on that side…




Yaw Boat screams and gets to his feet. Desperately he looks around him.

The manifestation has started!

His father’s face is gone now, and it was replaced with that horrible face of the monster.

The mark of the beast is blazing crimson on the beast’s forehead. Its face is still inches from Boat’s, and he can see the pain of his father as he is submerged, pushed to the background as the host of demons surfaces.

Boat turns towards the exit to flee, and then there is a sheen of green, and out of nowhere Hideous appears, and settles around Boat’s feet.

Tentacles shoot out from Hideous’ mouth and curl around Boat’s wrists, holding him firmly to the spot.

The Legion takes real delight in crushing Joe Boat in front of Boat because as that mind-boggling manifestation takes place, that thing still retains Joe Boat’s eyes.

Boat watches the pain and terror and helplessness in his father’s eyes as the monster slowly comes out, they are the clear eyes of a terrified father trying desperately to hold on and help a beloved son.

The shoulders of the beast emerges, tearing the fine fabric with a nasty ripping sound. Its legs thickens until a third one explodes out. The thick horn doesn’t shatter the crown of the head in a shower of broken skull bones and blood as Boat has feared, but it forms! The top of his father’s head seems to bulge upward, thick at the base, long and curved toward the tip!

The Legion emerges in all its ugliness.

It gloats at Boat out of the ugly leathery face. Its eyes are still Joe Boat’s; it is still keeping his father present to witness the evil.

Boat can see the agony in the depths of his father’s eyes, the sheer pain, and that is what freezes Boat’s heart.

Boat had been about to scream with the paralysing fear he is feeling, but his father’s torture grabs his fear and tosses it out of him straight into the trash can, and as he watches that despicable being torturing his father, a slow fury climbs up in Boat, causing him to stop struggling and to glare at that thing with a snarling face in fierce anger, his head thrust forward defiantly.

That monster finally sees that instead of fear Yaw Boat is getting increasingly wrathful, and its face freezes with incomprehension, and then it realizes what is causing Boat to be so aggressive.

Suddenly it growls, and Joe Boat’s eyes fade out gradually, still agonized, still frightened… and in its place are the demon’s rainbow eyes.

Its long ears are curled backward, and it growls again.

But it is too late now.

Yaw Boat is no longer scared of it.

A cold calm has settled over him, and the fear is completely gone. He feels an icy energy sizzling in him, coupled with a cold fury that threatens to explode, and his balled fists jerk spasmodically as Hideous strains to hold him tightly.

The Monster moves forward and peers into Boat’s eyes. Its breath is foul, is if it has eaten a million rotten corpses, and maybe it had.


(growling menacingly)


Its look is belligerent, defying Boat to oppose it. It is breathing with feeling, alien, palpably evil, and ready to wreak a terrible repercussion if it is opposed.

Boat watches it, never blinking an eye, slightly tilted forward, held by the restraints of the tentacles of Hideous around his arms, wrists, thighs and ankles.

What Boat feels is sizzling cold anger.

Suddenly the eyes of the monster begin to change constantly, rapidly. Now a burning red, like the burning belly of a volcano, and then a striped orange and yellow, then purplish, and then a maddening pure white, and again deep black.

Boat feels like being peeked at, just like he and his friends taken turns at that little slit in Sweet Jenna’s tent and peeked at her naked tiny boobs when they went Red Cross camping during elementary school.

It is like that now. The horned monster remains absolutely still, but its eyes change rapidly, from one colour to the next, from one size to the other, and from one shape to the next.

It dawns on Boat finally.

There are indeed a lot of demons in that monstrous body!

Hundreds of demons bunched together, all clamouring for a better view of the host that will soon be theirs, taking a form of sick gladness in it. A young, strong body! They are appraising him, accepting him…

An awful lot of demons!

A legion of evil.

And suddenly it occurs to Boat how pathetic his plan is. How can he ever dream of committing suicide with that many demons in him?

He has just seen how easily they had submerged his father, pushing his personality to the background, ruling him!

Yaw Boat suddenly knows that once they invaded him, and possess his body, he will have no will of his own, no thoughts of his own! They will take over and control him absolutely.

He doesn’t stand a chance against them!


(angrily, defiantly, disrespectfully)

You f****** turds! I’m not yours! I hate you, and my body is the last f****** thing I’ll ever give to you. You don’t bloody own me!

The rotating eyes stop.

They were now a terrible live crimson, like a great inferno licking upward, and suddenly tendrils of faint smoke seeps out of the monster’s nostrils. A deep growling sound emerges from the depths of its throat.

The fires in its eyes seemed to burn even brighter, and it leans forward ominously, that growling sound emerging from its throat again.


(in a rumbling, decayed voice)


The smell from its mouth is that of a million dead and rotten fish, of decayed sewers, of virulent bogs.

It is a nauseating blast that makes Yaw Boat gag suddenly as the vomit rises uncontrollably. He retches hard, but fights against the foulness in his throat, refusing to throw up and show his fear and acute distress to that vile thing.



My destiny? You decided my destiny? The ugly bunch of you? You think you have dominion over me because of some damn pact you entered into with my father?




It takes two quick steps towards Boat, glowering at him, all puffed up and ugly.

Somehow Boat finds the mirth to give a real chuckle and shake his head.


No, pal, you’re lying. I bear no mark of yours. I’ll only bear the mark if you’re able to possess my body, but since I’m tied down here, and you’re still over there, I don’t think I have the mark of the beast yet, but then again, you thrive on lies, don’t you? You really want to occupy my body, you piece of stale menstrual stink? Come on then, you turd, come on!

The burning eyes suddenly give way and are replaced by terrible eyes which are so frightening that Yaw Boat found himself catching his breath, staring at them with paralysed thoughts.

The irises of these demon eyes are red and thin, seeming to be pushed inward, narrowing as it goes down, so that the middle pupils were extremely large and sunken, and the sensation he feels is like staring into an abyss, a sort of bottomless pit.

The burning eyes intrude fractionally, as if there is a battle for supremacy going on, but the ghoulish eyes pushes back in, and before Boat can utter another word he feels his throat filling up painfully, and his breath is choked off.

It feels as if a giant hand has taken hold of his neck and is slowly and deliberately strangling him.

Boat gags, his eyes bulging as his lungs fight for air. Through the pain he dimly admits that he has infuriated one of those vicious demons with his big mouth and insolence.

The demon with the burning eyes had dallied, preferring to show me a little insight into who is boss. This had obviously not gone down well with one of the uglies, which has pushed its way through, determined not to jaw-jaw with Boat but to convince him in a more practical way who is the king.

Boat tries to scream, but his throat is burning fiercely, and his vision is already clouding.

In a haze he sees that monstrous thing beginning to vibrate, and then whitish-grey ghostly figures begin to leave it, homing in on Boat, their ugly faces filled with sadistic glee, like addicts eyeing a fresh cut of Colombian high-grade cocaine.

They are coming!

The horde of demons, the Legion, are beginning to invade him!

Oh, dear Lord!

Boat feels the ghostly demons on his body, touching, probing, digging and entering.

To be continued…

© – Agyeman

All Rights Reserved.



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