For Aunty Bose 

This is the fate of honeyed love…
To your charming embraces of love we love.
To your gladness that filled the earth we see,
we carry this petals in our artifact of peace.
Your eyes send messages of a Maiden loved,
your laughter is the blue roses of the sky,
your face glows and shine more than the sun.
We will wear joy today like no more sorrow,
we will journey down east like the wise men,
we will sing a pregnant song to praise you.
We are not sending you to the darkness,
but to another phase of admonishment to all.
Of love because we have been loved by you,
Of harmony because we built hopes in your palms,
Of goodness because affection lives in us;
Of kindness because your name is kindness.
Do you remember Bose,  do you remember us?
Do you remember the first time we saw you?
The walls shouted through our hearts for you.
Do you remember the smile you caused  us?
It is still written perfectly in our craving souls.
Do you remember our giggles and grins?

Do you remember we will miss you, our lady?
Do you remember those nights we spent together?
This is a piece of you that stays in us forever.
In you lies the brightness of the sky to yourself.
When the tide comes and we see not you.
Of this milestone tears craving for comfort,
Of this broken hearted hearts broken in pieces,
 may we always remember everything;
may we always remember purity and holiness.
The day is darker than the night itself,
our happiness is brighter than darkness here,
our legs will dance this again for the world.
Like Mother Teresa you came with a tale,
tell the moon tomorrow will be better to us,
tell the sun we’ve  seen broken dreams in you,
The parrots would be home again,
the lilies now our waving flags of honour.
If this is the white door of righteousness that
stares right in front of our destinies for you,
May this day be remembered  by forest of men
 whose deeds are like yours in the world.
We will carry this petals  to and fro till the
end of this generational world of men.
Goodbye isn’t for you for you still lives in us.

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©John Chizoba Vincent


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