Is It A Sin? (Episode 9)

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The doctor came out from the ward; he told Mrs. Chioma and I the shocking but true news; “We are very sorry ma, we lost the chief but he dies from poison.” The doctor said pitifully as he tried to makes his way to his ward.



Yes it was nothing but damm truth! I could witness the Chief death, I could see the Chief been dressed by the nurses like that of ghosts. Is he really dead? Yes he is no more breathing and he has given up to ghost; I could witness those professional nurses inserting cotton wool into Chief Nnamdi noses and ears. They place his lifeless body on the stretcher as they were ready to transport his breathless body to the mortuary. Now that means my only hope of surviving has gone, the only person that care and cherish me is gone, my father, mother, my best friend and counselor has gone, I could vividly remember that I served him the coffee he drank last and the doctor confirmed and announced that the chief dies from poison. My innocent heart struck like lightening when I recall this, I could feel my heart beating faster than a ringing bell. “Hope this would result to my doom? How am I going to defense this lies that looks very alluring to my personality? Hope I would end up rotting in jail?” Those are the rhetorical questions that are barging into my mind. Mrs. Chioma and Chiamaka were crying and vociferating incessantly, they were rolling on ground, they look innocent about the chief death, Chinendu and Obinna are manly as usual, they lean at a wall, they were both wearing averting and sad faces, but they were not crying. Mrs. Chioma couldn’t believes her beloved husband was been transported into the mortuary, she follows the stretcher with tears flowing freely from her eyes, the nurses were trying to console her but all their effort were to no avail, they try to console the new widow but that make her weeps more. Mrs. Chioma sight me crying and sobbing, she was so angry and irritated, she later opts for the hospital rest room, to do what? Who knows…



A team of policemen drove into the hospital premises, they all jumped down from their Toyota Hilux car, they were all carrying gun as some of the policemen walked into the hospital.

“Good day ma, we are very sorry for the loss, may God forgive all his sin.” An inspector who heads the team of police uttered sympathizing.

“Thank you officer, you are welcome.” Mrs. Chioma replied sobbing.

“Please ma, we are here to do our job, where is the criminal who murdered the chief?” The inspector asked as he readjusts his pistol gun.

“She is leaning at the wall over there.” Mrs. Chioma announced as she was stretch her finger pointing directly to me.

“Thank you very much ma.” The inspector appreciates as he and his colleagues opt for where I was leaning.

I looks up to confirmed that Mrs. Chioma is directly pointing to me, I wasn’t surprise because I know that the crime was very alluring to my personality, even if the issue was broadcasted, 99% of the people will acknowledge that I killed the chief, I knew I am guilty for serving the chief the coffee, but I knew inside the innermost part of me that the crime may be very alluring to me but it was not genuine.



“Arrest her!..” Mrs. Chioma yelled as she restrained her statement.

“She murdered my darling husband, she makes me a widow.” Mrs. Chioma submits her words as she broke down in more tears.


Obinna who could trust me now fear me like death, “yes, she serves the coffee, no one else.” That was the thought that keeps on circulating his heads. He has lost the trust and confidence he has in me, he looks me from head to toes but it seems he did not see me but he saw a poisonous snake ready to slay, he seems to acknowledge that I am more dangerous than devil itself, he fear me more than death.


True to be talk, I was the only one in the kitchen on that very day, I didn’t leave the hot coffee in the kitchen, I stay glued to the kitchen, Mrs. Chioma on the other hand did not stand up from where she sit before I left for the kitchen, she was watching a program. The chief drank the tea and he started groaning in pains, I serves the coffee and no one is with me in the kitchen, how come is the coffee poisoned? I am as confused as you were.



The policemen handcuffed me as they commanded me to follow them, I looks into the eyes of Mrs. Chioma but all I could see was my hatred, I looks into that of Chinendu and Chiamaka but I saw the same hatred as that of their mother, lastly, I looks into the eyes of Obinna but all I could see there was a ranging disappointment, I burst out in tears as I gently follows the policemen into their Toyota Hilux Car.





“That was how I ended up here as a prisoner and I was sentenced to life imprisonment.” Nnena narrated as she broke down in tears.

“Hmmmmm, your story is quite emotional but it was very interesting, you really try o and you have really suffer, I pray you live to enjoy the fruit of your patient and suffering.” A prisoner who I knew her to be Clara by name sympathized with me as she cuddles me to console me.

“My own storyline on how I ended up here as a prisoner is also quite interesting and emotional, my dear readers…“ Clara paused as she wiped out the tears that are circulating from her eyes with the edge of her prisoner cloth.

“Here is my own storyline.” Clara begins




“You dare resist and counteract my orders and commands; I bet you will lose your post and position as the governor of this state.” The senator echoed with some kind of husky voice as he moved horizontally with his pot-belle stomach clearing way for him, he moves toward the Governor’s chair as he was looking at the chair with some kind of wicked and disdainful looks on his face.

“Am not hijacking your authority sir, what am just trying to insinuate is that we haven’t pay the State and Local Government workers their salary for the past six month, though am I just elected but I know the pains they are passing through, there are commotion in every outskirt of this state, weak people are starving, the civil servants are uproaring, the health workers had went on strike, the markets women are not selling because there is no money to buy their goods, many citizen are in debts, the teachers are threatening to go on strike, the power supply of this state is more than woeful, there is no water supply in every area of the outskirt of this state, the road is quite bad and it needs repair to suppress road accident and so many more things this State Government has to do but they turn blind eyes to it. Sir, the allocation this State received from the Federal Government last month, you and your co-senator embezzle the money into your own personal accounts, thank God that this month allocation came through the president himself, you would have embezzle it like you did in the last month, sir the allocation for this month is the money I planned to use to pay the worker’s salary and that is what am trying to explain to you that you should pity the poor people we were are governing…” Governor John was trying to explain when the senator barged in his statement.

“What is your own problem with the poor citizens, they are meant to rot in poverty till death, are they not the one that sold their votes because of the little amount of money or other little things we do for them during campaign? Beside I see no reason why you must be worrying about those riffraff, ragtag and nuisance since you and your entire family are enjoying and you are living in merriment, what is your own with their woeful life?” Senator Jeff tagged as he sat on the visitor couch facing the governor’s chair.

“The good citizen do not sold their votes because of just material things like money, food and clothes, we politician promised them that we would meet all their needs and we would be fair and incorrupt in ruling the affair of the state in which they believed us, they believe we can do it, they fall for our sugar-coasted mouth not knowing that most of the politician nowadays are just lies and animal in human flesh, that is why they votes for us as their leader and representative, so tell me sir, what is now the essence of the fake promises we made to the guiltless citizen that believe in us, the promises we are capable of fulfilling but we refuse to stick to our words. And as for the draft that you just stated that my family and I are enjoying what concerns me with the hungry citizens. Why must I enjoy my own life when the people am governing are in abject poverty, when the civil servants that are working diligently and loyally are sleeping at night without eating suppers. Sir, I think we that we called our self government we are already rich enough to life our own life, we shouldn’t be using our post and position to suppress the people we are governing. Sir we are in the world of democracy and democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people, we are also once citizen so we should also be considerate to those innocent citizens. Sir in conclusion this allocation that came into the pocket of this state government will be used settle the workers’ salaries and wages.” Governor John expressed with a relieved looks.

“I bet you will not live to enjoy the rest of your life as you stated earlier. {hiss}, it seems you don’t know me.” Senator Jeff bragged.

“I knew you, you are an animal in human flesh, you are a corrupt politician, you are callous and wicked to those people that place their believed in you, must we politicians be wicked to those people that are loyal and diligent to us? Sir, please let us be reasoning like a human being and not an animal.” Governor John lashes.

Senator Jeff was shocked, irritated and embarrassed, his annoyance boomed with a shocking expression showing on his face, he angrily walked out of the Governor’s Office.






Governor John was the biological father of Clara, he was just elected as the governor of the state, he was fair and incorrupt, he vow to make the state a great and remarkable one, he loves his masses and he which he could govern the state fairly and incorruptly. How long can he be fair and incorrupt? Let see in the other episode of Clara side of the story…


Corruption can be clearly expressed and explained through his personality, corruption can be named his second name or nickname, you can never see him joining forces for good things in the state rather he prefer joining forces in embezzling the state wealth and properties, no criminal case can be lured against him by the Anti-Corruption organizations because he has bribed them all with a remarkable sum of money, beside they were bounded by oath or covenant, Senator Jeff only cares for his own personal account, he doesn’t believe in fair government, he believes in the Yoruba parable that state thus: “Bamu, bamu layo awa o mo pee bi po mo enikokan. (We are satisfied financially, we are satisfied nutritiously, we don’t know that some people are hungry and we don’t care).” Senator Jeff was once the governor of the state, during his tenure as the governor the masses are suffering in abject poverty, the civil servants can’t went on strike because he threaten them with dismissal, he can be regarding to one of the paramount agent of devil. He was elect as the senator representing the central district of the state through ridging the election and who deal jazz or soliloquize? He has bribed all the electoral commission officers. He was regarded as the state godfather.




Few days later after the word of war between My father {Governor John} and Senator Jeff, some armed robbers or let say kidnappers broke into the Government house, all thanks goes to those insiders Senator Jeff has planted in the Government house after they broke into the Government House around 11:30pm on that dull night, they respectively took to their role in the mission as planned, some of those armed robbers broke into the Governor’s building, they eliminated all the securities securing the governor and his family, they gun down all the securities with the help of their silence pistols gun they are handling.


I was with my father (Governor John) inside his room; we were chatting, gisting and discussing. I happen to be his first child and the only girl of my family, I love staying with my father and that inspired me those memorable days I had with my lovely family, I happen to be at the age of twelve years old then. The armed robbers or maybe I should addressed them as kidnappers; they reluctantly barged into the Governor’s bedroom, they were all masked and they were handling different types of gun like silence pistols, AK 47, Rocket and bazooka, they were five in number that were assigned to accomplished the mission in the governor’s bedroom.

“All of you lie down flat.” A robber echoed as he pointed his gun directly to my head.

“My Governor!” Don the head of the team of armed robbers uttered with a very serene voice as he was trying to unmasked himself.

“Who are you please?” My father asked with a shaky voice.

“I am you doom, am the destruction you caused on yourself, I am here to skin you alive, I am assigned to kill you hundred time before your death.” Don, the head of the armed robbers lashed with some kind of husky voice.

“Please what can I do for you in specific, please spare my life and that of my family.” My father restated with a beseeching expression.

“My Governor!” Don mentioned laughingly as he paused.

“Si…r!” My father answered stammering.

“My Governor!!” Don restated as he shows some wicked kind of expressions.

“Am all hear sir.” My father retorted with a shaky voice.

“Governor John Adewole!” Don named him fully as he drawled closely to him.

“Yes sir.” My father drawled beseeching.

“Don’t lie o, I hate lying o, you know anybody that is lying will later end up been a…” Don uttered as he faces his crew to complete his statement.

“Thief!” his human dynamo replied in chorus.

“So I advise you to be sincere with me and I will also be nice with you and I will acknowledge all the respect you deserve as this State Governor. The Federal Government paid this state its allocation for this month, the amount of the money is Eight Hundred and Fifty Nine Million, Eight Hundred and Ninety Two Thousand, Two hundred and Forty Four Naira and Thirty Kobo (#859,892,244.30K), the money was paid into this state account directly from the president on the 20th of this month and that was last week. You received the alert on your mobile phone on that same 20th of this month and the alert time was 2:52:33pm, you can check your phone to confirmed if I am right or not, you planned to paid the worker their salaries with the money tomorrow, so that is the genuine reason why are here, we, the genuine owner of the money are here to collect what truly belongs to us.” Don narrated as he summarized his explanation.

My father was baffled and bemused, he was so confused on how the veteran armed robbers got the information so genuine and correct like that, he was shocked and dumbfounded, even the robbers knew the figure of the amount in spoken even till the last kobo and the time he received the alert for the money this make him confused and more disturbed, he has no reason to lie or defense the robbers statement since he was already exposed.

“You’re wholly correct sir, but what really happen now is that the money in spoken is not here in this government house, I planned to withdraw the money tomorrow and use it to settle the necessary debts this state is owning his masses and the money we owned the world bank…” My father replied shockingly with a sad expression.

“I knew the money is not here, it was still lying comfortably in the state account, but my coming here is to acknowledge you that we the owner of the money are intact, because I knew that the money will be paid to different firms in order to settle the worker salaries and clearing of this state debts.

But I will keep this your beautiful and lovely girl in substitute for the money, when you pay us the cool cash we will release your only daughter to you.” Don lashes as he held my hand firmly.

“Sir.. Please don’t do this.” My father uttered beseeching.

“And if you don’t love your daughter you can inform the reporters and the policemen that your daughter was kidnapped that mean you can’t live to see your daughter alive but you will definitely see her corpse.” Don concluded as he dropped a note on my father bedroom, he dragged me to follow him as his animators follow him.

The note he dropped informed my father the location he will amass me and the mobile number of the leader of the team.



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