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I sat down the cold floor my nude body tinted with the cold i couldn’t feel any more cold.

The sharp pains from my abdomen making me want to scream for help but i knew there was none coming for me.

” what have i done that you have allowed so much pain and toil in my life. I have begged you, i have knelt down to pray for you to take away my pain. But you have not shown mercy on me. Please take away this pain and help me to rest, i beg you Jesus please!” I whispered my own words falling to come out of me.

” i told you this will be easy my sweet one. Now my wife will have no idea of what has been going on the past years. You are mine Mattie, your beauty, your sweet body and everything about you belongs to me, you hear?” Came a very annoying voice of Kelly as he spoke closer to my ears.

” you b******, do you realise that the abortion you have forced me to have for yhe second time has made permanently infertile and damaged. Am in pain and i swear to God i never asked for this. God will purnish you Kelly, you are a demon and a damn rapist who has been taking advantage of me for th past 2 years. I hate you!” I cried my eyes dry as i could not cry anymore.

” well i love you Mattie. You keep me going and remember anything stupid from you and that big fat friend of yours will be in jail for life” Kelly screamed in my face his saliva splashing in on me making me more angry.

” she didnt do it deliberately you evil b****** she was just a girl and she couldnt control herself. You were not even supposed to over hear anything that night. how many times must i be tormented to pay for my friend’s freedom?” I cried out this time hot tears rolling my cheeks i could feel them drop slowly onto my bare chest.

” stop talking nonsense Mattie you are no longer a child, you are a woman now and am sure you and your friends will just be fine provided you give me what i want ” Kelly smiled touching my breasts and planting a kiss on my lips i felt like vomoting.

” now get dressed and take those pain killers. In two days you will be fine and i will get you back home. My wife will have no idea we are here. With you gone for a weekend to your friend’s house, and myself to a meeting in the other town, nothing will ever make her know the truth” Kelly shrugged as he stood in the door way gulping some beer from the bottle in his hands and smiling widely like the devil that he was.

I lay flat on the cold floor. I swear i was tired, i had no more strenght to fight further. It was the second time Kelly was forcing me to abort and this time the doctor who attended to me after the illegal operation went wrong told me i was never going to have a child. I was now barren and even though i never thought of having children anytime sooner, it still hurt so badly.

How did i get here?

Well 2 years back, i was picked just like Sali and Thandi, in my case only a man showed up and from the first time i set my eyes on him, i felt my skin crawl. He wore a wide smile that had trouble written all over it.

He looked at me in a weired way but the lady at the lodge assured me Kelly’s mother who was supposed to take me in was a good person. She told me she knew her personally from church and that she was probably busy and decided to send her son to pick me up.

I felt relieved hearing Kelly wasnt going to be my boss.

Seeing his mother was such a relief. I was so happy when she welconed me with so much joy i felt at home.

She told me i was to consider her as my mother and at first i felt it was too good to be true. With time however i realised she was a genuine person. She loved me like i was her child.

I would see Kelly once in a while whenever he came to see his mother and he always made me feel uncomfortable. I was okey because his mother was not the kind to torelate any nonsense so he kept his distance.

I started going to school like a normal child of the house. Kelly’ s mother never at once treated me like a maid. She always insisted on helping out with house chores to allow me study.

To say i was happy is an understatement. I felt sad for Sali with the troubles she had to face where she had gone. Thandi too had her stories but i was the lucky one of them all. I was at home with Kelly’s mother until one fateful day 6 months later, i was preparing dinner for us, it was only the two of us in the house.

A man dressed in police uniform walked to the door.. ” how may i help you sir?” I smiled at him wiping my hands with a towel as he stood outside the door.

” is this the house of Mrs Julia Roberts?” The officer asked me.

” yes it is sir, but shes not here right now, she went to get something from town” i quickly explained.

” and you are?” The officer asked his face still serious. ” am Mattie her daughter” i managed to say just like kelly ‘s mother used to introduce me to people..

” anything wrong sir?” I asked him noticing how uneasy he was looking.

” am sorry lady, your mother just passed on, she was involved in a road accident at ring road on her way here. We found her details in the car from some documents and we thought of informing the family”

I couldnt hear the rest of what the man was saying my hands and legs felt numb and i found myself huddled to the floor my face wet. I was devastated and broken. Lossing Julia felt like i had lost my own biological mother. I came to love her so much and i wondered why she had to go so soon.

My night mares started two weeks after the funeral. Kelly and his wife who decided to take up the responsibility of taking over were she had left me citing thats what she would have wanted. They pleaded with me to stay with them.

” work for us and we will allow you to go to school like mother did” Kelly’s wife held my hand one day. I had my items packed and ready to leave.

Kelly who acted like he didnt care if i stayed sat across the couch as his wife talked to me.

” honey, say something ” she looked at her husband who was acting up looking at his phone.

” yeah, she can stay honey. I have no problem with that. ” he nodded carelessly.

” you see, Kelly and i will help you Mattie come on you have to stay. The good news is that we are all moving in here.” She smiled as she held her bulged stomach. Kelly’s wife was heavily pregnant then.

Kelly become my night mare. His wife was kind and good to me but i had to face her husband every night with him wanting to sleep with me.

I always slept with a knife at night to attack him whenever he attempted to rape me. It worked for me for weeks. He claimed he loved me and his wife was boring for him espaecialy with her heaviness. According to him, i was the perfect woman for him and he wanted us to be together. I vowed never to allow him use me and threatening to tell his wife on him.

I could see how he got unease whenever i was with his wife thinking i would tell her but i felt for the poor lady. She already had issues with Bp during her pregnance and i never wanted to be the one to kill her or her child with the news of her stupid husband.

I was happy i succeeded in keeping him away for a while and until one day, Sali came over for the weekend.

She looked so sad and sorry i could tell something was terribly wrong. She held on to me as i hugged her and she cried loudly.

” what is wrong Sali?” I tried to sussh her but she cried the more. She tried to talk but nothing but cries came out of her.

” Sali stop crying girlfriend and tell me what is wrong” i shook her.

” we have to wait for Thandi, she’s coming right?” She sniffed as she tried to contain heself.

” yes she is on her way i talked to her a couple of minutes ago. Her boss gave her a hard time leaving but she finally agreed. Am so worried about you Sali” i shook my head placing hers on my shoulders as she sobbed.

I had never seen her so scared and devasted before. My instincts told me something huge was up and i didnt want my mind to allow anything bad cross it. I was scared of the worst and i had no idea how to face what i was about to hear.

” oh Thandi! You are here!” I sighed in relief seeing Thandi walking to the back where i sat with Sali.

She was looking so good in her black leggings and a spotted top dress that fitted her perfectly. Indeed over the two years My friends had grown. With the kind of woman Leticia was, she had turned Thandi into some kind of model.

” hey girls i missed you!” She smiled coming to hug me and stopped in her step seeing how Sali was looking.

” hey sweety, whats wrong? Are you crying? Oh my Sali, whats going on?” Thandi frowned sitting down closer to Sali and holding her hand.

” Sali sweety talk to us. We are here for you, we are all here now” i pleaded rubbing Sali ‘s back.


To be continued

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