The Incarnate – Chapter Twenty Three

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The Incarnate Chapter Twenty Three (Labour Ward?)

Kelly’s body was being prepared for burial, Biitka was present at the hospital with Sena and Dorcas and a few members of the family, and Fletcher was outside the morgue with Milly who kept looking at him like he’s being wanted by the police

Fletcher: I will be more comfortable if you stopped looking at me like some kind of alien

Milly: And who said am looking at you?

Fletcher: Nobody did, I just know

Milly: Have we met somewhere?

Fletcher: Once, at Chief’s villa

Milly: Yeah, But I have this strong feeling we’ve met somewhere else part from there

Fletcher: that I don’t know about, I don’t have that feeling

Milly: I wish you did, anyway…it’s no big deal

Milly knew that, her mind wouldn’t just picket on any random person, she strongly believed Fletcher was the same guy who picked her up in the Uber, she wasn’t in the position to ask more questions because Fletcher had blocked his ears with earphones, she just stood trying to comfort herself.

Sena was feeling sharp pains in the waist, she settled in the available chair trying to ease herself, the aches became unbearable that she gave out a soft shout that attracted the morgue keepers, they then called in Dorcas and Biitka, Dorcas as a Medical doctor quickly confirmed he’s in labour, Sena was rushed into a vehicle and sent to the labour block three minutes away.

The face of Biitka looked very uneasy, he has never seen a woman in labour personally, so there was nothing he could do to help, he just stood there like some kind of statue, after all the baby is what he wished never came in the first place

The family had no option than to put Kelly’s back into the morgue and welcome the baby, he can be buried anytime, but they must rejoice the coming of a new baby, not wailing over a dead body.

The body has spent almost a year in the morgue, burial delayed due to misunderstanding between families on where to bury him, Biitka later influenced all of them and they agreed on a family cemetery he had acquired in Accra.

The cries could be heard from the outside of the labour ward, the babies just arrived, twins as they had been told, the smiles and tears on the face of Sena shows she wished Kelly, who was lying in the morgue few blocks away could walk to them and kiss their little bodies, but wishes aren’t horses, Dorcas who helped in the delivery went ahead to make sure they were cleaned and placed in the cot, she was very much aware Biitka was around, and he been around means he is capable of doing anything.

She sat by the bedside as Sena recovered from tiredness.

Fletcher looked all broken, like someone who has lost something really dear, he lean against his car and wished how he would have held the babies in his arms, how he would have kissed Sena, he didn’t see when Biitka came over to his place.

Biitka: Is everything alright?

Fletcher: Yeah, What of the babies, I mean your grandchildren?

Biitka: They look fine

Fletcher: What of Sena?

Biitka: She’s well. Just tired I guess

Fletcher: Nice

Biitka: How I wished their dad was here to hold them in his hands

Fletcher: Yeah, but there he lay still in a cold room motionless, he could have been alive, but the evil of men brought him death

Biitka: Yeah, death

Fletcher: Yeah, but every evil man shall live to taste the fruit of their evil ways, but this time slowly

Biitka faked sorrow and asked to take his leave, he claimed Fletcher was reminding him of Kelly, but he was trying finding himself away from listening to curses from an alien.

Milly had left the hospital, she wasn’t ready to meet Biitka, and she was gone to meet her sugar daddy who was waiting for her at the hotel restaurant.

All evidences Ghartey presented proved Milly had really smuggled drugs to Colombia, she was in their possessions now, and she’s now going to be used as a bait to grab Biitka.

Sena had invited all of them to help take Kelly’s remains out of the morgue, Biitka was not all that happy about that, but it was too late to avert them, He was much not interested in seeing Milly, not to even talk of Dorcas who wouldn’t give him any breathing space.

Fletcher drove the family home in his car whiles Biitka used his, everyone was quiet throughout the journey, and it was a mixture of sorrow and joy.

Dorcas: Fletcher, you have said nothing

Fletcher: Yeah, am not soo well

Dorcas: Why what’s wrong which you

Fletcher: Some headache

Sena: And why should I believe you?

Fletcher: No, you don’t have to

Sena: Please cheer up wai

Fletcher was able to steal a smile, he was finding it really hard to look at the babies, it was just a hard task for him, it’s like looking at them and telling them what dad’s tell their babies.

They all soon pulled up at the house, Biitka invited Fletcher over for a convo, It was something unusual and Dorcas knew it weird..

Biitka: I heard you’ve been of help to the ladies very much

Fletcher: That’s not true, I only drive them to their destination and get paid for my services, which kind of help are you talking about

Biitka: That is a form of help, and thanks for that

Fletcher: You don’t need to thank me, am only doing my job

Biitka: I know it’s your job, but from today forward, I will need you to do that job somewhere else

Fletcher: Whaat? What do you mean?

Biitka: I mean I’ll get a driver for them

Fletcher: Tell it to them, not me

Biitka: And hey, If you cross boundaries, I’ll send you to the cleaners

Fletcher: Hahahaaa

Biitka was now all aware Fletcher was just not who he claims he is, their convo back at the hospital was an eye opener to him, he walked towards the house and met Dorcas at the doorway

Dorcas: What did you tell him that made him leave?

Biitka: I told him I will get you guys a new driver, I can’t have strangers enter my house when my grandchildren are around

Dorcas: You can’t do that

Biitka: Really, remember, this is my house

Dorcas stood frozen as Biitka went into the house

“What is he up to this time?” She asked herself

To be continued…

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