It was a gloom morning. Darkness filled
the atmosphere inside Akin chambers as though it wanted to rain, despair had
taken its toll on the citizens here – They hoped the Patrick-led team would
restore their hopes for a brighter future, if anyone could do it, it would be
Patrick because of his undiluted love for the firm.
“Your bag’s fully packed for the
trial Andrew” Agnes said to her boss. He had a reason to smile amidst the
gloomy day, Agnes called him by his first name, in her defense she claimed it
was because the world as they knew it could come to an end today, and she
wasn’t going to regret never doing that. Andrew wanted to talk, he had a lot of
nice things to say to glorify his wonderful friend and secretary, but
Beatrice’s presence made him reserve his praises for later. Agnes gave them
Beatrice wanted to wish him luck, “I
know that our relationship hasn’t been so smooth, but I still love you. You
need to win this case, if not for me for yourself and for Anna,” Her
emotions wanted to play on her reasoning and she immediately turned to the door
to leave.
“Beatrice!” Andrew’s call
stopped her on her track, he walked up and kissed her, clinging his strong
palms on both her swing-arms and kissed her again this time had more depth than
the first, “I’m certain I’ll win it for us.” He let go.
Anna called out with her soothing voice
as she saw him walk by her floor. She ran after him, like a puppet caught in
the strong web of infactuation. He didn’t want to talk to her, he tried to hide
his failing emotions from her but she was having none of it, “I’m here for
you,” she said to him. Her soothing words let him talk to her, he opened
up and spoke from his heart, he lost a tear. She offered her shoulder for him
to sob, even though she looked confused.
“You can’t tell Mr. Akin that you
know about his son’s dubious dealings” Beatrice intercepted Mr. Sanni and
Patrick on their way to see the interim CEO about what they found concerning
his son before they go to the court.
“Why?” they both chorused.
“Because he already knows,” She
replied. They inquired the authenticity of her information, she narrated her
sources and even implicated Andrew to say that he was hiding something very
important related to the case. The trio stared at each other, they didn’t know
what exactly to expect in court today, especially with Mr. Huey still on their
*** At the court ***
“Let me see it” The Judge
ordered. He flipped through the pages of the new evidence Huey just handed over
with blank stares.
“Officers!” The Judge called
out the two lanky prison wardens to duty, along with the almost-fit police
officer standing close to the jury, they all stood at attention, awaiting His
Lordship’s order.
“Take Mr. Mark of Akin Chambers into
The audience reacted, the media and
paparazzi stood on alert, members of Akin chambers stared mouth-opened at the
Judge perhaps he made a mistake.
“Mark Akin, you are hereby charged
with fraud and embezzlement of appropriated funds. You have the right to an
attorney, and if you cannot provide one, the Federal Government of Nigeria will
get one for you,” The police officer read him his right as he cuffed him,
the prison wardens joined to move him away.
Mark and his father exchanged quick cold
stares as he was been whisked away – Actions spoke far louder than any word could
at that moment. Anna followed after the officers transporting him.
“Order! Order!” The court clerk
desperately tried to return sanity to the court room. His Lordship resisted the
momentary delay, he had more important things to say,
“In order to set things right, and
avoid a respectable law firm such as Akin chambers from being involved in
something like this again: The court names as suggested by the prosecution –
Mr. Andrew Brown – the interim CEO of Akin chambers for the time being,”
In addition, Mr. Akin was barred from
entering the premises of Akin chambers and from any direct contact with the
firm until he was cleared of any knowledge of his son’s fraudulent activity by
the prosecution.
“Court!” The Clerk announced.
Andrew fixed his eye momentarily on the clerk, he felt he was the fattest clerk
he had seen in his entire career.
Huey walked up to where Mr. Akin was and
sat by his side. He handed over two pictures to him, “The first one’s my
mother. Guess who the second is,”
“What?” Mr. Akin asked with
“That’s you and I, ten years ago at
State High Court Moshalashi ten years ago,” Huey noticed as Akin’s face
lit with confusion, it made him happy, “I promised you ten years ago that
I’ll cause you pain just as you caused me, and that’s exactly what I’ve done
now, fulfilled my promise.
“Who are you?” Mr. Akin
wondered and asked.
Huey murmured a little, before speaking,
“Alabi Felicia, Alabi Moses Jnr,” He repeated both names for about
five second, and stopped when he felt the names had resuscitated a memory in
Akin’s mind, he walked away to give Akin time to grief over his predicament.
Andrew walked outside to have his first
clean breath as a CEO. He looked around, and queried himself as to why he
wasn’t seeing the world differently yet, through the same eyes other CEOs use
to perceive the world in another light.
His self thoughts were interrupted by his
ringing phone.
“Hello my darling” the voice
from the other end said.
“Mother!” Andrew exclaimed with
mixed feelings.
They both exchanged banters over not
speaking for a while. They finally settled to be elated over the call.
“A little birdy just told me you’ve
completed the mission”
“Yes Mother. I came out victorious
about thirty minutes ago”
“Wonderful. Though I wonder why you
didn’t call me immediately you succeeded, but not to worry, mama will be in
Nigeria soon” she exclaimed.
“That’ll be wonderful mother. I look
forward to seeing you”
The call ended. Andrew turned, and came
face to face with Anna.


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