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Boat has two devastating tools that allows him to live his life his way: money and good looks!

He has both in abundance, and he is the king of the town.

And then he met Bob Sarpong.

Bob is a dapper entrepreneur, but under the façade of his legal businesses, he also deals in drugs, and although the cops had been after him for ages, he had never been caught.

He is shrewd, and knows the people to buy off in an environment where corruption and greed reigns supreme.

Bob is one hell of a man, and has convinced Boat to supply his drugs to a very select clientele, and Boat gets a handsome commission on the side for selling Bob’s cocaine.

Boat agreed to it, not so much for the money, but for the chance to get hold of grade-A cocaine whenever he needed it.

When Boat was admitted to the University rented an apartment outside campus and it serves him well.

Everything is fine, and Boat has been a happy young man, until that night he slept with a woman he did not know, and then the crow came into his room.

And two nights after having sex with the woman in the dark, Boat starts to have the nightmares.

Actually it is the same nightmare, just that he had it every night for seven days! It is the same nightmare, the same details, continuously for seven days.

There is something else about that nightmare.

Each night Boat had it, he came awake screaming at exactly 1.00 A. M. in the morning!



The uncanny horror of the nightmare is the exact detail, from beginning to end!

It scares Boat very much, and it is beginning to drive him insane.

People have dreams, and people have nightmares.

There is nothing strange about that.

But to have the same dream for every night, exact in detail, is really strange, to say the least.

Boat tries sleeping at varied times and in varied modes – drunk, sober, high on drugs, alone, with women – but he soon realizes that it really does not matter in what state of mind he goes to bed… the nightmare continues to haunt him.

Perhaps what scares Boat the most is the fact that he always wakes up screaming from the nightmare at exactly one o’clock in the morning!

Exact nightmare… exact way of waking up screaming, exact time of wake up!

That is very scary.

Boat does not know how that can happen. The same dream, the same stretch of time, the same hour of wake up. It is something that fills him with fear.

Sometimes he tries to stay up late. He tries to make love to a woman, or watch a movie that will take him after one o’clock, but somehow it never works.

Without knowing how, he always goes to sleep, and the nightmare will come, and he will wake up screaming at one o’clock at dawn!

Whenever he wakes up screaming, his eyes will automatically search for the time, even though he tries hard not to… and it will be exactly one o’clock by the luminous clock he keeps on the bedside table!

In the nightmare he will see himself walking along a narrow stretch of road, ascending a little hill. On each side of the road is absolute darkness, although the moon casts a soft, eerie, blue sheen on the road itself.

The terrible effect is that it seems like he is walking on a suspended road, a road without ground, a road spanning a great void.

He can hear faint giggling and tittering on each side of the road, but he can see nothing no matter how hard he peers into the gloom. Whatever presence is hidden in the darkness does not want Boat to see them.

The nearer Boat gets to the top of the hill the more he becomes aware that there is something awful below that hill… something bad, something to flee from…

And yet his legs move along, not heeding his sudden frantic urge to turn around and get out of that horrible place…

And then, half-way up the hill, Boat will be aware that something evil is just behind him, breathing down his neck, climbing slowly, slowly, smiling an all-fangs kind of smile, icy fingers wriggling in anticipation, just inches from his nape…

Something that comes forward with a squishy, dragging kind of footstep, and he will know that whatever is behind him is limping…

And on each side of the road, in that blanket of blackness, Boat can hear the evil drone, the scary million voices of a million watching evils, now growing increasingly ominous as if a great evil climax is just around the corner.

Boat wants to turn round, but the crippling fear of that evil thing following him prevents him from turning round, and then just before he gets to the top of the hill he will see the signboard!

It is a white grinning skull framed by crossed bones on a red background. Boat will begin to halt, and then the skull on the signboard will open one eye and wink at him, and immediately words will appear below the skull:

Funky Grounds!!

And then Boat will be on the crest of that hill, and below him will be a cemetery filled with cold stones and slabs, bathed in skin-crawling moonlight, looking so ugly and inevitable…

And Boat will see a headless little girl standing just below the slope, one rotten finger pointing at something behind Boat, urging him with devilish innocence to turn round and look at something sexy behind him, but by then Boat can feel the pain in his throat, the pain of choked tears, of panic, mingled with the stench of cowardice.

And then the first tombstone will break down there in the cemetery, and that slushy fiend behind him will touch his neck for the first time, and that is when the scream will begin in Boat’s throat!

He will rush down that hill, aware of the sloshing, squishing limping thing behind him, keeping in touch, limping rapidly in ascending discord klooo-ka, klooo-ka, klooo-ka, kloo-ka, kloo-ka, kloka, kloka, kloka…

Then the tombstones will break one after the other with soft splattering sounds, and rotten bodies will begin to appear from the ground…

Boat will see a a worm-infested arm here, a pus-filled half-head there, an open torso with squirming things there…

Boat will suddenly stop running and whirl around, and scream at the ugly sight of the Limping Devil behind him.

“Do yoush remembersh meesh?” the Limping Devil will ask.

Then something wet and slimy will shoot up from the ground and hold Boat’s ankles, and he cannot move, and then the horrible creatures will begin to creep towards him, silently, fangs rattling in their mouths savagely, long poisoned tongues thrashing violently, coming for him, for his neck…

And then the first one will touch his neck from behind, and begin to bite…

And that is the point Boat always wakes up screaming…

And the time will read 01:00 hours.

Always the same.

Same nightmare.

Same scream.

Same wake up time 01:00 hours!

That is the nightmare Boat has had for one week running, without break.

It is driving him mad!

He is scared. He is very scared.

Boat knows he needs help.

Something bad is happening ever since he slept with that woman in the dark.

He does not believe in the supernatural, so at first he thinks it has something to do with the cocaine he has been using, and so he stops using cocaine, but the nightmare still haunts him!

Finally admits that his brain is messed up somewhere. Some psychological threads are seriously intertwined somewhere, and needed to be untangled, but then again where can he really start to get help?

There is nowhere to turn, and Boat lives with the fear whilst being aware that something terrible is approaching him, and he needs help very quickly…



Yaw Boat has had a lot of women.

He has never had time for a stable relationship, and he does not want one anyway. His philosophy has been simple: why settle for one when you can have the rest.

That has been the case, but then he met Elaine.

She is twenty years, and as sensational as an angel.

She is a second year student of Business Administration at the CHRISTIAN HUB UNIVERSITY.

Her class had come to Spectrum University to attend a symposium of sorts.

Yaw Boat had seen her in the garden, standing by the pool, smiling radiantly at the swans gliding gloriously on the man-made lake.

Boat had been in the garden by accident. He had been trying to chat up a cute Korean student who had taken a detour into the garden, and he had followed discreetly, weighing-up various pick-up lines to use on the Korean.

And then, there she was standing by the pool, a girl so beautiful that it was almost violent, wearing a grey knee-length dress, leaning across the protective railing and smiling down at the swans.

Boat had forgotten the Korean immediately and stared at the angel with frank eyes. He had never seen anything as pleasing to the eye as her.

He walked up to her, and she turned.

The smile didn’t exactly disappear from her face, but it was gone, leaving only faint dancing lights in her eyes. She raised her eyebrows and shook her head gently.



I think you’re raping me with your eyes.

Those words could have floored anybody, but Boat looked right at her without batting an eye.



I don’t ever wanna rape you. I don’t even wanna touch you.

Her lovely eyebrows rose a little bit, almost mockingly.

The lights in her eyes now shone a bit brighter, and the corners of her beautiful lips twitched a bit.






Worship and adore, that’s all I wanna do to you.

The words sounded silly once they were out, although they had sounded cool in his head. He felt like an oaf the moment he gave voice to them.

She chuckled then, and shook her head. She turned her face away and regarded the swans once again. She spoke without looking at him.


That’s a wack. Wackiest pick-up line I’ve ever heard so far!

Boat stared at her.

The gently-sloping creamy shoulders, the amazing tone of her skin, the gentle swell of her breasts, the flat stomach, her magical waist, the incredible hips, and – oh, his God – those long, sleek legs!

For the first time in his life Boat felt pretty stumped, really like an oaf.

There were two choices left.

Either try another angle, or walk. It had seemed to him that whatever he said would come out sounding like “wack” like she put it.

He turned away from her, took three steps.



Oh. Giving up so easily, are you? I’m Elaine.

Boat didn’t smile.

He walked back to her, stood very close, stared into those dancing eyes, that ethereal face, and suddenly it seemed all natural to reach out and take her hand.


I’m Boat. Yaw Boat.



Glad to meet you, Yaw.

And that had been eight months ago.

She has no boyfriend because she is convinced men want her for her body and nothing else.

Of course she was right, Boat thinks; what sane man needs anything else when he has that kind of body to gloat over all day long?

Boat has been trying to keep his lust for her away in his furious attempt to court her.

He has been playing it cool, going out on dates with her, being her friend, making her laugh, making her like him.

And then, when she has become comfortable with him, he tells her of his crushing love for her.

Considering the effect she has on him, he knows deep down that he is leaning more to the truth than towards flattery.

He has never had a long relationship with any girl he is not sleeping with. He didn’t believe in love, and all his relationships had been sexual.

But not so with Elaine.

He has known her for almost a year, and they had not had sex yet, and still he wants to see her and be with her.

It baffles him sometimes because he had not been in any relationships for that long. His way is the craving of the primeval animal, the lust that needs to be slaked fast and urgently, a clear and present danger that needs absolute attention.

If it turns out he cannot have sex with you, Boat always moves on. He has no time for falling in love. But with Elaine he has gone the journey of the gentleman charmingly wooing the damsel.

Unfortunately, although she has shyly expressed a strong feeling for him, she has turned out to have one of those strong Christian beliefs that sex should be between married couples.

Boat had pursued her harder, convinced that she will give in eventually to his charms, but she has not budged.

This has confused Boat. He has never faced such great stubbornness in any girl he wants.

One night though, barely a month ago, whilst he was walking her home under the moonlight, she had allowed him to kiss her.

Her lips had been so soft and warm, so different, so centred. He had felt her breasts firm against his chest, her mint-flavoured breath exploding through his head.

That had been her first kiss, and that night his hands had moved up her arms, and he had felt the goose-bumps.

She had let out one of those deep sighs as his lips touched hers a second time. She had tried to draw away quickly, but when his tongue explored she had almost stopped breathing, and her lips had opened, flush against his lips, soft and so sweet.

She had stuck that sweet tongue tentatively back against Boat’s, pushing against him, and her right hand had curled around his nape tenderly.

It had been as if time stopped, as if they were alone in the world. He could have gone on kissing her like that until the end of the world.

She had moaned and strained against him. His hand had been lying against her waist, on that small part between edge of blouse and tip of skirt. There is always something special about having your hand against a girl’s back like that, just above the swell of her buttocks, but on that occasion it had been something much, much more!

Her skin had felt like polished silk, warm and smooth. Boat’s hand had disappeared under that blouse in a flash, and he had felt the silky edge of her bra.

His thumb flicked one taut nipple, and a shiver the size of the Atlantic ripped through her.

Then, as suddenly as it had started, she tore herself from his arms and fled into her house, leaving him with a myriad of conflicting, confusing and bittersweet emotions he had never known he was capable of feeling.

She had been to his apartment twice after that sweet night, and things had gone on smoothly, although he had failed in all attempts to get between her legs.

Apparently those kisses had warned her, and she strictly forbid any more until he marries here.

Boat cared for her, though. He is convinced that they will end up together eventually if I he decides to get married one day.

Elaine always gives him me love and peace… that is why he always wants to be with her.

And so when the nightmares started, and his fear started, he calls Elaine and plans to meet her. He wants to tell her everything that is happening to him.

The crow, the nightmares, the strange waking up time. But of course he cannot tell her about the unknown girl he has made love to.

Boat makes the arrangement to meet Elaine on Friday.

It is the eighth day, and yes the nightmare has come again on Thursday night.

Maybe talking to Elaine will ease his heart, fill him with more of her love, and maybe, just maybe, keep out the nightmares for just one night.

He needs peace.


He is going to meet Elaine Blankson.

That Friday.

That is the day the man in black happened!

To be continued on Monday, this story will only be posted on weekdays.

© – Agyeman

All Rights Reserved.



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