Is It A Sin? (Episode 8)

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SHORT NARRATION FROM THE NARRATOR: a month later, Nnena was discharged from the hospital, she suffered a miscarriage of the pregnancy she was carrying before the incident. Chief Nnamdi on the other hand has now stuck to home, he has employed a General Manager for his business and he has gave up traveling. Chief Nnamdi asked his wife (Mrs. Chioma) about the gateman whereabout but Mrs. Chioma replied thus; “He has secure a security job at an oil firm, so therefore he has resigned.” Nnena on the other hand has lost her memory as a result of the unknown accident to her, she hardly remember things, all she could recall was that she fainted when she was given a phone, she has even forgotten who owns the mobile phone she was handling that very day and she has totally forgotten what she saw on the phone that made her to faint. She doesn’t know how she got to the hospital and how she suffers so much injuries; that means she doesn’t know that she had an accident. She was unable to recall that she was pregnant; the entire incidents that happened recently had been totally formatted from her memory {brain}. She could only remember the last scene she witness {she fainted when she was handed a phone}, and the mystery death of her father and how her mother was stoned to death that was all she could remember thought the doctor assure the Chief that she may restore her memory maybe a year to more.


Chief Nnamdi started showing some strange and rare attitudes to his whole family, he would chat with Nnena for the whole day, he has minimized the works Nnena was doing in the house, Obinna was very happy about the latest development but at the same time baffled and concerned, he thought about his wicked and callous mother, he knew she is up to everything and she could do anything to forsake her dreams or wishes. Mrs. Chioma on the other hand was always angry and irritated whenever she sight Nnena and Chief Nnamdi chatting, many dirty thoughts ran into her mind but she just maintain muted. Mrs. Chioma crews (Chinendu and Chiamaka) has keen to be disturbing their mother about the shocking and rare attitudes of their father recently, they were so jealous of Nnena, they were totally ashamed of themselves.




The whole family of Nnamdi’s were all sited on the well arranged dinner chair of six, they are all waiting for their breakfast which Nnena was preparing in the kitchen.

“Would you bring the soup on time?” Mrs. Chioma roared.

“It’s almost ready ma.” Nnena boomed from the kitchen.

“She is so sluggish, how can we eating the breakfast by this time, and this is almost 7:20am.” Chiamaka enunciated as she readjusts her chair.

“7:30am is not late for the breakfast big sister.” Obinna tried to defense Nnena.

“You have started again. Who invite you to this conversation now? Please o I don’t want trouble this morning o.” Chiamaka counterblasted angrily.

“I just hate your gut, spoilt brat.” Chinendu concluded Chiamaka’s words.

All this while the children were fighting in war of words, Chief Nnamdi and Mrs. Chioma were also fighting with war of expressions. The fighting couple were looking at each other with an averting faces, they were both ready to slay each other just then Chiamaka throw a remarkable question to the Chief.

“Daddy, you didn’t even say anything about the picture Mummy shows to you about Nnena and a stranger having s-x, you didn’t even question her or find out about anything concerning that accusation or have you forgotten?” Chiamaka asked the shocking but reasonable question.

“I did not forgot, my dear.” Chief Nnamdi paused

“Just that I later found out that Nnena is innocent and she is not guilty of your accusations and to avoid further tormenting and commotion that is the reason why I have been muted on the issue.” Chief Nnamdi uttered as he looks straight into Mrs. Chioma eyes.

Mrs. Chioma and her crews (Chinendu and Chiamaka) were shocked, bemused, baffled, dumbfounded and ashamed; they were all confused as they all look into the eyes of one another just then Nnena brought the breakfast she has prepared to the dinning. Nnena served the whole family the delicious meal of rice with snail stew as their breakfast and that is according to the food timetable of the house, after she finish serving the meal she held the serving tray as she was ready to storm out from the dinning just then Chief Nnamdi called her back.

“Nnena!” Chief Nnamdi called her back as he was trying to mess a snail from the snail soup.

“Sir.” Nnena responds to his calling respectfully.

“Where is your food?” Chief Nnamdi asked as he was trying to stress the words.

“It is in the kitchen.” Nnena replied positively.

“Bring your food to the dinning, let us eat together.” Chief Nnamdi uttered as he was trying to devour in the delicious rice.

Mrs. Chioma, Chinendu and Chiamaka open their eyes wide, they try to re-captivates the statement “Bring your food to the dinning, let us eat together.” But it seem they heard the Chief Statement right, Obinna on the other hand gave out a happy smile, he was very happy for their guiltless housemaid Nnena.


Mrs. Chioma angrily left the dinning; she was so irritated at the last statement of Chief Nnamdi, she doesn’t care if the Chief mean the statement or not.

“Dad!” Chinendu exclaimed with a sad expression

“Son!” Chief Nnamdi said as he looks straight into Chinendu eyes.

Chiamaka and Chinendu also angrily left their meal in the dining, they loathly head for their respective bedrooms, they were so angry and fury of ire, their hatred for Nnena was now growing like a stubborn grass.

Nnena on the other hand has forgotten all the maltreatment Mrs. Chioma and her crew do gave to her, she has even forgotten how they use to gave her the beating of her life, she has forgotten her savior in the house “Collins”, all she saw on her body was marks of wipes and wound from hot iron and water but she has forgotten how they got there.


Nnena swiftly run to the kitchen, she brought her food to the dinning, she feel honored to eat with the Chief and Obinna on the same table.



Mrs. Chioma came back from a party around 4:30pm on that very beautiful day, she heard Chief Nnamdi and Nnena chatting and laughing inside the sitting room, she decided to spy and listen to a little about their conversation from outside where she was staying, she heard the chief saying thus;

“I will like to free you from this slavery, I should have let you go and start your own business but I fear anything might happen to you outside if I let you go, I fear my wicked wife, she has a very bad intention toward you, I can’t afford to lose you, if I am to help your condition now the only thing I can do is to announce you as my daughter to the whole occupant of this house and I promise I will announce you as my daughter tomorrow morning.” Chief Nnamdi said extremely happy, he thought that is the only way to help the poor orphan worsen condition.

Mrs. Chioma almost fall down from where she leap to peep to hear their conversation, she couldn’t believe her hear, she try to play a music from her phone through her earphone so as to confirmed that her hears are working fine and properly but it seem she heard the Chief right and nothing was wrong with her hears.

She reluctantly barged into the sitting room, but she didn’t greet the Chief, Nnena try to greet her but she turn deaf hears to her greeting. She run to her room upstairs, she angrily tosses her bag which she was handling against the wall. She laid down flat on the bed, she was totally befuddled, baffled, bemused and confounded about she heard earlier, she was confused and totally at sea. Many ungodly thoughts ran into her mind but she thought thus;

“I am a mother and no more a lovely wife I use to be to my husband, Chief Nnamdi behaviors this days are rare and strange, I can’t believe I heard him right, he was trying to made Nnena his daughter over my dead body, I am living in this house not because of my husband but because of my children, if he succeed in making Nnena his daughter, I bet he will willed many of his property to Nnena, he is a no-nonsense man, he loves Nnena dearly like his own daughter, I think I have to find a way not to let this happen, beside am no more a wife here but a mother of my children, my staying here is for the chief to quickly die and my children should be able to posses is properties, if I made him to die on time does it have any fault or blemish?





Chief Nnamdi sat opposite Mrs. Chioma in the sitting room, the children were fast asleep, and Nnena was in the kitchen preparing the breakfast, Chief Nnamdi was holding a sport newspaper just then he called Nnena from the sitting room.

“Nne! Nnena!!” He screamed her name with some kind of manly vocals.

“Sir!” Nnena responded from the kitchen as she was trying to make her way to the sitting room.

“Nnena, please help to prepare a very hot coffee.” Chief Nnamdi demands

“Okay sir, Nnena replied as she reluctantly vanished from the sitting room.


Nnena came out from the kitchen with a tray on her hands, there she placed the kettle of coffee and a glass cup. She served Chief Nnamdi the coffee as Chief Nnamdi drank the coffee within a twinkle of an eye. Some minutes later; Chief Nnamdi feels that his stomach is ruminating, he feel some stomach pains but within a twinkle of an eye, he fall on the gold colored tile, he held his stomach tight, he was groaning in pains, some seconds later he started vomiting blood from his mouth, Mrs. Chioma and Nnena quickly help him up as they quickly rush him into the car, Mrs. Chioma drove the car, Nnena held the chief tight as she was pleading to the unconscious Chief not to gave up as a ghost, Mrs. Chioma drove slowly for some minutes, later she was struck into a traffic, the hold-up stay as long for like thirty minutes.


Mrs. Chioma drove into the hospital, she came down from the car as she rushes into the hospital to acknowledge the nurses that there is an emergency victim.

Some nurses came back with a stresher as they place the unconscious chief on the stresher, they push Chief Nnamdi on the stresher to the Emergency ward.



The doctor came out from the ward; he told Mrs. Chioma and I the shocking but true news;

“We are sorry ma, we lost the chief and he dies of poison.” The doctor said pitifully as he tried to makes his way to his ward.



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