Freddie’s Night

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Freddie my good friend was a Star. He shone so bright with his many talents you couldn’t help but love him. If you needed a handyman, he was your best bet to fix things up without hassle; if it was a good listener you preferred, Freddie was the guy too. His main passion, which made him the real deal, which got him the love and attention in our small community, was his love for the arts and his productivity with her tools. He understood the very nature of the theatre and knew how best to romance her to quave under the influence of his needs.

There was a big show, one that promised to change the face of SALVATION within the campus community. Unsurprisingly, Freddie was among those billed to perform with the big drums, his face was mostly used to sell the show to people. So much was his star power that people easily swapped the name of the show from ‘Gbedu night’ to ‘Freddie’s night’ because of how much of his face was out there.

A NIGHT IN PARADISE, the slogan proudly read on the posters that littered the campus and its environ, something easily replaced on babes’ lips as A NIGHT WITH FREDDIE. One of such ladies who’d made it her life mission to f*** Freddie before his impending graduation called it A NIGHT IN FREDDIE’S BED. Her name was Ifunanya, popularly called Iffy. She was a slay mama.

Iffy first saw Freddie at ‘A night of uncommon praise’ – a church program she’d grudgingly attended with her childhood friend she wanted to please. Freddie performed that night. He gave a dramatic monologue that held everyone spellbound, most especially her. This was three weeks ago. There and then, she wanted him and resolved to have him inside her, to know what he felt like. Tonight she was finally going to shoot her shot, she’d taken her time to study him, to know his personality, every detail she uncovered turned her on further.

Iffy found her way backstage, she had so much friends in production and event coverage it was a wonder why she wasn’t one; she, too, could’ve easily be mistaken for an entertainer with her wayward body – killer curves, bootilicious boobs, etc. From what she’d heard about Freddie from a reliable source, he wasn’t one to turn down sex especially when offered gratuitously. She had her doubts stemming from his popular image, until now. The moment he found out her mission, he took her like a boss and ravaged her like it was the night before rapture. It was the best quickie of Iffy’s life, which made her quickly regret ever considering an early retirement.

When Freddie was introduced on stage to perform, her heart ignited with more fire, hotter than it did before she tasted his fruit. She couldn’t help but brag to herself at what she’d acheived with him behind closed doors. And when she heard the minister say:

“A young man who lives for Christ has nothing to worry about. He has the Most High on his side. What could possibly go wrong with his future?”

She laughed, and said to herself, “If only he knew. If only.”

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