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Lost! He has lost again!

And then, incredibly, unbelievably, a sweet melodious voice speaks above him.

A voice he recognizes, a voice he loves, a voice he adores!

The voice of his angel!

Sweet, beautiful, lovely Elaine Sarpong!

His love, his fantasy, his sweetheart… his breath!


(worried, anxious)

Yaw? Are you alright, my love?

Yaw Boat looks up at her.

She is wearing some kind of white dress as she bends over him, dropping her handbag and bible on the ground, her face concerned, loving.

But, most importantly, she is covered with the glorious force-field.

Brilliant, huge, all-enveloping, so nice!

Beyond her Boat catches a sheen of green and turns his head.

He sees Hideous crashing through the floor, disappearing, fleeing!

The Shadow-Thing is also gone.



f****** b******s! Help me up, my love. Please get me out of here!

He gets to his feet, gasping for breath, and puts his left arm across Elaine’s shoulder.



Yaw, what’s wrong? What’s going on? You look so… so shattered!



Elly, please get me out of here. No time to explain. Please get me out of here. I think I’m going to black out because I feel so light-headed and weak, and feels a blackout coming on. But whatever happens, please don’t leave my side! Not even for a second. Promise me that!

Somebody gives her the bible and her handbag.

She takes Boat’s arm, and leads quickly off the parking lot.

Yaw Boat keeps looking back, expecting to see his father and Basoah at the entrance, but none of them emerge.

Elaine flags down a taxi on the main road, and she helps Boat get inside.

The last thing Boat remembers is lying down on the seat, his head cradled in her laps, eyeing the fine twin mounds of her breasts stretching the fabric of her dress quite nicely.

Exhaustion is like a band of iron across his shoulders, and relief is a blissful wind that blows across his frame.

Boat turns on the seat and buries his face in her stomach. She tenses for a moment, and then her arms tighten on Boat’s shoulders, and pulls him closer.

His arms snake around her, and he holds her close. She is warm and soft, and she smells so nice.

The gentle motion of the car is a rocking sensation that dulls his senses, and soon he allows the darkness to steal over him, and he welcomes the sweet sleep.

He deserves it, at least… if nothing for else.

Boat slips into an exhausted sleep.

She shares an apartment with a friend called Anne, and as she unlocks the door Boat hears her mumbling something about Anne being out for the night, something to do with her new boyfriend.

Boat is still drowsy as she leads him through the living-room to her bedroom.

It is a big, clean room.

The floor is covered with soft Venetian rug, probably bought second-hand, but nice all the same. The bed is circular and huge, covered with clean flowered white and pink sheets and a lot of pillows. Three little Teddy Bears are lying neatly across it.

A 21-inch colour television shaped like an apple is erected halfway on the wall, and beneath it is a handy home-theatre stereo system and a little silver DVD player. Near to that is a wide computer table on which is a laptop, a few books and earphones.

A dressing-table with a huge mirror sits across the room, near the windows that opens unto a small terrace.

The doors of the wardrobe are closed.

Opposite the bed is a deep sofa, two low tables and a tall compact disk rack. Beyond that is a closed door which probably leads to her bathroom.

She leads Boat to the sofa and gently helps him to sit down. She gets on her knees and removes his shoes and socks. Boat is suddenly aware of the fine curve of her buttocks, and the creamy tops of her breasts as she bend to stuff his socks in his shoes.

He sees that the edges of his trousers are still dark from the blood he has stepped in inside the chamber of horrors.

He looks at the incredibly-chiselled lines of her face.

So lovely… so adorable!

Precious Elaine!

She stands up and goes to her wardrobe and brings him a huge bathrobe.


(with a shy little smile)

I bought this for my Dad on his birthday. Never gave it to him because he travelled, and by the time he came back I have forgotten about it. A little small, I think, but it will have to do for now.



Thank you, Elly.

Boat notices that she is avoiding eye contact with him.

It is the same old game now.

They have had never been this alone and this emotionally close. She is the girl he has vowed to deflower, but now that she is here, he feels no urge to pursue his natural inclinations.

He has seen too much, and done too much. The depth of betrayal he has experienced from men he loves has drained him, and the evil that the demons are capable of has rendered him emotionally-shattered.

Boat is not sure he ever wants to make love to another woman again. It is Elaine he loves, and eventually he will marry her, and she is going to be his only woman for the rest of his life.

But that will come later, after he has seen Anderson again and gotten rid of the gift.

As he looks at her there is no longer lust in his eyes but deep respect, love and a rush of emotions alien to him. He feels silly, and wants to take her in his arms and sing to her, rocking her gently as they both slip off into deep slumber.

She has the amazing force-field, and that is all that matters. He is going to tell her everything, leaving nothing out, and then she will accompany him to Takoradi to look for Pastor Paul Anderson.

With her by his side, and with her wonderful force-field, those evil b******s will not dare come near him again.

She points to the door he has earlier assumed leads to a bathroom.



The bathroom is in there, Yaw. Go and take a shower. You look really battered up and dirty and stinky. I’ll go and rustle up something in the kitchen for you. And then you can tell me everything that has happened to you, my love.

Boat begins to protest, to beg her to stay, but with a little rustle of silk she leaves the bedroom.

Yaw Boat feels a rush of sudden panic, expecting the room to fill up with the devilish green of Hideous, but nothing happens.

And then he remembers how they flee crazily in the presence of the force-field, and he knows that the evil beings will not dare show up when she is in the same building with him.

Feeling suddenly a little secure, Boat enters the bathroom and shirks his clothes.

The bathroom is not very big.

It is very feminine.

There is however no lacy intimate clothing lying around, and he smiles ruefully at the dirty turn of his thoughts.

He soaks under the shower for a long time, and then he reaches for huge sponge and some liquid soap.

After the long refreshing bath he towels himself dry slowly, and then slipped into the bathrobe. It is indeed small, and feels uncomfortably tight around the armpits and arms, giving him a pinched kind of look as he surveys himself in the half-length mirror on the wall.

He pulls it off and takes a huge towel from a pack on a rack, and drapes it around his waist instead.

The scent of fresh coffee assaults his nostrils as soon as he enters the bedroom again.

She is sitting on the sofa, regarding his naked hairy body frankly for a moment, and then she looked away, a blush spreading rapidly across her amazingly beautiful face.



You were right. Bathrobe was too tight.

She speaks without looking at him, and she points at a laden tray on her computer table.


Made you some coffee and tuna sandwiches, Yaw. If you prefer something heavier-


(cutting in)

No, no, my love. This will do just fine.

Boat doesn’t realize how hungry he is until he has downed four cups of coffee and eaten all the six sandwiches.

He has been stressed, and doesn’t even remember the last time he has eaten. It seems he has just been fleeing from the evil ones forever.

He drinks a glass of water, stands up, belches and stretches luxuriously.

The towels around his waist starts to fall, and he groans with alarm and catches it fast, holding it in place.

She giggles, which stops suddenly as their eyes meet, and then she looks away quickly again.

She is so demure, so lovely, so precious…

Dearest Elaine!

Boat can feel the sleep stealing over him again.

He walks over to her and sits down beside her on the sofa. She is tense, and her hands are clasped together tightly.

Boat reaches out and covers her hands with his right hand. She tenses up, and then she slowly relaxes. Her hands unfolded and coil around his.

The mood is just right, and the atmosphere perfectly set-up, even better than he has ever planned it.

This could have been the setting for the great deflowering, but he knows it will not happen.

He has left that part of his life behind.

Yaw Boat is no longer the master player he has been.

He has transcended; he has been a selfish, irresponsible little lout, unable to see the diamond that she is. Here is a girl worth sticking to, a girl a man should love and protect. The kind of girl guys take home to meet Mommy.

It is amazing that his feelings has changed so drastically in the space of a couple of days. He has entertained the fantasy of taking her virginity and introducing her to his world of lust, and yet here he is, indulging another kind of craving, the sort that makes him feel like putting flowers in her hair and kissing her ankles.

The sort of feeling that makes his heart skip beats as he imagines her approaching him as he waits for her at the altar.

She now looks desperately into his eyes, and there is a little fear in the depths of hers.



Why were you running, Yaw? Why were you so hurt? I saw blood stains on all over your clothes, and I heard you were fighting with your father.

Boat winces and sighs.

Even thoughts about his father hurts him terribly.

His hand tightens on hers.






My love, there’s so much I have to tell you. You wouldn’t believe what has happened to me. But tonight is magical, and I want to cherish it. Right now, I just found out how much I really love you, my precious Elly. I feel safe with you here. Promise me you won’t leave my side tonight, darling, because I need a long sleep. Tomorrow I’ll tell you and we’ll plan our future from there. But forgive me, my darling, I seem to be speaking like a primeval chauvinistic animal, taking you for granted. Will you let me be a part of your life, Elly? Forever?

She is looking at his face, starry-eyed, the expression on her face so tender and filled with so much love that it brings untold joy to his heart.

Twice she tries to speak, but her emotions seem to choke her.



Take the bed, Yaw. I’ll be right here on this sofa, and I’ll never leave your side, my darling. Never ever, for as long as you’ll want me to be beside you. What I feel, what I’ve been feeling for you ever since I saw you, is nothing but love in its most complete and natural form.

For a long time they stare at each other, and then they smile, with love, with adoration, with happiness.

Feeling a happiness he has never felt before, Boat stands up and walks to the bed, and then he stops and turns to face her.

She has drawn up her legs, and he sees a flash of her creamy thighs. If ever a woman has looked contented and extremely beautiful, it is Elaine, at that particular moment.



You will marry me, won’t you, Elly?

Her face glows; it his answer. The smile on her lips is mischievous, loving, an angel epitomized.

He can see sudden tears of happiness shimmering in her eyes.



You and me, Yaw. We’re one. Always will be. Go to sleep, my love.

Yaw Boat smiles happily, and obeys her.

He gets into the bed, and it seems he is asleep even before his head touches the pillow.

Sleepily, he is aware, barely, that she is in the room, moving silently around.

From a long way he hears her light steps on the floor as she closes the windows and pulls the blinds, and then a moment later the lights go out, plunging the room into darkness.

And then Boat smiles as he slips deeper into sleep.

And then, quite suddenly, she is there.

He can smell her, feel her against him, warm and soft, pliant, so fresh. He can feel her hands over him, fleeting and gentle, filled with love, traversing the length of his chest, burrowing into the hair on his chest, travelling downward and stopping just short of his loins.

Sleepily Boat holds her, murmuring in his sleep, and as his hands move across her, gently and passionately, still shrouded in that woozy web of half-sleep, the feeling of déjà vu slams through his head and straight into his heart, and then he knows!

She is, as Bob would’ve put it, absolutely well-bended!

She feels like a flow of silk, a thing of ethereal quality, a perfect geography of hills and valleys without flaws!

In the dark he cannot see her, but his marvelling hands run across her…

Silky shoulders, sinuous back, incredible buttocks, firm and proud breasts, taut sweet goose-fleshed nipples, an amazing flat tummy, an enchanted dip of navel, the most incredible roundness of hip, the flow of breath-taking thighs, the silky strands of hair at the core of her being, her incredible wetness as she moves up and down sensuously on his erection!

Soft moans come from her lips as she kisses him tenderly, passionately, hungrily…

She rears up above him, and as his hands grip her undulating hips, as she moves on him with incredible thrusts of her waist, as he slips so sweetly in and out of her, he knows…

Finally, he knows…

It was her!

That naked woman in his bed!

That unknown woman who has made love to him in the dark and disappeared in the morning…

The naked woman in the dark!

The one who has started it all…

It is her!!

Do you have any idea who that woman was, the one you slept with last night? … she lit the fuse of the dynamite that would obliterate you!

Anderson’s words!


Oh, dear God…



Yes, it is her, the naked woman in his bed, the strange woman who had made love to him and left him wondering, whose presence had been the catalyst for all the crazy happenings in his life!

What is happening?

Yaw Boat is fully awake now, and there she is, all over him, naked, a graceful angel in the dark, riding him hard as she makes the most incredible love to him!

Boat feels the crushing waves of pain again, and the fear begins to build up in him, excruciatingly, unbearably.

Tears come to his eyes in the dark.


(confused, hurt)


She does not speak.

Her fingers grip his chest as she thrusts harder, faster, tighter, sweeter!

He is aware of the allure of her, the pull of her soul, the lust of her sudden evil.

Her breasts are suddenly pressed against his chest, and her lips cover his.

Full, sweet, honeyed! Her tongue slams into his mouth, sweet, honey-filled, lust-created!


(panting, lustful)

Oh, Yaw, Yaw, Yaw! Love me, my destiny, my soul mate, my King! Yes, yes, yes!






This can’t be happening!

Oh, Lord!

No, no, no!

It is her!


So why the charade? Why the damn lies about virginity and not even allowing him to kiss her?

And the light further dawns…

He is finally elucidated…

She is a part of it!

From the very beginning she has been a part of them, part of the whole elaborate plan, part of some dark ugly plot!

But she has had the force-field, hadn’t she? Her own halo of divine righteousness?

There is a prayer in his heart that can’t come out through is tortured lips!

Dear Lord, dear confusion! Save me, oh, somebody – something – please save me!

She rears up above him as she suddenly groans with her final release of passion!

He feels her inner core tightening around his erection as she explodes in her orgasm, and even as his p**** begins to deflate rapidly in his horror, even as she trembles violently in her sick pleasure, her eyes flies open in the darkness…

She has no ordinary eyes!

They glow…

Her eyes are horizontal lines of pink, red and black!

Filled with evil, determined to destroy!

And then, in the darkness, his final proof is laid bare when her forehead begins to glow…

The mark of the beast blazed… 666!

Crimson. Terrible. Bloody.

Yaw Boat moans, and stares in horror.

The room is suddenly filled with a terrible green, and a horrified Boat turns his head.

At the same time the lights came on, all of them, as if by an unseen command!

Hideous is floating majestically from the ceiling, falling toward the bed.

A dark shadow is outlined against the wall, and Boat’s terror-struck eyes follow it.

There, on the wall, is the three-legged, three-fingered horned Shadow-Thing!

The bedroom door opens then, and Samson Basoah’s giant bulk bends and came through quickly.


(weeping helplessly)

Oh, Elly!

Elaine scrambles off his deflated member, grabs a towel and drapes it around her incredible body, and her demon eyes glare at Boat with harsh unfriendliness.

Uncle Samson is suddenly beside the bed.

In a last effort to escape tries to get off the bed, but Hideous settles all around him, tentacles holding him tight, making him unable to move any muscle.

One corner of Basoah’s upper lip curls in sheer disdain as he draws back his fist.



Always the **** man, ain’t you, you little prick! Beware of pussies, said the cunt to the a****le! You have the gift, kid, but you’re a damn novice. Too bad you won’t get another chance. But to settle your obviously wandering mind, well, let me elucidate you a bit. That light you obviously saw around your old man’s house and around Elaine? Well, that’s the fake …what did you call it, force-field? Yes, I thank that is it. Well, the dark side can also generate one. I heard one damn Unblind we killed about three years ago saying that there is a difference. The real force-field hurts the eye, but the fake one, the one around Elaine and around your father’s house, generated by us, well, they say that one is king of just yellowish and just like a light, not bright enough to hurt the eye. We’re still working on it, though, because the experienced Unblinds do know the difference. But you piece of s***, you don’t know s***, do you?

Samson laughs nastily then, and his fist crashes against Yaw Boat’s jaw.

The darkness engulfs Boat.

He is unconscious.

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