The Incarnate – Chapter Twenty Four (The Expo)

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The Incarnate Chapter Twenty Four (The Expo)

It’s been days and Fletcher had not visited the ladies, Sena was much worried in particular, Dorcas had called his number a dozen times which proved futile.

Biitka seem to have kept them hostage, he had made his guards to surround the house wielding guns, he was on the lookout for Fletcher in particular, and he felt really victorious when he didn’t see him anywhere around the villa since he bid him off.

Dorcas wasn’t soo comfortable with the goings; she went straight to Biitka who had just entered the living room

Dorcas: Why are you doing this?

Biitka: Doing what?

Dorcas: We have not heard from Fletcher since he left, only heavens know what you told him, and the guards here, what is that all about?

Biitka: Look young lady, I am protecting the last of my family okay, and I can’t anyone from any random place picket around them

Dorcas: Really? If the babies should be protected against someone, that person should be you

Biitka: Really?

Dorcas: Yeah really, and we both know that

Biitka: Look, I have to take some rest, please leave me okay

Dorcas: I’ll, but please can you let them leave, I mean those guards

Biitka: Look, they are not here to protect you okay; they are here because of my grandchildren

Dorcas: What about Sena?

Biitka: Did you hear me right? Did you hear me mention Sena?

Dorcas was soo pissed off; she went Sena looking so angry and restless

Sena: What is it? I saw you with Biitka, what were you guys talking about

Dorcas: He says he’s protecting the babies

Sena: Protecting them against who and what?

Dorcas: He says only the babies, and not the mother

Sena: Whaat, what is he protecting them from

Dorcas: If the babies should be protected. They should be protected from him and nothing else

Biitka was eavesdropping from behind the door, what Dorcas said infuriated him and he burst into them

Biitka: You think the babies should really be protected away from my reach?

Dorcas: Why not, they should have in the first place

Biitka: Why not you, you are a beast of yourself, some kind of wolf in sheep cloth

Sena: Wait, what are you guys talking about

Dorcas: Nothing, don’t mind him

Biitka: You think nothing? Tell her yourself, what did you do that killed Chief, tell her, you were his Doctor, tell her everything you did

Sena: Wait, what are you guys really trying to say, Biitka? Dorcas?

Dorcas: You think I did kill Chief? Is that what you think?

Biitka: Who else did, who gave him that shot which infected him with the tumor?

Sena: Whaat? Dorcas, tell me something

Dorcas was quiet and that was enough for Sena to really confirm Dorcas really knows something concerning Chiefs death

Sena: Dorcas, will you say something?

Dorcas: I was invited by Biitka here to take care of Chief when he fell ill, and mistakenly gave him a drug overdose that caused the tumor

Sena: Whaat? And you have been quiet all through this while? What were you thinking?

Biitka: Yeah, she did all that, she killed Chief, you did it

Dorcas: I didn’t kill him, you did

Sena: Whaat in the world are you two guys?

Dorcas couldn’t bare what she was going through, her weeping’s and curses were geared towards Biitka who looked carefree, he was busy fueling her woes and painting her black to Sena, Sena was already in tears, she felt deceived, all her life has been a lie.

Dorcas went straight to her room, and in few minutes, she was back with her bag, and was already out of the door before Sena could shout her back

Biitka: Let her go, she has nothing good to offer you, she has been lying to you all this while

Sena: I just can’t believe she did this

Biitka: And now you do, because she told you that herself, from the horses own mouth

Sena: Of course not, I don’t believe she did kill Chief

Biitka: Why don’t you, she just told you that herself

Sena: I saw the video, Milly did kill Chief okay, I have seen the video myself

Biitka: Wait, Whaat?

Sena walked pass Biitka before he could play any pretense face to her, she was all aware Biitka was trying to create bad blood between herself and Dorcas, she was also more surprise Dorcas actually overdosed Chief, and she did not tell anyone about what she did, that makes it looks so criminal and unprofessional in her practice as a medical doctor, She grabbed her phone and tried calling Dorcas, but she wouldn’t just pick up.

“I am so scared for her now, where is she going to” Sena asked herself

Dorcas had chattered a taxi and was heading towards town, Biitka had told his guards to track her down and kidnap her, not kill her.

She could see from the taxi’s rear mirror that, a familiar car was tailing the taxi from behind, she asked the driver of the taxi to pull up at a Gas station, at least, that will prevent them from tailing them, they did, but also packed at distance.

Dorcas was seriously looking at this direction when she heard her name, it was Fletcher

Dorcas: Thank goodness, where have you been?

Fletcher: No time to talk, those following you are still around

Dorcas: How did you know am being chased

Fletcher: Just shut up and get into my car

Fletcher veered into the streets, and it was too a late chase for the tailers, he was a better driver.

He took her to his place that was her first time at Fletcher’s place, Dorcas was looking all around the room, it looked so rich and expensive, the house did not depict the owner, Fletcher was just a chauffeur, and he couldn’t have acquired this house from that job in a country like this.

Fletcher: Why are you being chased?

Dorcas: Hmmm,I did something very evil some time ago, and Biitka was shielding me, but he just exposed me to Sena, I couldn’t stay to watch her face

Fletcher: I wouldn’t ask you what you did anyway

Dorcas: Hmmm, why wouldn’t you?

Fletcher: I know everything, I mean everything

Dorcas: Whaat, what do you mean by you know everything?

Fletcher: Do you believe in life after death in a different body?

Dorcas: Not really, but I have heard stories of Incarnation

Fletcher: Tell Sena I love her, tell her to take care of the babies, she should name them Roland Smiths

Dorcas: Wait what are you saying? You seem to be speaking in parables

Fletcher: Yeah, I have reported Biitka to the police and he will be arrested soon, Milly is already a dead meet, and you help Sena raise the kids, it wasn’t your fault

Dorcas: Please, who are you?

Fletcher: You should know who I am by now

Dorcas: No, Nooo, Kelly?

Dorcas mysteriously passed out after mentioning Kelly, Fletcher stood smiling and shaking his head, his time to go to the other side was near.


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