Love Really Is Strange – Episode 34

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By Lydia Jonathan

“I broke up with you” I repeated, when it seems he wasn’t going to say anything, looking up to match his gaze, and they were intense. We both locked gazes for what seems with hours

“Why did you break up with me?” he finally asked, his intense gaze boring into mine, causing me to fidget even while I was standing still, my head cowered down in nervousness

“I did it to protect you” I murmured, knowing fully well he won’t hear

“What was that?” he moved a bit closer to me in hopes of hearing me

“I did to protect you” I spoke out a bit louder, raising my head to look at him but regretted it immediately, because he was now spotting a scowl

“” I stuttered, hoping now he doesn’t remember the break up, which was ironic, because I brought him here to remember

“No” came his curt reply, but his scowl didn’t falter. “What do you mean you did it to protect me?” his tone anything but friendly

“’t understand” I stuttered when he came closer to where I was standing and I stepped back instinctly

“Then make me understand” he barked out, causing me to flinch

“Mimi got an accident. Okay? So….

“What did Miracle having an accident have to do with you breaking up with me?”

“She lost her baby” I snapped, now getting annoyed that he doesn’t even remember, so why was he getting mad

His scowl faltered and he stayed calm, though still looking intensely at me. And now it was my turn to get angry

“She lost her baby, her life was in danger, and so was yours. I didn’t want to put either of you in danger” my voice suddenly broke“She’s my family, and you meant a lot to me, and I’d rather you being alive than….

“Don’t you dare give me that búlls*** about loving someone, then having to set them free” he angrily spoke out, cutting me off, making me even boil with rage

“You don’t get do you?” I barked

“Oh, I don’t, that’s for sure, but I picked up a few things. Do you want to hear it? Oh you don’t have a choice cause i’ll say it anyway” he scoffed

“From your explanations, it seems you had something bothering you, and it was big, but what did you do instead huh? Break up with your boyfriend than frigging telling him what’s going on with you. You’d rather walk through it alone, not even minding if it affects him” he walked over to me, a menancingly laugh tugging on his lips

“Did you even for once cared about how I’d feel? He said slowly, and it struck a cord within me, because he had a point. All those while I was trying to protect him, not even for once thinking how he might feel. I stood still unable to answer as I felt my eyes burning with unshed tears,hearing him say that, and worse he doesn’t even remember what happened, but from a guys point of view, he had understood what I had failed to understand

“Did you even love me?” he asked, his voice now calm and no longer loud. “Because if there’s one thing I know about love it’s that, it’s leaning on each other, no matter what shít that happens” he added, and that last bit broke me

“You have no right to say that” I yelled “I loved you. I still am frigging in love with you, and breaking up was the hardest thing I had done and it hunts me” I angrily swiped the tear that rolled down my cheek. “Well I’m sorry I didn’t put your feelings above mine. I’m sorry I didn’t think about you before making that rash decision, but you know what” I sniffled “I’d do it again, if it’d mean I get to see your face again, get to see you healthy, see the ones I care about alive. I wouldn’t mind making that stupid decision again” I finished my breaths coming out in pants, and I was still fighting the tears from pouring like a dam

“Well, I guess that settles it then. I guess the universe have a way of telling when two people are not meant to be together, and it goes to great lengths to make sure of it” he breathed out clearly tired of the fight we were having, and I was on the brink of letting my tears lose

“You’re right” I sniffled “It was nice knowing you Evans” I exhaled “Thank you for your time”

“You too Elizabeth. I hope we don’t cross paths anymore”

He turned his back at me and began waking towards the exit, as I felt my tears roll down my cheek. I scooched down, hugging my knees, burying my head in it, as my emotions came crashing down. The thought of loosing him once again. To think it’d get better since I’ve lost him two times already, but no, now it’s even worse. I wished I could do it all over again, I sobbed silently as my eyes got blurry with tears

Just then I heard footsteps coming towards me. It’s probably a doctor finally coming to tell it to me for all the yelling we were doing. I raised my head to apologize to the doctor as the footsteps stopped right in front of me. But instead there he stood, a bouquet of flowers in his hands, a sad smile on his face

“Evans?……” I breathed out, through my now hoarse voice

Even with my blurred teary vision, I could tell it was him. But why was he holding a flower and why was he back here? Those thoughts kept running through my mind as I got up, wiping my tears away with the back of my palm, making my vision a bit clearer

“Evans? I asked again, and with two long strides, he was in front of me, pulling me into him in an embrace, the bouquet pressed to my back

My hands fell limp to my side not quiet understanding what was happening, and why he was hugging me. What’s going on? My mind was rambling with different thoughts when his low voice whispered over my shoulder

“I’m sorry”

“What?” I pulled away from him immediately and peered into his eyes, and they were vulnerable. Like he was hurting, unlike just few minutes ago, when they were angry and tensed

“I’m so sorry Lizzy” he spoke, and my eyes widened. Lizzy? He has been calling me Elizabeth all this while he lost his memory, but now he’s back to Lizzy? That could only mean…… I gasped, my hand raised to cover my mouth

“You remember” I said in a whisper, more like stated, but he shook his head

“I never forgot”

“What?” my brows furrowed “What do you mean you didn’t forget” I asked cautiously

“I didn’t forget” he repeated, coming close to hold me,but I shifted back still confused. And he noticed, cause he smiled at me, and I couldn’t help but feel my insides flutter, as an overwhelming smile spread on my face. I ran into his waiting arms as he engulfed me in a hug, and I cinched my arms round his torso. I couldn’t help the tears of joy that were spilling, unlike the bitter ones of before. He remembers, he actually remembers me, I smiled, my head pressed on his chest as he stroked my hair.

He didn’t forget me. “Wait, He didn’t forget me” I muttered, and I think he heard cause he tensed up, and I pulled away from the hug

“You never forgot me” I accused, and he didn’t deny it, but tried to say something but I didn’t let him

“All these while I thought you forgot me, and you’ve been torturing me? And what? You’d just sit down at laugh at me later on?

“Let me explain” he said in a calm voice, but I was far from being calm. Was he just making fun of me all these while?

“Explain what Evans? That you pretended to forget me to make me suffer or what? Did you enjoy it? I snapped

“Listen to me” he barked and I remained silent. “I did it to teach you a lesson. I did it so you can understand the hurt I felt when you broke up with me, instead of sharing your problems with me. He threw the flower to the ground clearly frustrated, and dragged his hands through his head, releasing a breath

“I did because I was frustrated. I got you back and we were happy, but you decided to end things between us because you were trying to protect? I was supposed to protect you, not the other way around. It’s my duty, but you wouldn’t let me, and instead you dumped me. And the worse part was that you were miserable. You know how hard it was seeing the woman you love being hurt and miserable and knowing you can’t do anything about it because she won’t let you in? It hurts like crazy. It’s like a little piece of my heart breaks every time I see you. You could’ve told me about Janet, and I would’ve handled it. It wouldn’t have gone this far with George and you being abducted and……God….” he screamed, his frustration getting a better of him as he punched the hospital wall. I remained silent through his outburst seeing as he struggled with it

After seemingly calming himself down, he turned back to look at me “Why didn’t you just tell me?” His voice sounded so vulnerable, I just wanted to pull him close to me, but his voice brought me back. “Why did you bottle it all up? You didn’t tell me, or your friends about it, even Mimi”. He breathed out. “She is like a sister to you. You do everything together”

“I didn’t want to hurt you guys” I murmured, my voice breaking, as my heaad fell to the ground

He came close to me, raising my chin, he wiped away the tear that had escaped my chin “That’s the thing,” he said,smiling at me. We are supposed to look out for each other. We are partners. You’re supposed to tell me what goes on with you, both the good and the bad, so I can rejoice and also console you don’t you get it. You breaking up with me didn’t hurt me, because I saw it in your eyes that you were hurting too. What hurt me is that you won’t open up to me. It made me angry, cause I love you so much, and it hurt to see you go through that alone

“You’re right, I nodded “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, it was bad on my part, and I’m really sorry. But the thought of loosing you again made me do it. I love you so much, and I…. I….

I stuttered, unable to find the right words to say, and I guess I didn’t have to, cause his mouth swallowed the words, as he held my face and planted his lips on mine, zeroing all the thoughts running through my head, and I focused on his tongue nibbling on my lower lip. I opened up and welcomed his tongue in my mouth, snaking my arms round his neck and I kissed him back with the same intensity that he brought. And he didn’t have to spell it out for me to know that he loves me as much as I love him, even more.

We pulled away from each to catch our breaths. I caught the glint in his eyes, and I could swear mine matches his excitement too. But then his facials changed

“I mean it Lizzy”, he said cupping my face in his hands. “You’re going to tell me everything that goes on with on. I want to know why you’re sad, and I wanna put a smile on your face always if I can,he smirked and I smiled, leaning my mouth in for a kiss. He smiled and planted a passionate kiss on my lips, unlike the first which was intense. This one was slow, passionate, and I couldn’t help but smile in his lips

“Awwwwwwww” we heard a voice and we jerked away, and our heads whipped to where it came from

“What the héll Mimi?” I cursed, hiding my now burning cheeks in my palm from the embarrassment I was feeling

“Oh, no need to be embarrassed, that was beautiful” she smiled. I turned to Evans, and he had a smirk on,not helping my case at all

“What are you guys doing here” I finally asked, dropping my hands from my face

“Henry called me” she replied, turning to Henry who had a smile on

“Good job bro” he bro-hugged Evans, pulling apart “Can’t believe you did it” he said, patting his back

“Can’t believe you guys were watching”, Evans frowned at him

“I had to” you guys weren’t exactly quiet, and people were beginning to complain. Plus you punched my wall” he turned to look at the wall, but there wasn’t any sign that said it was punched, but I’m pretty sure, Evans’ knuckles would be throbbing, although he’s not showing it

“Sorry bro” Evans smirked

“Wait a minute” I broke their bonding. “You knew he didn’t forget me?” I turned to Henry, a frown now on my face

“Of course, he can’t keep it away from me even if he tried. Plus he needed my help with the plan. My mouth swung open

“I cant believe This. So you knew all these while?” Henry nodded. “Did you know too? I turned to Mimi and she squirmed, immediately my gaze landed on her, answering my question without she saying it aloud

“Oh my God Mimi” I breathed out

“In my defence, I didn’t know at first, they only told me so I can play along, so you would believe it” she said,hiding a bit at Henry’s back, like she’s hiding from my glare

“I cannot believe you all connived to do that to me. I thought I was going to loose my mind” I spat angrily, but Mimi left Henry’s side to come hold my hands, ignoring my glare

“Liz” she called “Although I wasn’t in support at first, I thought about it and had to agree with Evans. He loves you, and you not opening up to us is wrong. We’re family, we’re going to be here for you no matter what, and hate to see you suffer alone. You can’t keep hiding things from us. That’s why I agreed to it. It was a way to show you your error. I’m sorry we did it, but it was the only way. Plus I didn’t think he could do it” she glanced at Evans, before turning back to me

“He was miserable through it all, he just puts up a front in when he sees you. You should see him when he’s alone, or with us

“Hey….” Evans tried to say something but was cut off my Henry

“She’s right bro, you were a dead man walking” Henry added and both him and Mimi started laughing, and I joined them

“I love you too” I went and pecked him in the lips, turning his frown upside down

“Can’t wait to tell the others” Mimi clasped her hands together in excitement


Eight months later


“Hi mom” I hugged and greeted her, as soon as she entered

She got another job as a nurse, since she loved being one, and went to meet her old friends at her former workplace. They couldn’t believe she was alive, and we’re all happy to see her, though she was no longer with them. The hospital wrote a good recommendation for her because of her diligence while working with them, and she couldn’t be happier going back to working. And this time, her family accepted her choice to be in Nigeria, and also sent their apologies to me. I just couldn’t be happier I have her once again, although we still avoided the topic of my father

“Hi sweetie” she responded, hugging me back.

“Hi Evans” she hugged him, and he did also, patting at her back before pulling away to stand beside me and planted a kiss on my temple. I didn’t miss the smile on my mom’s face and it made my stomach flutter, cause she accepted him like the rest of the family did. They are already taking him as a son-in-law, which was ridiculous, because we haven’t thought about that. We’re just enjoying each others company for now

“Alright alright, she’s coming” Michael yelled from the front door, and everyone went to their rehearsed settings

“She walked through the front door, and Steven’s (Mimi’s older brother) adorable twin girls sprang up from their seat giggling, and held out the banner which read “Will you be the mother of my kids?” and then Henry came to kneel, (one knee to the ground and one bent) in front of her, pulling out a red velvet box, opened it, and in it was was a diamond engagement ring.

“Will you marry me?” he asked and her hands flung to her mouth, unable to hide the excitement. She turned to us all, and we all had expectant grin on our faces, before she turned back to him and nodded “Yes”.

He slid the ring on her finger, and pulled her in for a hug. There were cheers and hugs all around. Mimi’s mom wiped, her tear of joy and hugged her daughter, and pulled me in also to the hug. She let go, and her gaze went to a smirking Michael at our back, and immediately her smile fell, and we knew why

“When will you marry?” we all chorused laughing

“Soon ladies, soon” he replied smiling

“Hi” I greeted Evans, though the congratulations were still going on, and he pulled to a side, as we watched the happy couple

“Hi” he smiled, planting a kiss on my lips, before pulling away, a smile tugging on his lips

“They look perfect together” I Mused, he nodded in agreement, and as if knowing we were talking about them, the couple turned and waved at us smiling before turning back to my mom

“But he had to go over the top?” I turned to ask Evans

“Yea, he wanted the whole family around” he replied

“You’re not going to do this” I gestured to the crowd “Right?”

“Nah, it’s overrated. Plus I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we’re not a normal couple” he smiled at me

“Yea” I smiled, snaking my arms round his torso “Our love is strange” You had cancer, and then a crazy ex-girlfriend. Then I had a psycho ex fiancée, got abducted, and saved by my new friend who is now in prison. And all because we were in love. And we broke up twice and still found a way to each other

“I hear third times a charm” he pressed his lips on mine

“I agree” I smiled, and rested my face on his chest and pressed my ears to his chest, as I hear the gentle beats of his heart, it made me smile, cause it was music to my ear. I like this right here, all the people I care about healthy and happy. I couldn’t have asked for better

***THE END***

Thanks To Lydia Jonathan for sharing this wonderful story with us. Kindly put down your comments and appreciate the writer 

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